Finding my True North


I feel this needs to be inscribed in stone…


Law 44 ‘Disarm and Infuriate with the mirror effect’, at work – Power Can Corrupt seems to do it’s job quiet well.

Very interesting journal you have here, @Michel. Are you still running Stark with Power Can Corrupt and if so have you felt any changes since PCC got upgraded to Q?


The biggest change to happen in the last few days is I’ve walked out of that job.

I’m proud of stepping in to serve patients during the worst of the Corona crisis, in full PPE gear, when most staff self isolated. Now semi normality has arrived, we’re forced to wear masks for 12 hours a day, including on public transport, in the heat of the kitchen in summer. I refuse to do that, so I quit.

PCC, StarkQ, Emperor are back from a current break. I’ve got bigger issues to deal with.



And once again I draw the court’s attention to Exhibit A: this hidden camera footage of @Michel just going about his normal, daily activities.

I ask you, ladies and gentlemen of the court, can we, in just and moral conscience, truly conclude that this man is not cutting a cool swath of Bad-Ass-ness across the land?

Seriously though, @Michel, good on you for making the move you thought you should make and wish you a smooth transition into a satisfying new situation.


Finding Myself Again

The job departure was sudden but it reflected a profound soul shift realisation:

I AM worthy whole and complete whatever I do.

I no longer want to run around proving my worth to others by overworking, showing my usefulness to supervisors whilst exhausting myself, risking my own health in the process. Just to get society’s approval and kudos for 'doing the right thing".

"Now do you love me??? Please love me, don’t abandon me!"

I abandoned myself.

I forgot myself.

Now I remember.

I found my true SELF I’ve found my soul and my own truth. It was always there. Underneath the bullshit.

@Malkuth thanks.


Tearing up the script

Since I’ve now got a lot of time (and energy) to burn, I’ve decided once and all to finally address and deal with the root of all that unfinished childhood business automatically running my life.

I had been working with extra trauma releasing tools in the last few weeks which helped massively in seeing and feeling my real self, addressing my deepest abandonment fears and letting them all go.
The job walkout was the culmination of my “true self container” feeling confident to stand up and speak his truth:

No, is NOT ok to go against my values because you say so.

Adding RegenerationQ, first night also cleared out significant amounts in just one loop, which is pleasing to see. I might just stick with it for a while, strip off the bullshit and get back to basics.

Excited about re-running the upgraded old school classics in Q.

Time for true North to rise again.


Very interesting because I walked out of my job as well on StarkQ. Actually, it was the best thing I may have ever done in my life and has opened the door to so much. Really cool to see you progressing man!


Back to basics

The game plan moving forward:

RegenerationQ: for healing trauma and unfinished business. Now at Q strength, should be even more efficient at tackling this. Less trauma, more self love and self approval.

AscensionQ: realised that my bad reaction to the original was due to me being an approval seeking empath, giving my power away to others as a habit and not feeling wholly comfortable with my own self. However the benefits were of self determination, self approval and a strong “do not EVER fuck with me” vibe to repel bad hombres. I’m giving it another go.

Power Can Corrupt: the orignal was an absolute life saver because of my own naïveté. Bad hombres exist. Bastards, c*nts and assholes, jerkoffs, wankers and sad sacks exist. Their purpose is to wake us up, to stand up for ourselves and jolt us into our own power. PCC the original helped to detect the wolves in order to flawlessly execute counter strategies against them. My favourite SubClub sub of all time.


Would love to see what regeneration and ascension do for u…
All the best!


I am using Ascension Mogul and i can vouch for that…pretty intense, but in the end you will become a better man, the true man!!


What’s your listening schedule look like with these programs? Taking breaks in between loops, etc?


I think playing one loop per sub, then taking the rest of the morning to process. That suggestion literally came to me in a dream…


You can add 2 hours of silence to the playlist and take 2 days off on the weekend. Been doing that and the results are amazing.


I can’t quite believe how calm, chilled and grounded I am nowadays. I feel a lot more mature. RegenerationQ with Elixir working wonders.

The additional quantum healing work is also going well, finally addressing traumas related to people pleasing and boundaries:

If I do this for you, THEN you’ll love me… :face_vomiting:
If I lean on you, THEN I can feel loved
If I let you walk over me, THEN you’ll love me!


Why on earth did I have to suffer for a very long time before taking that risk and paying to sort out the bullshit earlier? The right tools would have saved years of me being lost and ending up as easy beta food for other women.

The goal now has to be self reliant, with more self respect, strength and purpose and much less naiveté and openness.

@elme I’ll be using that listening pattern, weekends off. But how do you program silence?


AscensionQ live test

So, a shopping clerk who I timidly asked for help at the counter, did three other things before coming to me. I got pissed off internally, yet was too passive/pleasing on the outside.

Then that internal anger came out by me saying to pass two women blocking the exit. I said in a low commanding voice: excuse me please, but one woman got in her feels: "you don’t have to be rude, fucking hell". So you cannot win.

Asking for what I want gets me dismissed and condemned.

Immediately thought about going back in and apologising profusely for offending her. But then I thought:

Your feelings are not my responsibility

I said nothing rude. Yet I’m in the wrong for asserting myself. The Nice Guy programming is still strong.


The nice guy will fade soon…


It’s better to always be the nice guy, no matter the occasion. No need to drop in frequency to those who challenge you, there’s no need to use there own weapons against them as they to have been a victim of the system.


I have realised that since you have informed me and I practice it at times but at times it’s hard …lol…that rage is waiting to be released…
But u 100% correct in what u saying…reading up on alpha males…they are very calm…


Don’t apologize, just smile and walk your way


Just let the emotion express itself. Allow the feeling that you contain inside of yourself to go out and express itself. So they can feel you. No need for words, fuck the words.

I just relax and express it through my face/body, it goes automatic. When you decide to speak. Allow the emotion to travel along with your words, it will hit them… they will get it even on the subtlest of level