Finding my True North


From the Nice Guy thread:

Let’s update this for May 2020, shall we?

  • I see myself as a “boss” and so do others
  • My needs and wants do matter
  • Others needs and wants are their responsibility, not mine
  • My existence is between me and God
  • It’s alright to be “selfish”
  • My mother is a grown woman who can look after herself
  • Mother can please her damn self
  • Everybody is looking out for themselves, then others
  • I put in the work for my self and my future.
  • If someone dislikes me (rare, I know), they can go fuck themselves

Two months and a mandated shutdown has changed a lot. StarkQ by itself has been the single most important factor in this 180º change. Goodbye Mr Nice Guy, hello Me.

I’d also been lost without PCC: 5 months listening time gives me x-ray vision and defensive social skills for dickheads.

Then add EmperorQ to this…? :facepunch:


EmperorQ paired up with StarkQ is fucking boss.

I’m walking around as if I own the damn place. Women see my total masculine dominance and covertly want some of this. A beautiful Persian nurse kept giving me looks, no spontaneous openings just yet.

Still no gym reopening anytime soon, so working on eating healthier and on letting go of the past using other methods.

Post lockdown life is still in suspension. Don’t know what the future holds, but I’m sure it won’t be “back to normal”