Finding my True North


@Michel I was going to add Sanguine to my stack as I am currently running PCC on its own but after reading your experience with Ascension I am going that route. I have to deal with less than pleasant people on the public transportation as well as a father and son set of bullies at the job I’m at now until my new job starts February 19th so I am thinking a combination of Ascension and PCC should help with both


@Michel I think the dominance and respect aspects of Ascension would be fun as sometimes it pays to be an asshole when necessary.


@jcast PCC on its own will only make you aware of assholes, Saint mentioned that PCC needs an alpha sub to hook onto for the execution. Ascension is perfect for that.

I personally don’t like the “asshole” personality, having been on the receiving end of numerous assholes at work and with family.

My preference (which the subs stack reflect) is for socially calibrated dominance. A quiet but fierce dominance that screams “you will respect me”. Someone who has an iron clad frame, is never disrespectful but will firmly and directly stand up to another if needed.

Assholes are simply immature adult bullies, there’s enough of them already without adding to their numbers. Bullies usually fold in front of real men with a grounding and frames of platinum. Imagine Alexander the Great at your workplace, how would he treat those two bullies?


Tagging @subliminalguy on the article.

Kommander Khan Kan Korrupt Komplete
Day 4

Went to the gym, out of character, I asked out loud if anyone wants using the squat rack. A trainer spoke up, but hesitated on an answer, which was weird. Even more strange was I was pressing for an answer (yes/no?). He eventually gave way.

Kommander is turning out to be a very effective, underrated supercharger.


@Michel - cause you said it like a boss!


@Michel Valid points and I agree. Every bully I have ever confronted has backed down almost instantly. Like you I have struggled with assertiveness. For as long as I can remember any time I have been confronted with any kind of hostility I have instantly froze. As if my ability to be rational went on vacation at that second. That is why Ascension and PCC are so important to me. Like I mentioned in another thread I am currently reading the 50th Law. It’s been incredibly eye opening so far and I cannot recommend it enough


Kommander Khan Kan Korrupt Komplete
Day 5

Looking in the mirror I look rugged and a little bit untamed. Like a bad boy maybe? Transforming into THAT man.

Kommander keeps challenging me to speak. Throat chakra flare ups keep telling me: speak up for yourself, speak into your power. Quite a lot of resistance to this idea:

Speaking is dangerous
Speaking = wanting. Wanting = selfish
Speaking will get you into trouble
Speaking my truth = rage in return
No speak = safety


I’ve lived like that. Your post caught my attention.


Kommander Khan Korrupt Komplete
Day 6

Feeling the full force of this kombo.
Wu Tang Khan ain’t nothing to f*** with.

No longer silent:
In the usual coffee shop, despite the embarrassment of my wallet falling to the floor and picking it up, I commanded my order in a big booming authoriative voice.

Then it hit me.

I now understand why I keep having irritating throat coughs: My voice is changing.

I’ve been extremely timid and quiet since I was an infant. Commander is changing all of that. 30 years of remaining quiet has been challenged head on.
Kommander is an uncompromising sub. You want to be a leader? Better learn how to speak up! Tough shit.
They’ve said this since I was little: “you just need to be more confident”, “stop hiding yourself underneath a bushel”, blah blah blah… Tell you what, Kommander will crush your confidence problem straight away.

On Khan I now have these irrational beliefs:

  • I am a bad motherfucker
  • I’ll walk into any place and own these people
  • You will respect me.
  • You will kneel before me.

I call this the Mike Tyson mindset. With PCC it’s Mike Tyson with a word filter…

Khan + Kommander = Future War General


Kommander Khan Korrupt Komplete
Day 7

Here comes the hate (again).
Dey be salty. Luckily some broad who was pissed I stood in her away in the supermarket aisle didn’t get to me. Who shit in her cornflakes this morning?
Other random displays of salt, but who cares? I’m still here.


I’ve been following your journal since my day 1 here. I gotta say marvelous :’)


We’ll get there eventually :point_right:


Kommander Khan Korrupt Komplete
Day 8

Khan is dope.
Zero fucks given
Relaxed arrogance
Supreme self love
Younger chicks dig it
No fear

Surprising what a good mind clean can do for you.

On the hate:
Reconciliation on the inside equals anger on the outside. As within, so without.

Only a week in? That’s scary…


Bro, what’s your current Stack again?


Khan ST4
Commander (A&C)


Kommander Khan Korrupt Komplete
Day 9

I still have these corny-ass inner beliefs:

  • Do Good - Be Good! :pray:
  • We Are All One! :o:
  • We Must Love The World! :earth_africa:
  • We Give Love To Get Love! :mask:


Others are clearly telling me in no uncertain terms that they do not take kindly to my existence, so I’m developing the inner strength to not give a fuck what others “believe” or “expect”. A Khan needs the freedom to be and do whatever the fuck he wants.

Sorry! Sorry! Sorry…
The amount of people who got in my way and apologised for it was insane. I’m fearlessly holding my own spot, making others walk round rather than through me. Nobody bumped into me. Because of Khan’s respect and PRESENCE, blud!

How good life could have been with this stack of subliminals one year ago? Getting a clue, realising the people around me didn’t really give a flying toss and branching out into my own life

I can’t believe I got taken in and used by every past potential girlfriend (whom they see me as a friend), why did they get such a big piece of me for free…?


Kommander Khan Korrupt Komplete
Day 10

Aww man, another young female coworker with a bitchy attitude gets owned. By me.

more info

Go into work, she’s not even looking at me, but puts her hands out for my passport. I don’t have it readt, so she starts talking to someone else. After 10 seconds waiting I bark “When You’re Ready You Can Take My Passport”.

Unsurprisingly, she then showed an IOI…


Did you know anything else at the time?


Not really. Good point.


Kommander Khan Korrupt Komplete
Day 12

PRESENCE, blud! My soul has craved this forever.

Others now don’t dare try to fuck with me anymore, because they know and sense that dominant respect. Only women want to seem to test a mufugga…

Remembered one time at work last, my team leader who had been comfortable issuing instructions suddenly deferred to me over a minor thing “I don’t know, what do you think?”, You’re asking ME???

Got the look of a Hell’s Angels biker, heavy masculinity, leather jacket, beard, built physique. Just need the bike… Take it that’s what’s keeping others from trying to mess with me.

Self respect - never leave home without it.

Feeling more confident in the face of open disapproval (bag clutching, hocking and spitting), PCC enabling me to say to myself “I pity these sad fuckers”.

Once Khan starts properly kicking in, then it’s time to start making power moves. Being a wage slave Khan’t be done no longer.