Finding my True North


The New Old Me

To reflect on subliminal use post energy healing: AscensionQ works a lot smoother and cleaner without having to fight conflicting interfering emotional blocks.

Getting the usual results:

  • Respect, masculine aura and build (thick neck), self sufficiency.

  • Much more self respect.

  • Negative, depressive, panicked mindset gone.

  • Need to stuff emotions down with food is gone

  • Freedom to be myself at all time high

  • The usual haters show up again.

Had some lean Dave Bautista-type try to out “alpha male” me. Instead of feeding him fear, I gave him an open body, curious direct look square in his face. I’m not one for those games anymore. Front up honestly, without the little boy bullshit.

My life’s purpose still eludes me for now, but the foundation is set. Now onto building something real


Be the Tree Trunk.

Something has finally clicked in my thick head.

  • What am I doing trying to prove my worthiness to someone who couldn’t give two shits?
  • Why did I over serve people for crumbs?
  • Why do I give sooo much to others?
  • How come they don’t t want to be closer to me?
  • Why did I wait so long for women to come round to me?

Previously, any thing some other person does negatively, I take to heart.
Oh my god, that person gave me a mean look, he/she doesn’t like me. I must convince them that I am a good, loving person. Love me, love me, love me!!! They don’t like me :persevere::sob:

If someone’s leaving you waiting on the line, hang up.

AscensionQ has given me my heart and pride.

So simple, yet hard and difficult to understand. For 20 years. But taking personal responsibility for learning it changed things real quick.

I was the boat sail. Swayed by the wind of others.
Now I’m the tree trunk.


The importance of clearing your shit

Clearing out your heart makes the subs work better. Period.

A stack of StarkQ, PCC and AscensionQ is finally etching deep. StarkQ makes me feel like a celebrity in waiting.

Owning StarkQ means having such a solid belief in self and owning your own personality without reservation. It also does mean baring my chest. Opening up to the world with the full knowledge that it could get hurt again.

But now I’m ready. Feeling awfully naked without that safety blanket, though.



Still struggling with this myself but I’m becoming more open to the process. Can’t wait to see how your journey unfolds.


Wow man wow…its great you decided that chacing ass with the wrong foundation / beliefs / core is a steep deeper to the Darkside… woman chace me now and i dont give a shit anymore, even at the beach my wife commented " your making girls crazy" … i said " good for them, i want to make money, make stuff happen"… i do relate to the validation of chacing the 9s and the 10s… at the end of the day/night its just empty…it doesnt mean that i dont enjoy woman and act on my instincts…but its in a powerfull way, cant really describe it in words.

Never tried Ascension alone but my stack is Ascion Mogul and Sex Mastery and i am a changed man…going for the wealth path and add Emperor for Wealth.

The world works the other way around…when you dont desire you are offered. The Tao of Steve is a good movie you should watch.

Respect :muscle::muscle::muscle:


Life on naked

This is where journaling gets crucial to see for yourself the changes happening.
Whilst inside, all the inner work that has taken place feels normal to you, but going outside is the real test.

On StarkQ/AscensionQ I feel and look like a dominant boss. But I’m also peaceful and light hearted within, which might be a little jarring on the outside. But it works. Respect then kudos

Light is a disinfectant

I also realised another thing once my emotional baggage left.

Most people are scared of the light.

Being real, true and authentic to yourself is not encouraged. Wearing a psychological (and literal) mask is. Pain does that of course, but letting it go to Bear one’s own Light seems to be a revolutionary act.

It is what it is.


Exactly, once I started being more of myself a few years back when I began my subliminal journey I started to become unintentionally more polarizing with my behavior. What I discovered is you can be the happiest person in the world and still have others dislike you being joyous.


Misery seeks company.


Tying up the ends

A few things I felt inspired to do on StarkQ:

  • I cleared up my living space to allow more space and light.
  • Removed and stored all the art materials in the garage.
  • Smartened up my wardrobe by getting in some new jean clothes at a discount!

However StarkQ Terminus is WAY too intense - I’m even finding 2x loops of Q a day needs the weekend off to process. Holy shit.

Permission to shine

That link from @Malkuth about Finding your Purpose from your Mars and Venus placements pointed me to using StarkQ for fame. So in line with my Node in Leo, it’s time to finally (reluctantly) shine. To be seen and have a voice. The Node is challenging and I don’t even know if I want to buy a GoPro camera, record and upload on YouTube just yet:flushed:

Anyway before Ultimate Speaker gets launched, I see Beyond Limitless promoted for captivating an audience and being more fluid in speech. Would that fit? How about True Social?


I’m restraining myself from once again posting up your tribute video. But don’t be surprised if it pops up again soon.

Inspiring to watch you do your thing and shine, bruh.


Nurturing the Fire

@Malkuth pointed to a great resource to find your true purpose, is the gift that keeps on giving.

So, thinking about the advice given about writing, I was adamant that my birth chart must be wrong.

How the frigg is writing a passion of mine???

Then it hit me.

  • passed my high school exams with English literature and maths honours
  • wrote a column for the university student newspaper
  • compiled and produced several college publications - for fun.
  • been told not to hide my writing skills by a contact.

Yet it seems I went down the wrong road since, due to a severe lack of confidence…

Why not at least investigate the possibility that it may be right?

So I’ve purchased Beyond Limitless Ultima to boost my Gemini communication talents. And it just so happens to stack well with StarkQ looking after the Leo Fame Game.

(I’m convinced @SaintSovereign understands Hermeticism subconscious principles)


Lots of different changes in your stack. Have you considered a custom?


The day when Ultimate Speaker gets released, I would be on that like brown on rice. Spotlight, Ultimate Writer, BLU, StarkQ Core, AscensionQ…


Adding Beyond Limitless Ultima to my stack of StarkQ (which happened to be made for each other). This stack is now concentrated on maximising charisma, fame, personality and intelligence in line with combining my Mars :gemini: and Venus :leo:.

That reconciliation tho.

It’s a killer, even sticking to the recommended two loops per week is brain cooking. Currently taking the weekends off to integrate.

Putting pen to iPad :gemini:

Taking on the challenge of writing in my spare time to replace painting and BLU has had an effect on my writing. The words just flow out, sometimes with creative juxtapositions that are original.

The passion for words is starting to form, although at the moment it feels a little reluctant. The drive will come, just need to realise that God gave me a talent for words, if only I would accept that kind of value and develop it. BLU will help with writing and speaking with StarkQ.

Man Rising :leo:

My attractiveness and masculinity seems to be steadily building, because I’m getting them low-key hair flips looks from some good looking women – I’ve also been seeing a lot of men smoothing back their hair too (not that I’m into that, btw). Thing is, I’m still have a “dad bod”, not chiseled at all but my chest is more noticeable than the stomach :smiley:

Porn watching has gone, my appetite has dived and I feel great.

Now where’s the spotlight?


Nice seeing you having the same set up as mine.
So I can follow your development.
I got mine last night and played the first loop this morning. StarkQ since 10 days. 2 days off.
I’m going to start my journal and let’s see how it goes.
My goal are different their yours… obviously…
Quick question: Do you play Ultima first and StarkQ after it? Or StarkQ first? Or??


StarkQ gets maybe 2 loops every night, with Beyond Limitless Ultima once every two days. Any more than that, my head explodes.

@Dom look forward to your development on StarkQ. It will take a while to get going, so journaling will show you your own progress. Ultima works very quickly though.


@Michel, what are you running these days? Your journal has been the most enjoyable so far, exceptionally well written and full of insights and experiences. I would like to thank you for that!

As for Power Can Corrupt, how did it help you socially? Not in a defensive way, or seeing through lies and deceit but rather as an outgoing, charismatic and charming way. Let us know!


Hey @Hermit, hard to say as I’ve always run PCC with either Khan or StarkQ as recommended. So I can only give results thus far.

I found I was easy going, charming and pleasant on PCC at work. Sort of a “greasing the pole” type of charisma, but with the background knowledge of how to maneuver yourself in social situations in case someone felt like using you. Always thinking like a chess player around people.

It sounds cold and calculating, but middle management get promoted that way for a reason.


Does Power Can Corrupt work better with Khan compared to Stark? It was said that PCC combined with an Alpha male subliminal was going to enhance both programs grealty.

From your experience, what would you say?


I don’t think PCC worked differently - StarkQ already has anti-manipulation modules so it was hard to see what was influencing what. I added PCC due to my own situation.

PCC is quite passive, you need a driver for it to work. Khan is a more dominant player that StarkQ of course.