Finding my True North


Not much to report, Primal is still my sole SubClub program and am loving how at ease and carrying limited fucks I am. It might help with dating, but let’s be honest, lockdown isn’t helping things.

Fixed a very longstanding health problem via energy healing. Funny thing was my healer used muscle testing to tell me to get creative. So I returned to painting.

I broke down in tears. I had turned my back on the one true love due to past failure and paid the health price. No longer.


It will definitely help with dating, seem like primal aint nothing to play with

Think of it as a build up until thing get back to normal, once that happen you’ll get the really try it out

Glad to see you found your way back, hope you stay on that path


Does your healer have a modality I could look into or look for a similar practitioner in my area?
I am dealing with some health issues that seem energetic or self caused in nature.


Yep, I feel the same towards PS. I wonder what could have been if I started in 2019 or earlier.


I really wish I could somehow port PS and/or Libertine back to my 12-year old self.


Oh man, if only. Alas, we take what we can get now. At least now we’re equipped.

It also means the best is yet to come :sunglasses:

Now this had me thinking. If only I had Limitless, Daredevil and Sanguine when I was 12, I wonder where I would be today.

SubliminalGuy's Dragon Reborn Journal

This made me pause and reflect. Such a simple but profound truth that our inner voice is trying to tell us that we should pursue that which makes us truly alive. That’s what life is all about.


@azriel I’d look into modalities like

hope its ok to mention...

Emotion Code and Psych-K

for the surgical release of the stubborn past baggage. They’re excellent supplements to the subs as they clear so the subs program into you.

@ninjafox @apollo @raphael @realbillperry :+1::+1:


fantastico, thank you


Did you run this?