Finding my True North


@khan for sure it would have. Enjoyed 4 successful months of Regeneration. However, experimenting with listening to an EMDR track unexpectedly worked rapidly, thank God.

Now I’m sat here with all these faulty broken childhood beliefs wondering how to solve them all. Well, enter Rebirth Ultima (well timed release).

The journey from wannabe alpha to being a parent to yourself was unexpected…

@Hermit I appreciate that. Thank you.


Hi @Michel, how is your journey going now? It was one of the more interesting ones yet it dropped off…


@SubliminalUser - and i was just thinking of him yesterday too. Hope he is doing okay.


@SubliminalUser @raphael

I took quite a bit of time off this forum in order to undertake a dark night of the soul healing and to then recalibrate myself.

It comes at a cost - questioning, reviewing and processing everything I’ve ever learned about myself. This felt like Khan ST1 times 1000.

The good news is all that childhood pain, memories of abuse and complex PTSD is now a thing of the past. I feel brand new.

So now, I’m looking for a all purpose confidence/motivation sub. Looks like AscensionQ will still fit for now…?



Welcome back! I recommend you browse for quite a bit before deciding thanks to all the Ultima stuff as well as the Q Module pack that’s coming this Sunday.


@Michel - ah! Good to see you, bro. The darkness is over. Time for some fun!


Welcome back, awesome self-alchemy


Zero Point

So it seems I’m at ground zero with life.

I’ve spent endless years trying to heal, never seeing beyond the next day in complete survival mode.

Until one day, it is gone.

I believe @SaintSovereign mentioned the alchemical power of hand writing in a journal for manifestation. I wrote to God, asking for the solution to my emotional healing and He delivered.

Now the question is “where next?

Man’s Not Hot (No More)

Currently running AscensionQ for two weeks. I’m feeling the most secure, solid and naturally confident in ages, with a bright future ahead. But man’s not attractive no more! I noticed almost all the girls I walked past chose to look at their phones instead.

It’s no big deal. Ultimately I have something more real to me - my soul back. I would have killed for that.


To be out of survival mode and ‘war zone’
and back on level ground is a truly admiral place to be, especially with what it’s sounds like you’ve been through and the hand you were dealt. You got your soul back :slight_smile: its only up from there.


Can you point me to where you read about this?


Writing your requests in blue ink on paper makes it magical.


I can’t tell if your joking or not :sweat_smile:
but I write in blue ink with a fountain pen almost every day
so that may be a contributing factor in what has been working for me.:sunglasses:
I’ll start requesting specifically with intention


I can vouch for the blue ink on white paper suggestion. (It’s actually an instruction that I received from a teacher of these things.) I also personally added in using lineless paper just to be sure. (Freedom, blank slate, wide open, unconstricted space)

It’s about the symbolic impact.

Blue is also the color of Jupiter. Opportunity. Generativity. Abundance.

Black is the color of Saturn. Severity. Pruning away. Discipline. Banishment.

p.s. Thanks for posting the link to that journaling post, @Michel!


Did you find your true north?


@khan I’m now in the right direction. What I need now is to find my purpose in life.

Suggestions for Libertine and Primal aren’t my path anymore. I’m happy for all of you getting amazing results with women though. At my stage of life, it’s now about making up for lost time. Making an impact and creating a legacy.

There’s a sub for that…



Not that having sexual goals made you any less mature, but I can tell your energy is different just from the way you typed up this post.


@Michel. That is wonderful. You know you are in the right direction.


Looks like @Michel has found his true north! Everyone give it up for him, it’s over.



This end is the begining.



It is only the beginning.