Finding my True North


I just got my motivation to push through ST1 back again!


Well if you feel you can keep your mouth shut about it then I say go for it :stuck_out_tongue: Also girls really like guys that are discreet. If you are successful in your pursuits and maintain a level of secrecy the girls might spread the word for you to others, urging them towards you unwittingly


Total Reprogramming
Day 22

At the gym, and I’m lucky to be working out next to this phat ass blonde girl. I’m doing my sets as normal but I see that this girl has been bantering instead with the bigger gym trainers next to me. So although I was slightly disappointed, the next thing I said to myself was "if she isn’t interested, let her go so that the next one can come in"

Guess what happened? THE NEXT ONE CAME IN!

She wanted to share the squat rack space with me. I told her to come in a little bit closer (as she’s on the edge) and she practiced her sets.

This is the magical bit - prepare yourself…

:fireworks::fireworks::fireworks: I OPENED HER! :fireworks::fireworks::fireworks:

Talking up close to her ear “your lifting numbers are close to mine, I’m getting worried!” She said her numbers were much higher before, but you have to keep going regularly. She was supposed to have worked out with her friends today, but she came alone. We shared the space for a good 10 minutes before she left. I helped her with putting back the weights.

Just to put this in context:
I NEVER open any woman outside of work. But she came to me, I just started talking and it was effortless. Couldn’t understand why I was so fearful just talking to women? It’s easy, and they love it!

It takes balls to go talk to a woman you find attractive. So many men are afraid to just speak because they might get shamed and cursed out. More men would do it if they knew how easy it is, and how women will thank you for it.

Khan continues to repay my faith!


Nice! Seems like the program is starting to really kick in :smiley: Excited to see where you go from here!


On Day 4/5, on ST 2, you were losing focus and discipline. DO YOU THINK IT WAS EFFECT OF ST2?


@mecharc yes, but ST2 is different for each person. Some said ST2 was more difficult than ST1, I found it smooth.

My story comes from a harsh, strict background, so losing focus meant having fun and not being perfect.

ST2, will give you enough masculine confidence, social skills and personal power to do what you want in life. It’ll take time but it’s worth it.

Remember, Khan is still directed by you. Khan is the engine, you’re the driver.


I really like this analogy :smiley:


Me too. That seems like a nice, concise pointer for using the subliminals in general. Thanks, Michel.


Total Reprogramming
Day 23

A surprisingly “meh” day today, however still got my banter skills, still feeling good about randomly opening women that I did it again at a coffee shop (a mini open).

The hate is getting more noticeable, loud audible coughing - however the hate is my reminder to keep being my relaxed, confident self whilst disregarding others’ opinions, because they don’t mean shit. Sometimes when you stand out in a powerful way, some people won’t like it at all, especially if you look like an Emperor and have gone Primal.

Close to shuttering my Instagram account. It’s where the old life lives. The new is coming.

Impatiently awaiting ST3 and the manifestation modules. Bring me the opportunities please…


My opinion on social media is that unless you’re using it for marketing or purposeful connections it’s just a waste of time that is designed to make you feel bad so that you get addicted to it. If you’re not doing any kind of internet marketing it’s best to leave it for messaging people you have intent on connecting with.


Tried opening a girl in the supermarket if she was using the self checkout machine, she said yeah? (like duh?) She seemed a bit zoned out, I decided to leave it. Usually I would beat myself up about her odd reaction but I just carried on with my shit. Feeling rejected didn’t even touch me.

On the hate - I see myself in the mirror - I look like sex - I have that “player” look. It seems I have that single pointed, unapologetic sexuality that other men feel uncomfortable and are are hating out of jealousy.

What I didn’t understand was why some women are uncomfortable. Any answers?


Excellent results, @Michel. With regard to the question on why women are uncomfortable, I would say that they have their own issues to be worried about. Maybe it isn’t their day or they have their own insecurities. Am sure things will look up with some quality women, bro.


@Neurokinetic makes sense. My contacts are in the art education world, which I’m about to move away from. Feels like going backwards dealing with it, “here my latest painting, pretty please like it, friends and galleries”.

@raphael women have insecurities??? I thought they were perfect :yum: .


@Michel How are other men expressing that they hate you sexual vibe?


@mecharc in order of most frequent:

  • Loud, obvious coughing
  • Loud phlegmy hocking and spitting
  • The stares
  • The “I fucking hate you but I’ll sit directly opposite to try and pysche you out
  • The “I’ll mirror your pose in order to grab some of your shine
  • The “I’ll grab on to my woman tighter whilst seeing where you’re going


Glad we’re on the same team :sweat_smile:


Total Reprogramming
Day 24

When you stop trying to fix a broken person, you flow into life, instead of trying to swim upstream.

This has been a very difficult life lesson to learn. Broken men attract broken women. Broken relationships become toxic relationships. Escaping one and entering another has been my pattern for years because I was broken. Not any more.

Got my confidence, more importantly, I stop making excuses for others’ bad behaviour. My self worth has vastly improved. I also recognise my own codependency patterns and putting an end to it.

Why should I bend down to meet someone at their level for shitty breadcrumbs?
Motherfuckers should meet ME at my level.


Oh shit? Really?


hahaha… are you being sarcastic?


I meant you get the hate too?