Finding my True North


The 50th Law. One of my favorite books. I recommend this book to everyone. If you can get beyond the fact that he was a drug dealer and see the wisdom, it can profoundly change your life. This book helped me recognize that my fear of success was correlated to a fear of death (physical, mental and identity).


Stack Module for PCC? :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


I’m cool with all of Robert Greene’s books being turned into stack modules, superchargers or mini-major subliminals.(hint hint)


Or may be a 48 stage program :joy:


Ya brave lol


You want me to listen to that for 4 years?


well if duration of each stage sub is short and the program is stackable with other programs, even i would do it


Truth be told, if it stopped me from being narc bait forever, as well as being asshole proof, I’d do it too.


Isn’t Pcc hanling the narc bait and asshole proof area well?


@mecharc Funny you say that…

Total Action
Day 28

Maybe playing too many loops of PCC as it’s giving me a “cold”, despite taking black seed oil Regeneration is one loop so I doubt it’s that giving the flu. Learning the Laws is clearly stretching my subconscious mind.

Still looking up ways to assert myself gently yet firmly. Unfortunately I’m fighting hard against my “nice guy” programming by being willing to upset others by stating my wants. The primal fears of criticism, rejection abandonment and punishment still exist.

Born in the dark: Narcissism and the Laws
Learning about manipulation and frame, the sickening thing was I was born into a situation where my frame was “I’m always to blame, I’m the fuckup, I’m shameful”. How dare my family hand me this shit sandwich? To survive I had no choice but to accept their frame of powerlessness. I feel disgusted for being treating as the family leper and getting away with it.

Now with Regeneration and Power Can Corrupt I see that I’ve been mind raped from an early age. I’ve been treated like I’m crazy, I’m dismissed, I’m a fuckup, a non-person, etc… Reacting angrily was a natural reaction of my mistreatment. Narcissist mothers are masters of the Laws of Power: isolating, prodding, insulting, ramping up fear, outright physical abuse [Law 33]. Whilst training me to be selfless, giving and forgiving. All the family care about is appearing superior, doesn’t matter who it is, squashing their children’s esteem and future is fair game.

The info overload with PCC is a good sign as I’m learning counter offensive solutions to passive aggressive behaviour, together with the frame of “yes I am somebody, I can stand up for myself and THIS is what I stand for”.
I can’t do anything about being born in the darkness, but I now relish fighting in the shadows.

Power Can Corrupt - the sword they used against me is the very same sword I’ve picked up to defend myself.

No weapon formed against me shall prosper.


I was at the wrong end of this at a very early age for a few years.


@Michel - the flu is definitely because of Regeneration. Even if it is one loop. I got the same when I was running it (and having Black Seed Oil) . But it went after a few days. And sometimes would reappear again while I was using Regeneration. But it stopped 100% after I was finished with Regeneration and removed it from my stack.

So the thing is good for you and might be clearing things from your body and mind too.


@raphael I don’t understand the connection between flew and regeneration.


I don’t fully understand it either but am chalking the flu up to reconciliation when using Regeneration


@raphael I remember you had the “flu” and saying it wasn’t because of outside. Never looked into in for Regeneration.

@mecharc I mistook the reconciliation as information overload, but where people have been having nightmares, I’ve had “flu”.
The only way I can explain it this:

Trauma lives in the body as well as the mind. Sometimes people experience flu symptoms when spirituality awakening.
The flu, with 111 is raising vibration/ changing timelines. Everytime I’ve used a new sub it put me in a new timeline. Inner conflicts always found an outside source.

@raphael I hope so, as it’s about time.


You remember right, @Michel. I was using Regeneration and Khan Total Breakdown. Reconciliation was massive. But Spartan did help my mindset and my body too. Along with the Black Seed Oil.


You spelt my name wrong :sob:


Put an extra “h”. Corrected!


The PCC stack seems quite promising.
Since you added it it seems you only notice the manipulative side in other people. I mean like I haven’t read in these entries anything positive about those people.

I was wondering if you started observing others actions when they aren’t in a conversation. If so did you think about why do they the actions that they’re doing, what would they otherwise do if they didn’t have to what they are doing, would I want to interact with this person?, if I don’t then why am I interacting with them?

And you said you now know better how to handle situations, and I might be wrong but if I remember correctly 48 laws gives a description about what are the laws and abstract notions on how to implement them, and as I recall the book doesn’t give practical advice about how to implement these laws.

And I think your choice of adding regeneration to heal the notions about wielding power is a good idea, now you just need it to guide consciously.
Tho I am still wondering what can you do as an action to reinforce the idea.

Looking forward to your progress

@SaintSovereign I was wondering if in PCC there are scripts for practical application of the laws. For example like for being friendly statements like “I mimic their expressions to create rapport”


Yes, of course. :wink:

Many of you running PCC are probably actively using the laws and don’t even realize it. It’s designed to be very seamless and natural, otherwise you’ll trigger reconciliation.