Finding my True North


Grimm, have you looked into QL to handle the anxiety? Anxiety is not a major issue for me, but reading about a calm, almost carefree mentality using a sub did grab my attention.

I read Avengers68’s QL journal, and saw this happening.


I can really relate to people who suffer from anxiety. Only if you did yourself you know what a torture it is.
Your decision is wise and since I dealt with the same problem I’d be glad to help you out.
What I’d do is focus on my inner well-being and put myself in a scenario in the future, where the anxiety is no longer existent. Bring yourself back to this moment in the future and make it, feel it now.
Also, there are some very good frequencies on youtube which help alot with anxiety and depression. I am probably not allowed to share any names here, but if you want, I can pm you.
Most stuff on youtube is garbage but there are some real gems out there.
Oh, and what Id recommend aswell is St John’s wort. It works miracles.

Hope this helps.


As for ql I really don’t want to buy another sub club subliminal for now since I’ve bought so many of them Since September I feel I need to take a break from buying others. I’ve looked into YouTube stuff such as frequencies and binaurals but I won’t go into specifics. I may down the road take it back to the beginning and run ascension and primal. When I first came here those were the 2 sublimals that interested me the most and the 1st two I started with. I may run those only and for a long time and see where it takes me since ascension is quick results and primal appears to help with anxiety idk. But for now I’m looking into YouTube stuff and Kratom and phenibut. I own Phenibut and some Kratom but realize these can’t be used everyday. Im looking into what other stuff I can use and how I can use Kratom everyday without building tolerance. I recently bought dr choice magnesium chelate a few days ago but haven’t noticed anything yet


Haha I also used Kratom back then.
It is true, you cant use it every day and I think you actually shouldnt.
When I used Kratom it was to remind me of the light at the end of the tunnel. It gave me comfort because for a short period of time it reminded me what joyful, relaxed person I can be, with no sorrows or anxiety.
I highly recommend you meditate when using Kratom and use it to manifest your future self.


@Grimm1390, I do a lot of magnesium, mostly since the stuff I use for bone health saps magnesium. I read a magnesium article last weekend, and considered sending it to my daughter, who does struggle heavily with anxiety. I actually began taking D3 about 3 months back to test its effectiveness on my own anxiety and moods (no longstanding issues, so I’ve thought), but after stopping D3 after 2 weeks, I did find myself a little unusually hyper. Taking it does affect me.

Here’s the magnesium link:


I’ll pm both of u over the next few days to a week to discus what has helped you and for some of those YouTube recommendations because I don’t want to hijack Michel‘s journal any more then I already have.I’ll just say that with reading that list it seems I have a lot of those symptoms especially the eye twitch which is super annoying especially when out in public lol I take nature made d3 but not sure if i feel a difference when on it. and for the Kratom dear lord I took some greens this past Monday and all the anxiety that’s stored in my body literally went away. I felt 0 tension and felt 0 anxiety. I actually felt like talking to people. I always have this fight or flight feeling in my body and to not feel it brought tears to my eyes. To feel normal felt amazing I felt I could do so much since I wasn’t scared of anything. All that tense energy in my chest and heart and throat was gone. It was a beautiful feeling it really was.
Magnesium from doing my hw it seems that you have to choose the right brand to see results the jury is still out on the brand I bought though


@mecharc, Ascension expresses as a friendly person, while Khan does as a dominant one.

@Michel has started on a new job. Ascension / Ascended Mogul will give him a better chance to be more productive, and make new friends, than Khan would. It’s a good decision for the immediate future.
After 6-12 weeks, he can switch back to Khan, and leverage the Power of his new Inner Circle. :wink:

Embarrassed of what? Your thread isn’t called “Michel’s Khan Journal”.
Keep going North. Whether you need a car or boat, depends on the situation. :+1:

Also, its normal to feel anxiety in a new environment / workplace. Its ok for the energy in your updates to have shifted so much.

If you got it all so easily, it wouldn’t be much of a story now, would it?
Don’t worry, we’re still following you. Earnestly. :smile:



How would you describe regeneration and what it has done for you so far?


@simon the ironic thing is once you don’t care about all of those things, they show up! It’s like a weird joke. Cheers for the support.

@hermit Regeneration is wonderful, it really should be everyone’s first subliminal. It feels like legal heroin. Seriously.


Does it make you feel like you are in a warm, cozy blanket?


I realized that from reading your journal but why exactly? What exactly does regeneration give you in terms of thinking patterns, actions and feelings, emotions?


Regeneration gives me nothing.

When you’ve been consumed with anxiety and past pain, nothing feels like something.

Try not to think of Regeneration like the alpha subs. The only action happening here is healing and releasing.


@Michel i can relate allot to what you talk in your journal. To help speed up the process of clearing and regeneration in the occult philosophy the magician must attain first a constant state of " no mind" only then can he start is journey of the invisible world and his own powers.

My suggestion is a tape on youtube called " Barry Long - How to stop thinking " if you just listen to this tape and practice active listening it will help you in ways you cant imagine, specially releasing and absorving subs way better.


@elme that’s it! Clear the mind, then magic can spring forth.

Reconciliation like a bitch
A friendly reminder that SubClub subs are extremely powerful and to listen to a new (or returning) sub with caution. Two loops may even be too much, might even make somebody bed ridden for two days due to a bad cough and headaches…
It’s also the time where family members would like to take advantage and to keep me dependent on them by offering the solution. I refused point blank. Remember [Law 40]


Thats it my friend @Michel , slaying the parasite of your lower mind, so the subconscious can be conscious. If you ever come to Europe we can scan your brain so you see the different frequencies of each state.Only then are we truely ourselvs, when we make the Mind our obedient servant.

I dont think its healthy for you to take all these laws into account every single day of your life. Sometimes ppl are beeing genuine giving their help. Its a matter of calibration, i learned that when i was doing sex Mastery.


Very interesting. This would be a major head start for people getting into spirituality and meditation. Thank you, @Elme


I have regeneration but haven’t really used it to be honest. I’ve been running mainly Emperor and Quantum Limitless, I feel like adding in regeneration would be overkill for me at this point in time. I’m thinking of running regeneration for a few months in 2020, yet I’m not sure. 2019 for me was mainly a year of dissolving trauma, I’m not sure if I would benefit that much from regeneration in 2020. Sure, I still have some trauma deep inside of me but it is not holding me back of manifesting my desires. I do want to clear this out at some point, so that leaves me to one question. When would be the appropriate time?


You’ll never heal all trauma, nor do you want to. It just needs to get out of the way enough to progress. Personally this was the reason Khan didn’t work as advertised.

Healing isn’t “sexy” and there’s some shame attached to it. But the end of the tunnel is worth it.

Self Development Road Map

Very interesting.

I am reading up about Barry Long. Seems like a guy I should follow from 2020.

Here’s a passage from his writings which Neville Goddard followers will find familiar.

There is only one I in the universe. And it is in the body reading these words.

I, the enlightened state of consciousness in man, am God. I am God being-man. The man I am is certainly not God. The God I am is nothing to anything in existence. And this nothing, or I, manifests through the senses to be what I am not, an appearance. Although I am not that, I appear to be that to my self and any self.

So it is said, or I say in the enlightened man down through the ages, ‘I am what I am.’ The people who see my appearance say, ‘You are this or that.’ But I say, ‘No, I am neither this nor that. I am nothing in everything.

Be still and know that I am God.’


Sounds like a book I read in the past: