Finding my True North


Guys, respectfully, this is life. The sub is not going to be the cause of every single thing.

These are stressful times. Account for both. Not everything is from the sub.


More challenges being manifested from StarkQ (yes, they all come from the sub)


  • Cooking for a patient ward of double the amount of patients (8-20).
  • Handling difficult patients with calm and tolerance
  • Being firm and assertive with nurses because of the overload of requests and last minute changes
  • Getting extremely nice patients profusely thank me for my work.
  • Still on my purpose of giving and caring - now with limits.

I’ve also seen a death of an elderly patient with COVID, with the possibility of several more. It didn’t bother me, death is a part of life. Seeing the body being wheeled out like nothing was more sobering.

Bought a new subliminal, however I’ll give it a few days to track its progress. So far so good…


StarQKhan™ Qan Qorrupt Qomplete

  • I’ve also noticed how much I complain about stuff, like a running commentary on things that go wrong. It’s enlightening to hear back the disempowering words and “beta” whining.

  • Choosing to be proactive and lead more, rather than acting like a four year old child, waiting for permission to ask others.

  • On a day off from work, realised I’ve actually found my purpose and new life. Serving others. Hospital just provided the supportive backdrop.

Thanks to the new subliminal, my sacral chakra is on fire. I’m handling the energy better, rather than being uncomfortable enough to discharge it. Results are slowly coming to the surface.


What does this feel like ?


A constant warmth below the belly button and pelvis area. Before the sub I couldn’t feel anything “down there”, now the sacral is feeding the solar plexus chakra upwards.

Once the sacral chakra can be cleared and balanced issues like sexual trauma, shame and guilt go away. A lot of issues with dating can be treated.


StarkQ update

Dropped Khan, sticking with StarkQ/Aegis.

Guess what…?


A nurse breezed past me in the kitchen to place her lunch in the patients fridge (they’re banned from doing so). I told this nurse “you can’t do that, it’s for patients only”. She at first waived me away. I repeated myself, she then said to me “just two seconds…”

I was livid. So I went to the ward nurse, held the nurse’s lunch in front of her and spoke out loud to all of the staff "you do know staff cannot store lunch in the fridges?"

I WAS LIVID. Anyone brushing me off is a sign of disrespect.

Afterwards she was all smiles, because I put her in her place. She never did that again in my ward.

Patient relations
I also developed a conversation with an elderly patient with corona who I laugh and joked around with. She will be returning home soon and is the first time I’ve been genuinely touched by love from strangers, even more so than “family”.

Stealing out of the box
Brought home a box full of essential goods given by the hospital for workers. I have enough supplies, so I decide to store the box at home in order to send it to a food bank. But family decide to open the box and stash the contents, because they believe it was for them…

I eventually deliver the goods to a local food bank, whilst that episode opened my eyes to how extremely self centred and oblivious to anyone else family are…


Going North

StarkQ is more like me, it’s a good fit personally. Khan got me to a place of respect and PRESENCE (and I will always treasure its benefits) but StarkQ has responsibility, purpose and independence built into it, which I’ve needed. The manifestation of these challenges to my soul are beneficial to my growth, out of my comfort zone, but not too harsh.

I’ve also given up on romance and women. It just hasn’t been working for a long time, even on Khan. Securing money is more of a priority.

Narcissism and forgiveness
I’ve come across the ho’oponopono forgiveness prayer whilst watching YouTube. Realising that for all the progress on these subs, I’m still a victim of narcissistic abuse and this needs to be cleaned out at a quantum level. This is where the ho’oponopono forgiveness prayer comes in.

  • Everything that’s in my life, I agreed to.
  • I forgive myself for attracting it into my life.
  • I accept the lessons and I let it go.

This doesn’t mean I forgive and accept the abuse, I’m just removing all the remaining debris of of my soul, so the subs work better with a clean slate.


Stark naked

Ho’oponopono seems to clear the way for the SubClub subs to work much better. Currently listening to such a subliminal from YouTube.

One way is working better is… women!
I realy can’t figure it out!

StarkQ gives me so much ease and confidence that nurses and random women are licking their lips… I want to put it down to fluke, but it’s happened too many times.

There are at least three women I work with at the hospital who… let’s say, they’re happy to see me there :slight_smile:

It’s probably the combination of StarkQ, SMX or Khan, but I like it.

The Khan Konundrum

And now the bombshell… KhanQ just dropped. Do I go through the whole lot again? Or does ST4 and StarkQ get an equal shot?


You don’t need the breakdown and st4 has the other two stages. I say take the power blast :sunglasses:


I think you’re right… :sweat_smile:


Khan Q ST4 is the ultimate choice. Now if they would only post what exactly they changed in Khan Q… :slight_smile:


I think they will tell us once they finish updating things to Q


Some more StarkQ results

  • Busting my ass at work, handling more work loads
  • Coining it in. I’m “rich”, biatch!
  • Never had so much prosperity in my life. Food and stock are plenty.
  • Even more smooth, stable and rock hard confidence.
  • Getting respect back, no more antagonising from others
  • More cooperation from others
  • General “safe in the world” feeling
  • Regular attraction from the younger nurses

Tonight will be the first night of KhanQ, with Power Can Corrupt Q updated, there really is the temptation to run all of the downloaded subs all at once. For now, StarkQ and KhanQ are the dream team and the way North.


More StarkQ challenges.

Two colleagues decided to corner and criticise me for the most spurious shit imaginable: one long time staff member has been complaining to everyone about me moving the cutlery, plates and jugs to a different place in a cupboard. Another extremely nosy colleague accused me of lying about working in a different ward.

Once I realised that I’ve been set upon, I got pissed. I decided in my anger to walk away telling them “I’m going to work”. Should have told them both to go fuck themselves.

12 hours, five day shifts, half tired and these small time witches are whining about unimportant shit?

StarkQ has made me impervious to most shit others try to give me, but today took the piss…

I’ve just about had enough. No more bullshit. Made up my mind. Time to bring it back.

KhanQ + Power Can Corrupt Q =


Seems that I’m taking it too easy on motherfuckers. StarkQ will keep sending the challenges. QhanQanQorruptQomplete ™ will smoke them dry. If StarkQ packed a lot of info in one sub, imagine what a full power multistage sumbitch can do?

Can’t fucking wait.


:+1::wink: Good one. Time to fuck their shit up dude!


So wait you are running StarkQ, KhanQ stage 4? and power can corrupt Q?


@Michel back in August and September do you think it helped your journey that you ran ascension first then khan total breakdown?


@Floridianninja most definitely, Ascension led to Khan ST1, back to Ascension and ST1. Didn’t plan to do so, however both programs led to deal with past shit and listen to Regeneration and The Elixir.

If I had to do I all again, it would be Regeneration, then Ascension, Khan. The lesson may have been: don’t build a castle on a swamp. Drain the swamp™ first then start laying the bricks later.

Current playlist is:
Khan ST4

I’m now getting like 5 hours of sleep during workdays, so just as well Q titles are x3 more powerful…

@lowrider damn right! Someone gonna get smoked!


QhanQanQorruptQomplete update

So, swapping headphones for sleep seems to work much better for the new Q subs, and boy do I feel the difference! Smooth, no obvious reconciliation, but feels intense. Like a duck being force fed grains…

I’ve got that swag back too. Walking into work on automatic boss mode. Saw one on the witch nurses who cornered me last week in the lunch queue and ignored that. Sat down like I owned the place. Come at me, bro, anyone want a piece of dis?



Now with Iron Throne

Boy, that stack is starting to get bloated. I usually stick to two subs at a max. Now… trying Iron Throne for a lil’ while. Since Khan already has IT, will I even feel the effects?

as an aside

Also had a chance to sample Primal Seduction, it’s a great base foundation sub for attracting and pulling women, BUT you’ve got to do the flexing! No sitting there hoping some girl will notice you and talk to you. Men do the hunting.

More bloody challenges

  • Some dude on a bike riding very fast on my side of the sidewalk, refusing to switch over to the other side (social distancing) heading straight for me. Stood my ground whilst saying to him "really? Are you really going to do this?"

  • Received two “thank yous” from strangers, because I was dressed in scrubs. The British public regularly thanks it’s key workers for working through the pandemic and lockdown.

  • Better, stronger sense of self. Ho’oponopono subliminals from another vendor helps with this a lot, with StarkQ rebuilding self.

  • Ho’oponopono also helped me to accept the family bullshit. I discovered the belief “I don’t deserve to have any kind of prosperity” is directly linked to family occasionally throwing away my stuff because they’ve decided “it is clutter”. If my stuff interests them, they’ll just take it as theirs. It’s frustrating as fuck, but now I have proof.

  • Road testing Primal Seduction at work - let’s just say I could have a lot of fun with this one…