Finding my True North


Agreed, nonetheless Stark is left unmentioned on the sales page of Power Can Corrupt.

How would you compare Stark to Khan; socially, mentally, emotionally and also in the field of wealth & business? Which one of the two do you prefer and why?

I bought Power Can Corrupt sometime ago and whenever I listen to it, insane reconciliation arises. It must be something unconscious which is preventing me to execute these Laws. Apparently it’s not that dense, so I’m assuming there’s some kind of unconscious blockage. But who knows? It might be the integration time of the Laws that’s causing the processing. My total amount of loops is probably less then ten.


On Khan

I’ll always remember that whilst on Khan, I was getting tons of hate from much bigger alphas, even from police officers. I notice I manifested being around horse betting spectators who happen to be 6’ 2, 200lbs and a stockbroker living in million dollar mansions. It’s fully possible to become that person on Khan given long enough. My personal wage remained small however.


StarkQ fits my personality better, less need to be physically dominant, much less direct hate, there’s a push to be intellectually, individually great rather than try to fit into a stereotype of “shirt ripping badass”.
I’m finding popularity and likeability with this one. Financially, I made more money on this one, precisely because it called upon your own strengths.
StarkQ will send you challenges though if you’re not yet on the path to greatness.


It does teaches you to be a little duplicitous, which if you’re rooted in honesty and spirituality might not in full congruence with your values. In my case, being regularly taken advantage of and backstabbed led me to wanting a roadmap on how to deal with unscrupulous people.
You could persist with it using fewer loops, since it’s so light?

Both are social dominance programs, StarkQ: brilliance through creativity
Khan: utter masculine dominance.
StarkQ rewards creative genius, Khan is more for outright material success. Depends upon your temperament.

I think StarkQ solo would suit you better @hermit.


I think the most important element of subs working is in being emotionally “clear”. Since I completed an off-site energy healing program, both PCC and StarkQ much work deeper and find less subconscious resistance. This was why Ascension was tough to run whilst still looking outward for love and approval.


There’s no doubt in my mind that eventually I’m going back to Stark, as of right now I’m kinda pondering the question which program will balance out Stark’s feminine aspects. Perhaps, I do not even need masculinity and added touch of Daredevil will suit me greatly. But that’s not the point, Stark aids me very well socially, it’s just that it lacks discipline, routine and habit which already is one of my weaknesses.

My creative genius, problem solving qualities and idea generation abilities are through the roof naturally, I’ve found that with Stark these get enhance exponentially. Now, you can have as many ideas as you like, not going through with them is likely to get you nowhere. Besides of course being in some kind of advise oriented position where people execute the ideas for you.

Perhaps Stark with Lion IV, Godlike Masculinity in a Custom is all I need?

I seek no desire to dominate others, but to outshine them. Having high-status, charm and charisma with major self-esteem and confidence. Being able to turn anyone’s mind around to get what I want in a moral fashion, meaning that the destination is positive for humanity. I mean a little manipulation here and there because of Power Can Corrupt, if that means playing strategic and simply being honest wouldn’t harm anyone would it?

From my experience with Power Can Corrupt, which of course isn’t as extended as yours, it made me less social. Is this a thing or is it just me having reconciliation? I’m contemplating the optimal Custom build for me to reach the former Archetype. Basically someone who is extremely charismatic, social, humorous and has an endless mind of ideas and answers on any question or in any debate. Anyhow, I do not want to be questioned either, all those things takeaway necessary energy that I can focus towards my goals – so being respected, unquestioned, having social dominance does suit me also, which I am thinking Khan for.

Your advise, journal and insights have helped me very well. What would you say? Anything else you can leave here will be greatly appreciated, as always.

Ascended Mogul, Stark, Power Can Corrupt, Daredevil, Khan are essentially my options. In terms of sales, I just want to pull people through the phone with my charisma, social ability and charm as well as my will to get what I want. People have said that Khan works amazingly well for sales but none has mentioned Stark or Power Can Corrupt.

So, yeah… your advise is welcome.


Just wanted to drop my opinion here…

I basically have been using mastermind and manipulus in my main subs, which are sub components of PCC.

The effect on moral behavior is more about balance, the ability to transcends status/power/control/respect etc.

I can tell some of my actions are less than moral, so I decide to refrain/reframe my actions to be lighter. There is no reason to exert influence here.

I can do this but should I?

If I am at a moral advantage with a person I am interacting with, my actions are to achieve balance, as an opposition to this force. I do not limit my action.

In this case, my mind is not thinking about moral restraint. Of course lightness is retained, but force is concentrated.

I would say to summarize, PCC will cloud your thoughts uselessly if you are around compatible/comparable people, since you have to reevaluate your action in accordance with vulnerability, and this is disadvantageous when there is no threat.

Main Disc. Thread - Stark Ultima Experimental

Sounds like a custom job with StarkQ core and some GLM/Daredevil added within. If you’re working in corporate, some form of Ascended Mogul might help. I’ve got StarkQ with AscensionQ in a stack which helps with the masculinity.

If not, then Khan may well be your best all in one option for dominance and sales. Plenty of charisma in that one. Just know that it’s hard dominance rather than StarkQ.

PCC does give you the choice of enacting the laws as a defence/offence strategy, hence the name. It’s not meant for acting on all the time, like Robert Greene stated.


Could you comment on ascension…do the effects get stronger the longer u ran it?


Let’s just say that I want to be the honey in life, drawing in the bees. I guess most people are kind of intimated by a Khan’s presence, which isn’t really my natural way of doing things.

I’m leaning towards Stark, it’s without a doubt aligning entirely with my underlying energetic aspect as well as my overal personality. Just checked with my Astrology, and Stark fits the concept entirely. I’m not so masculine in general, I like to help others out and attract them towards me, I can handle conversations well and if someone upsets me they’ll know. Khan would prevent that from happening entirely as it would probably increase my social dominance so high that none would even try something on me through status and respect.

So which will be the program that’ll increase masculinity (drive, will, discipline), status and respect without being the overly offsetting by my presence. I’m leaning towards Ascended Mogul, as I’m building a business as we speak and a lot of work needs to be finished, it also contains the masculine aspects, as well as respect and status. I’m feeling Daredevil or Power Can Corrupt as a third program, but that might make it too dense.

Going to have to be doing some experimenting over the next coupe weeks. Your contribution in terms of value given through advise and insights, will help me to reach my destination earlier.

What do you think? Initially I would go for Ascension instead of Ascended Mogul, but I decided to go for Ascended Mogul instead as it contains additional wealth scripting, aiding my to build that business. All in all, it’s less dense compared to even Sex Mastery, so not that it’s too dense.

Ascension, Ascended Mogul in conjunction with Daredevil or Power Can Corrupt?


That’s going to be your ultimate answer. Theory won’t ever be as good as experience.

@pacman Ascension - quick working, strong solid tree trunk foundation, masculine vibe and look within one month. Underrated sub.


You sexy mufugga

After taking it super safe (1-2 loops daily) upping the amount of loops seems to be the best solution for getting results. I just said “screw it” and top myself with as much as possible (8+ Q loops). Seems to work best with Rebirth Ultima.

It has been super sunny in the UK for a week and I’m out like Prince with a mandala, pimp stick and hat (not really) but the belief is there: I AM a sexy motherfucker.

I ain’t afraid to say it. I know it, I see it. I now see what women are seeing, that iron throne raw sexuality. I feel liberated to be me and confident enough, if I so choose, to take any woman as mine. (The only problem was they are already taken lol)

Making a life for myself

I’m also well aware of my drive to make friends, but not everyone is as awesome as me :smile: plus (as stated in Leo Node) needing friends is a crutch I need to let go of. Not everyone is on your side.

So honouring my writing passion, I bought an IKEA table that will host my laptop and stationery in order to sit down and write. This is a brand new exciting cycle despite the Beer Bug chaos. The world is mine.


Do you feel that Ascended Mogul loses a decent amount of the Alpha that Ascension had in it?


Because Stark came after the release of PCC


Not really, it’s the same alpha product, but it takes 2x long sur toi the Mogul script.


So we get the same raw masculanity from ascension solo in ascen mogul?
I found the found very different in AM as compared to ascension solo…or maybe the ascension script didnt kick in yet…


It’s there, I’ve used both Ascension and AM, some of that badassery is going towards your money making goals.

Maybe you’re on your grind more? :smile:


Yes thats for sure…hardcore saving etc…
I noticed lots of status with AM


Hi Michael!

We started our Subclub journey around the same.

I remember the year old beliefs of self doubt.

You have come so far! It’s so amazing!!!

Now I’m gonna go right to the top of the journal and start reading your change.


Thanks. Some say it’s coincidence, but the subliminal path brings things to you that help make things easier. It is all meant to be.


Good to have you back again updating the journal, i never tried Ascension but i must say i Ascension Mogul have made me a changed man…i am really focused on wealth but the alpha scripting is there, just let it give time and people think you are the boss instead of your own boss. :joy::joy::joy:

Also Ascension Mogul has anti masturbation script in it…if guys suffer from this if you pack it with sex mastery be ready for some kundalini journeys :champagne::champagne:
My next sub will be House of Medici.


Anti masturbation for you buddy…


Lol that’s why I got AM in June because it had anti porn scripting. By the way emperor has it as well, but because AM is less dense the anti porn scripting is probably stronger than emperor. As for AM, it’s on my top 3 fav sub club subs.

“For this I would recommend Emperor, to tone it down a bit and give you a cool head while you are taking care of the issues with Sex Mastery X and a doctor. It will also help your porn and masturbation habit.“

“You can thank Mark Malkuth (@Fire) for that. He advocated for, and scripted a very effective, powerful anti-porn module for Ascended Mogul.“