Finding my True North


Believe it or not, 2020 has been a great year for me, why?

  • Made more money than ever (StarkQ)
  • Discovered a great healing modality
  • Removed a ton of emotional baggage (Rebirth)
  • Past friends decided to moved on voluntarily (we no longer vibe)
  • Busy with art and activities
  • Helping others heal
  • Dropping weight steadily

There’s room for new better suited stuff and people to come in - no more stagnant lukewarm half way in/out shit. Transformation through purification.

Now let’s have some fun in 2021! Don’t think I didn’t see that new product in the store…


Anything to do with DR?


No, it’s a competing “service” I’ve mentioned before that worked really quickly. Healed my chronic illness and reversed my onset diabetes within a month and now I’m using it with others.

Dragon Reborn looks like a emotional healing Khan, if you’re using it, I wish you the best of luck. :+1:


Time to reveal that I’m on the Seduction stack!

  • Primal Seduction
  • Diamond
  • Libertine Ultima v2
  • Iron Throne

Why? I don’t know! Like with Primal (a beast of a subliminal) it was selected with unconscious muscle testing, turned out it was exactly what I needed. Now all four tested regularly, maybe because conditions are good for a future (positive) relationship. It begs the question : is the future predetermined already? Does the subconscious contain everything? Is the future already written? Who knows?

My expectations are tempered because we are in YET ANOTHER FUCKING lockdown, but the moments within are good to gauge his effective the stack is.

Tagging @SaintSovereign


Have you considered switching goals due to lockdown?


Am not in a lockdown but i know that shit get to you, hopefully this shit works itself out soon with how things are going around the world(vaccines)


Ah man! One day I aspire to be running only a seduction stack. Need to get my financials in order before that. Then I will run a stack similar to yours like this:

  • Diamond Ultima
  • Libertine Ultima
  • Primal Seduction: Iron Throne
  • Sex Mastery

Would be good times. Have fun with yours, @Michel


I remember that initially, PS was a no go according to your muscle testing, and so now that it is a yes, I’m curious about two things…

The first of which will have to be answered in the future, in regards to your current stack.

  1. Do you get consistently good results when choosing your stack according to your muscle testing method you tagged me in?

  2. I know it has been a short time (seemingly) that you’ve been playing this stack, but how are you liking it? Are you playing PS:ITU or the original Q? Or both?


Primal was the first one chosen this way and it was exactly what I needed at the time, which was a step towards PS. Had I played PS straight, it might not have had the same effect (course this is just speculation)

I’m enjoying playing this stack overnight, although I don’t see the effects much in real life. I’ll find out next time I go out and observe.

I’ll be playing this stack for a month, including Iron Throne Ultima and will report what happens!


I’m looking forward to it.


First test of the new stack, so decided to go out and get some stuff. It’s still fucking LockDown.

Early days but Libertine seems to catch women jogging and walking their dogs out. Some of the symptoms of attraction are: avoiding eye contact, smiling to themselves, a little acting out (immature).

Something happened in a store that got me pissed off, normally it would fester and the emotions would last the whole day, while thinking of different kinds of vengeance.

Not this time.

I walked out of the store, without stressing and kicking up a storm, feeling a peace and pride in myself. Zero reaction. Let karma sort them out, that particular store just killed itself. Credit must go to StarkQ.


Still stuck in the house. :unamused:

If anyone is wondering what the effects of Diamond are without access to sex, you can surprisingly get a lot of work done on just the sexual energy it generates. Working on some personal projects without a need to drive myself, just all automatic. Really productive and carefree too. Napoleon Hill was right, sexual transmutation is real.

Also my pee pee end is starting to burst through… :rofl:


Lol best you change over to a different ultima, but it getting you to do some work so who knows, either way i been meaning to use diamond myself but just have ran it


I couldn’t take it anymore so I went out.

For any doubters: Libertine works. If estimate that the effect of the aura is weaker than that of badboy Khan but is still powerful - longer stares, shy looks and massive hair flips. Some have confused stares of “what exactly am I looking at here???” :flushed:

Add to that the lone wolf body language of the Primal side of PS and you have a killer package for when life reopens up again in a few months. I’m liking it.

As for Diamond, well… blessed be a bigger unit :laughing:


Some more results from my Seduction


Diamond Ultima
Libertine v2 Ultima
Iron Throne Ultima
Love Bomb experimental

Family relationships seem to be better now than in the past. I’m feeling a lot less antagonistic towards them and dropping the anger within, simply by accepting who they are, flaws and all.
Doesn’t mean I like what they do or forget what they done to me in the past, just means I’ve found another avenue for dispensing that hard fought wisdom to others.

Women seem to be more attracted, mostly through what I wear, which hasn’t changed much, just the addition of jeans and high length boots. Looking in the mirror I can clearly see that I have that look of someone who has lots of sexual confidence.

A woman behind me was staring me out and pushing her hair out. Aura.

Still haven’t managed a conversation with women due to the obvious current circumstances but hope to do so soon.


I got a lot of this from Dragon Reborn. A desire to accept everyone, especially relatives, as they are. It’s possible that you are getting these effects from the healing component of PS


Primal Seduction and the new Love Bomb experimental had helped massively in that regard, in that I have a healthier appreciation for women in general. Before my own healing it was leaning towards MGTOW “leave then alone” monk mode.

Ironically I became a better man by being centred and free of baggage (as well as learning to become a lady sniper :wink:).