Finding my True North


Here man, found your new anthem!!


Excelllent. I wonder if the same effect and more can be achieved with PS?



I’m not interested in pickup though. Let the women come to me. If they don’t, I don’t give a damn.


Could you compare Ascension to Primal?


I see both Primal and AscensionQ two facets of the same “alpha male” idea.

Both are excellent beginner foundation programs for someone who’s been emasculated from a young age.

Primal allows you to connect to your own unique life force - root chakra and to be driven by it. I suspect a lot of males are disconnected from this root chakra space and are afraid of their own raw power.

AscensionQ is more of a traditional self esteem builder. A change of thoughts about oneself, concept building. “How does a person who has the ultimate self respect behave?” “What would his beliefs be?” Lots of modelling and unconscious mapping with energy backup.

Both can be considered “alpha male”, although personally I think the YouTube image idea is bullshit. Be more real, have more self-respect, connect deep. That’s it.


Exactly what i found also…
Alpha means more having life in order…not bossy animal lol


alpha is like “i cant control theses thing so ill strap up my boot an get them going in my favor for the better men of my own life” not the bullshit society try to push on everyone


Reconciliation chatter

There had to be a low with that early Primal high: mind chatter be like:

“40 year old incel single dating failure lame motherfucker living with mother with no family, no prospects on the horizon, tons of younger folk surround me. No work. Looking like a super fucking nerd has been with a backpack. No car. Plenty of debts. Load of shite”.

Ego strength is the name of the game.


Does what it says on the tin.

Primal should have been my foundation sub from the beginning. Khan was great and it works but it’s a big step up from nothing. Having the foundation first allows upwards growth.
Primal is brutal. It shined a damaging light on my current situation. Very underrated sub.

Second Birth

Certain things are pissing me off, namely my own emasculation. I let others control me and I had no idea of standing up for myself. Female indoctrination put me to sleep with my balls shrivelled up and a servant. “Be nice and be a good little boy”. Having a strong armed mother doesn’t help.

Now there’s energy bubbling up underneath ready to break through. I want my freedom back. The second birth will be painful and angry. Masculinity rising.


Becoming alpha means this: to so-called "man up" . To grow up. From child to man. To separate, to mature, to individuate.

You are you, not your mother. You’re not your girlfriend. You’re not helpless. You don’t need to cling onto somebody.

You have your own energy, thoughts, motivations, desires and wants.

Inner game just means reconnecting with and sitting deep within your unique individual energy. Disapproval of others will take you out of your own container. Sitting deep inside yourself is the goal. Being “Primal”. Goes beyond mere self acceptance, it’s deeper and much more primal than that.
Strengthens the ego. A weak ego is the real cause of be narcissistic behaviour

Man, I feel like y’all got first dibs on this amazing program years ago and I’m the last to know :thinking:

Just know Primal can be used for general confidence purposes to anchor in a rooted and powerful primal core self. It goes beyond self concept, it’s deeply rooted, unstoppable primordial energy.

Sliding Down Snakes

My biggest hurdle to confidence was rejection, the subtler the worse, it always affected my sense of self.
Not any more.
The usual low level disapproval doesn’t even matter now, I’m so within myself rejection doesn’t nuke my self concept instantly. That allows confidence to build, enjoying climbing the ladders instead of fearing the snakes.

Fill out the space

What is swagger?
You know when some joker is pretending to flex? Their cup is empty
The real deal? They’re so full of it, their cup overflows.
That’s swagger.


It definitely seems like Primal has made an enormous difference for you within the last week! Let me just say, props to you for this personal and colorful journal; I’ve been catching up to the end since my first week in SubClub, a bit over two months ago :laughing:

I finally did it though, and will continue reading on as you develop :slight_smile: an interesting concept, unconscious muscle testing. I had heard of it but never seen it personally and never really researched it. It leading you to Primal is badass!


That’s gold @Michel. Thanks for the reminder. I’m with you on that :+1:


I don’t have Primal but this makes me want to run PS alongside my EQ even more.

I was going to add subs gradually but I can’t say if I won’t give in during the week. Congrats on your results


@Ninjistic thanks for reading the whole of this journal. That’s based af.

You’ll notice the path is all over the place, trying to scope out the “magic key”. Ascension > Khan > Ascension > StarkQ. Once Primal hit, BOOM. Game changer.

The unconscious knows.

Trusting in the muscle testing, going through the entire Subliminal Club catalogue asking YES/NO questions ("Do I need to listen to this now?", “Which program suits me here and now?”), initially pointed to Primal.

Now PS and S&S tests positive. Why? I don’t know, but on some level, IT knows. Maybe it recognises the PS programming in Primal. But PS:IT and SMX2 both test negative. It’s a mystery, but it has been right on the money so far.


What sort of response do you get? I’m very much interested in utilizing this technique for myself but all I saw in the admittedly cursory research I did the other day is something about muscles weakening in response in the affirmative or negative to a question… But no instructions how to begin?

You’re welcome! The reason it took awhile is probably 'cause I’ve also read through a couple other huge journals like Azriel’s and SubUser’s as well as many smaller ones, so I’ve bounced around a lot. But I enjoyed this one for sure. :slight_smile:


@ninjistic thanks. This is my only journal, which is why is a giga thread atm.

I mainly do the “ring in ring” method:

Done exactly like that. Use the same pressure as if you’re picking up a fly by its wings. That is literally all there is to it. Done at least 20x a day for practice.

There are other methods like the Sway method (whole body) and the strong arm technique. They all work on the basis of “Yes” equals strong, “No” is weak. Those are mainly for beginners to easily see the difference.

Daily practice and patience pays off dividends. Faith in yourself helps too.


So will you move to PS now?

If so very curious to hear your elaborations on the differences.


Prrimal Seduction now tests “no”, but surprisingly Ascended Mogul tests “yes”. So I’ll concentrate on Primal for now before getting repeated signs for PS.

PS is pure player juice, though.


Tis is tempting to try, maybe ill try in a custom but i have that custom idea a bit locked down


I was busy but came back to write on the journal and see how you are progressing.

Im glad to see your seeing life with another filter, more positive and with more light in it.

Found interesting the Muscular test you did. Normally the pendulum is used to talk to our super conscious…

Going to test it too see what subs it recommends :grin::grin: