Finding my True North


@ExploringAstronaut the bars have on-call heavies if anything serious kicks off, but it’s fairly light touch, as those drunks often spend thousands each. I’ve been at 5-star venues when two brutes have punched each other out. Personally I don’t worry about myself (Kommander Khan takes care of that).

Parents/teachers/society don’t realise the contradictory messages they send out. They’re ultimately frustrated over their own lives and you just happened to catch a case from them.

Within the brutal narcissistic family regime, any breaking of the changing “rules” is met with violence and pain, so no wonder I felt traumatised as fuck.


Which language is this? :slight_smile:

I’m on my 6th language now. So, I am officially a hyper-polyglot :smile:

I love learning, improving, progressing, and also languages.


@AMASH Six languages, tabarnak

It took me 10 years to get to conversational French using the new methods… Hopefully Italian is more straightforward.

I identify with polyglot Karl Lagerfeld when he said “I don’t speak any language correctly” including his native. Luckily any foreigner who takes the time to learn Italian is treated warmly by its citizens. An experience I never received with either French or Dutch.


I agree 100%. I have an accent now in my native language.

But not too heavy, just a cool worldly accent :sunglasses:


Same here. I don’t speak my native language in quite the same way anymore. More internal categories reframing everything.

Sometimes I’ll look at a very simple word ‘is’, ‘bird’, and so on, and feel like, ‘hmm…that’s odd’.

Very much looking forward to learning more.


@AMASH is one of the most precise people I have spoken to :’)


Kommander Khan Korrupt Komplete (with some Breakdown)
Day 22

Committing to ST1 for two months, like Regeneration. Despite turning down the dominance, Khan is getting me friendlier and with more charm going to and at work.

I noticed at least two people trying to bombard me with their word diarrhea and feeling an automatic desire to swerve away from their obvious manipulation. Both female coworkers tried to get me feeling sorry for them with a long list of their problems (they can’t pay their rent, their family members ill…) PCC had me changing the subject quickly and easily.

As an experiment, I stepped into the role of “deputy” team leader, facing the gauntlet of customer complaints when things inevitably went wrong (no food left, beer taps not working, no cups left…) luckily very little anger was directed at me because I was honest and direct. The actual team leader profusely thanked me for stepping in like that.

The interesting thing was I had confronted the stand managers afterwards about the complete clusterfuck that unfolded. Surprisingly they admitted to all the staff that they couldn’t do much about it either. It felt good to actually get on their case and having them explain themselves for once.


So you are running both St1 and ST4?


Yep, It’s a two step process:

  1. Calming the fuck down
  2. Questioning bullshit

In other words, manage and cure lingering PTSD trauma, then rewriting the “inner critic”. First part was Regeneration, second is ST1.
Result is ST1 feels smooth rather than soul crushing.

cool, I can play all khan stages together!!!!

Before anyone takes this to mean newbies can too play ST1 and ST4 together:

  1. Get a base program first (Ascension/Regen)
  2. 30 days each Khan stage on their own still applies for the best results


Yes, I can really really relate! :smile:

The differences between languages just exposed to me so many assumptions I took for granted!

Thank you my cool friend. I appreciate your kind words very much :slight_smile:

I remember @Michel that you mentioned plans last year to move to another place.

Did that go through? Or maybe your desires and plans changed through Subliminal usage?


That relies on having a stable wage, as it’s one of the most expensive cities in Europe.

Also honestly, still have this infantile trapped mentality, like the grown elephant and ball chain. I grew up late in life, so am playing major catch-up.

Khan ST1 is helping a lot with the emotional aspects, the financials need work.


Definitely not. From my experience, ST1 was more than enough for me to handle by itself my first time.

I have to agree with this. In fact, 30 days may not be enough for each stage.

Am actually thinking of doing another go with Khan once I am done with my stack. But that may be next year.


Kommander Khan Korrupt Komplete (with some Breakdown)
Day 23

Spent today largely in bed as the ST1 reconciliation hit home, however nowhere near as bad as the first run of ST1.

Feeling of a deep release (like being slightly out of breath) and took stock of looking back at the lost childhood.


Do you vary your hours in any way now that you’re on the second go-around?

Doing a second round through the whole process makes a lot of intuitive sense to me. I guess it might be good to let the ground (of the subconscious mind) ‘lie fallow’ for a while in between runs.

One way to do it (for me) would be:

(I’m assuming a major program here. I’ll use Ecstasy of Gold as an example.).

pre-step: do the inventory of your life circumstances and goals; intentions and obligations, etc. Figure out where your area of greatest focus, effort, and priority is likely to be in this phase of your life. Choose program(s). (With Ecstasy of Gold, your priority at this time would be some version of ‘mastering wealth generation and management’.

  1. Do a one-year intensive run-through with the 1-2 programs that are at the highest priority. At the beginning of that year, set the stack/playlist, get it up and running and then,

1a) shift your focus back to building your desired life results just like you would have done without the subliminal program. Find role models. Add necessary learning of information and skills. Run experiments and practice. Make plans.

(For Ecstasy of Gold, this will be reviewing your external and internal resources and obstacles with regard to wealth building; creating short-, mid-, and long-term strategic plans related to skills acquisition, relationship building, product/service development, business planning; and then going on from there.)

  1. At the end of the year, tone down the listening to maintenance levels, and keep that focus on the exciting, motivating processes now going on in your life. Move on to your next subliminal program; but maintain the actions and projects that you have developed.

(For example, if EoG and Emperor helped you to establish a business, then keep running your business and learning how to maintain and improve it well.)

  1. After 6 months to a year (or maybe after 1-3 years, depending on the person), come back to the first major program(s), now you’ll be at a more experienced and accomplished level. (With EoG, you’ll be returning to stage 1, but this time as a somewhat experienced business owner. You’ll have more specific and refined goals, ideas, and obstacles.) Now, you’ll run through the entire four stages again. Taking them to a deeper and more advanced level.

Anyway, @Michel, am just brainstorming here. Your post kind of kicked off this idea in my head.


@Malkuth re-running programs are always a good idea, your plan is probably the best one I’ve seen. Especially on the multistagers.


And no, this isn’t the Sh×nn×n method of "if it doesn’t work, its your fault, listen again… :smile:

With Khan ST1 the second run would be questioning a new set of beliefs, whilst building a new deeper level of “dominance”.

Ecstasy of Gold would have a more definitive and tangible effect with the actions you mentioned. I’d be interested in your results.

As far as maintenance listening, Saint mentioned that we are continually being influenced by outside, however relying too much on the subs may cause a dependency on the subliminals, which is what Sub Club don’t necessarily support.


So, THIS HAPPENED on the forums:

and just like the situation with the female boss bully (on ST3) putting my foot down and being assertive, despite the scary triggering feeling, felt good. My self respect is hard won and I will not let ANYONE attempt to disrespect it with impunity.


That thing that happened there, totally overreacting. Your were just trying to add to the conversation, @Michel. I’d say you managed that like a Noble Beast.


People talk about ethics as if it’s about having a clear view of what’s right and what’s wrong.

In my experience, it’s much more about being aware of how much you can accommodate, how much you can handle.

When something occurs beyond the limits of what we can accommodate, we recognize the danger to our actual or perceived wholeness. We tend to respond defensively; to protect our borders. After the fact, we talk about what we did wrong or what the other person did wrong; but the actual issue is that something triggered us to feel out-of-control and overwhelmed.

External strength is important so that others do not transgress our boundaries.

But internal strength (the strength to face oneself) is just as important, so that we do not lose sight of our personal limitations and fears, thereby allowing them to run the whole show from behind the scenes.


If you’ve had the unfortunate experience of being raised by narcissistic types, the stonewalling and “gaslighting” is a serious threat to a person’s mental health and sanity. I’ll defend mine to the absolute death.

Sun Tzu for the win.


@Tarmicle cheers, much appreciated!

From that article:

Focusing on how the world or people should operate will only cause you frustration. Deal with the world as it is. Change what you can.

Sigh… Well, that’s us empaths and millennials screwed. I understand why the “others” (who only look after themselves) have their heads screwed on.