Finding my True North


Seems like EoG or Khan may be the way for me to go once I’ve pushed Emperor to the limits :slight_smile:


Both products will be beneficial and will run smoother with the Emperor foundation.


Honestly, I believe Khan ST1 to be the most powerful all-purpose subs ever created to unearth negative beliefs and let go of them. It’s just so comprehensive and so effective. Regeneration is more “comfortable” compared to Khan ST1. It’s painful, but it works so deep!


The truth is, there is no limit to these subs. They work in a way that adapts to your goals. Especially Khan. So as long as you have goals, there is further pushing to be done :smiley:


Total Breakdown
Day 11

Work is finished, time to reflect. I’ve been treating myself like a beggar and accepting beggar status. This is why I keep to low wage jobs, bad environments and third party love situations. It’s a security blanket. I didn’t feel like I deserved more. Worse, I was chasing goals that were out of step with my real self - money, fame, status etc. Now, my real self emerges and demands to be respected. Funnily enough, I’m noticing little outward signs of that happening with family.

Fear of authority. Dream of closing up a market stall booth at dusk, the owner of the stall is furious and calls the police. I’m scared because the police tend to kill, but I stand my ground and decide to let him face the consequences of wasting police time.

Khan ST1 keeps hitting me where it hurts, pulling up every last faulty belief and smoking it to ashes. Dare I say the process is getting enjoyable? What’s the next splinter to be removed?


The resisting to do more productive things is the old you trying to stay in your comfort zone and not change


Thats like happy wife happy life :face_vomiting:


@Michel I am very much enjoying reading your progress


@Jcast thanks mate!

@Grimm1390 is that what it means? Ugh.

Total Assertive Breakdown
Day 12
Dropped Ultimate Artist

Seems the earlier dream portended today’s events. Some kid carrying a kid is backing up on me, so I put out my hand to stop him going through me. All of a sudden I hear:


So in front of this queue of people I have this 12yr old looking father accusing me of being some kind of kiddy fiddler. So, for the first time ever I got up in his face, confronted him and asked him:

How do you expect someone to react to what you’ve done?

Since this kid wasn’t in the right mind to be spoken to in a rational manner, I just left it. Told him to queue up and walked. The rest of the day was like that, people trying to piss me off.

Still not feeling that Ascension-type power, in fact I’m feeling irritation at the world, BUT I can see my own true self -AND wield my own power - the same one that allowed me to stand up for myself today. How DARE you accuse me of being a pedo?

It also put into focus that there are certain things I will not put up with any longer, including being in this city full of angry people. Once ST3 kicks in, it’s time to cut out a lot of the dead weight in my life and choose things that wholly suit me.


Week 2 Realisations:

  • I can’t make other people “see” my real self when they reject me.

  • I must take other people at face value. If they are hostile, I must let them swim by themselves.

  • I must not deceive myself by “trying to see the good in people” when they are clearly hostile.

  • I am allowed to speak up - I must speak up when someone’s violating my boundaries.

Mainly, the most important realisation is, I can feel and see myself again. My real, true self that was buried underneath all the bullshit programming keeping me stuck in never ending cycles of underachievement, dependency, weakness and shame for being.

Khan ST1 continues to excel.


Total Breakdown
Day 14

Sad to say, the art career is now over. Dropped Ultimate Artist sub and it’s just not working. Reconciliation over this aspect of life hasn’t gone away, so it’s a confirmation that art just isn’t it. Opened instagram and the second post is one of the winners of the recent client art competition, so again feeling rejected, but glad I’m out of it, it seemed it just wasn’t my purpose.

Did not expect for Khan to completely cut out people, career, women, associates, family members and other things that no longer nourish ME. But apparently @SaintSovereign said it was part of its design. It is time to serve my own light.

Two weeks into this dark night of the soul pyschic detox, there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel. The base program of unworthiness, being unable to validate my own self independently of others opinions is thankfully dissolved, never to return again. What a crippling belief to have… imagine all of the things I could have achieved with just a basic sense of self esteem?
Oh well, I guess the life lesson was to experience losing oneself in order to find it again… I’m overjoyed to have found myself.

When you don’t care, here they come.
Women know real confidence when they see it. But there’s no desperate need to get their attention, which translates to “I don’t care”.


  • I take care of me, first.
  • I like me, first
  • I don’t have to like everybody. Some people are c***s.
  • I’m allowed to say NO.
  • I know what’s healthy for me


@Michel - am 38 too. And I felt the same way about having wasted time so far before I started SubClub. I had a dream that I would write tons of books but I have yet to show even one book as proof of my ambition.

There is hope now. Even though am only at day 9 of Khan, I know that things are changing within. Greatness is coming. For you too. Hang in there.


Total Breakdown
Day 15

Look at this, quoting myself, SMDH…

Call it an aura, presence, inner strength, confidence… They see it and want it. I regularly get women siting right next to me, even when there are seats elsewhere on the train, women fixing up their makeup and some even doing improbable manoeuvres just to get an eyeful. Best of all, I still like myself first, so all of this burgeoning attention is secondary.

ST1 has eased up on the reconciliation effects, just feels clear and anxiety free. But can it last? Will I eventually retreat back to previous conditioning once ST1 is finished? Can you completely wipe it out within 30 days? Is Khan for ever?


This is HOT. I congratulate you, man!

Could there some things you could have done to benefit more from these opportunities in ways that you can enjoy, and that can make a woman’s life better because you enter her life?

I had some doubts like this before.

I’d like to ask you: What is the alternative?


@AMASH maybe, however I’m going to hang back a little before going down that road. This feeling of finding my real self is precious enough for me to treasure it for a little while longer before branching out. I had a tendency to lose myself in someone else, so the foundation needs to be right.

Khan 24/7 for the rest of my life? Doesn’t sound bad at all…


Actually, maybe scratch that… The attention women are giving me is getting ridiculous, 9/10 are liking what they see (and some have been absolutely gorgeous), however I have no game! It’s fine at work talking but out in the streets? With no prompting? What do I say? :neutral_face:



What do you want to say? I think most of the time when you have a pattern of inhibition in your life when it comes to stuff like this it becomes harder than it actually is. We overthink stuff. A lot.


It’s only gonna get worse… in a very positive way i mean :sunglasses:

And the part about having no game, just try to sneak peek Khan ST3 - Total Action, the voice in your head overthinking stuff, presenting you with “ALL KINDZZZ OF EXCUSES, ALL KINDS…” will be gone… Your game will be: I have no game, I like what i see and I want it Now. So, What’s up? Straight Up!


@Y.o.B LMAO! Looking forward to it!

@AMASH @elementary_vision very helpful and easy to follow. Thing is I do this so easily at work, so out on the streets shouldn’t be so difficult. Practice…