Finding my True North


Oh no! not yet. lol. I just mean’t i’m glad to be on the internallly Dominant team. On a side note, do you ever plan to try the Wealth Programs? ie. Emperor + stack or EOG?


I’ll see what happens with Khan regarding money before anything else. So far, a little uptick in funds but nothing life changing.

I’ve probably got damaging beliefs around money that needs to be taken care of. EoG, AscMogul, not sure just yet.


Total Triggered Hate
Day 25

  • Stepping into my own independently verifiable confidence, independence, owning my own power, projecting my deep voice, breaking away from toxic karmic ties and trying to fill others’ empty tank.

  • Wearing my old leather jacket which gives me a bad boy look. It’s seriously triggering a load of dudes off.

  • Staying cool and calm whilst others get mass triggered. It’s quite demoralising the level of hate and sexual jealousy generated in my direction. I’m doing me, that’s it.

  • Whatever people think of me, it’s just their projection. What I think of me is the only opinion that counts. I can only control what I think. Others must own their own projections.

  • I’m no longer hiding, placating and bending down to meet idiots. A Khan never sinks down to the level of the commoner.

  • Level of horniness fading away. Stopped the desire to hump the sofa. In fact the desire for a female companion has gone away.

Why do I get such strong dislike on Khan stage 1?

Total Reprogramming
Day 26

I’d rather be hated for who I am, than to be liked for who I am not. - Kurt Cobain

The outward hatred over the past week is forcing me into total and true acceptance of me, myself and I.
Since there’s no outside approval to grasp onto, there’s only myself left. Why not just go the whole nine yards and be myself and enjoy and prioritize what I want?
That desire for acceptance from random folks ends up biting me in the ass.

Desire for women and sex has gone all the way down, even was an effort to get horny to masturbate.

Dream: Kissing my girlfriend goodbye because I wanted to watch my soccer team play. I could see it and point to the stadium in the distance.


Hmm not something I would’ve expect from Khan!


@Neurokinetic what can I say? ST1 and most of ST2 were full of heat, but last days of ST2 has died off completely. Probably just stabilised or something.


Total Reprogramming
Day 27

Confession time. I played ST4 overnight. Got an intuition to just move ahead and play the monster sub, luckily ST4 is smooth.

Playlist is now ST2 x6, ST4 x2. Will continue stacking ST2 until day 30.

Lots happened today, but will keep it short - holy fuck, did I just turn into Bad Boy Tyrone all of a sudden?

  • Complete, whole confidence
  • Codependency eliminated
  • Zero fucks given
  • I do what I like, when I like
  • Respect (begrudging) from men
  • No one is superior to me
  • Women, women, hot women everywhere

@Fire @SaintSovereign you have truly created one of the best subs in the world.


Good way to stay warm during the winter months :wink:


@neurokinetic …sandwiched inbetween. :grin:


Gosh I like the way you think :rofl:


A few days ago I started running Khan st1 again, and I decided to read your whole journal from the beginning. So far reading your journal has given me some valuable new perspectives that made me think. It’s like st1 guided me to read your whole journey, because some of the points in this journal reinforce my new views I already was developing.


@afc22 thanks mate, ST1 is a miserable bitch, but absolutely necessary if you want to be a bad boy badass (or just a good bad boy!) I’m told running ST1 again is easier, what do you think?


You are definitely right that st1 is a must to run if you want to reap the full benefits in the end. I expect that st1 will be easier this time since I already listend to it for 30 days a few months ago. However I can definitley say I already(3 days in) noticed some reconciliation. The first time I ran it, I didn’t notice much until around 10 days, so it seems to have penetrated faster into my subconsious. This might also be contributed by the fact that this time I listen to the masked version, maskes seems a lot more effective for me.

So yeah I think it might be easier this time, but there will definitely be sh*t that comes up this time.


Masked all the way! Ultrasonics just make me sweat overnight.

Hope you’re not going to experience reconciliation throughout. Begs the question of can we ever get rid of everything standing in our way.

What made you want to run Khan again?


I don’t have a clear cut answer on why I decided to start running Khan again. Before I was running Emperor(also again) however after like 2 weeks I noticed I became even more anti social than I already was. This is something I also noticed the previous time I ran Emperor. Because of this I decided to run khan because it focusses more on the social part. Besides that I don’t feel the need right now to build an empire, so Emperor was already a bit of a misift. Khan right now is just simply the best general purpose sub available.

I decided to start at the bottom with st1 again, because the extra cleaning from my subconsious mind doesn’t hurt. Last time I ran st4 I got hit by heavy reconciliation around the 30 day mark, it even tricked me to stop listening tho Khan. So I hope this run wil be better. Aside from that, the confidence I had at the end of st1 was just amazing…


I used to be… intimidated? by celebrities. Not starstruck really, just feeling much lower status, like I wasn’t worth their time. I’ve now met several, and work with a couple of minor ones on a regular basis for marketing stuff. There was one interaction that really shifted my mindset though:

I introduced myself to Rick Rubin at a conference earlier this year and I thanked him for the awesome music he has brought to our generation. As we talked, it turned out he is a fan of my company so he thanked me too!

That was a bit of a mind trip, but a cool one.


Ultrasonics give me a splitting headache, masked all the way here too! I was already running rushing water sounds on an app called Noisli all day while working anyway, so it wasn’t really much of a change in how it sounded. :laughing:


I get this from time to time before sublimals, after i started using sublimals while using pheromones etc you name it. It could be men feel threatened by our masuline presence so they do these bs things to establish dominance over us. It could also be they feel they are stronger then us and do these things to show " they are tougher than us"
The spitting phlegm one pisses me off.
Also on the street sometimes they wont move out the way and they try to bump you while walking. So if you dont move out the way both of you will bump each other. Other times they try to intentionally bump you while walking because they feel they are more powerful than us


Could it be reconciliation that caused you to stop with emperor and go back fo khan ?


@grimm1390 they were doing these bullshit dominance activities before subliminals? Damn, are you like already big?

Just today on the commuter train some dude sat two seats away trained his head towards me the whole journey. Some kid tried the loud coughing intimidation attempts. However on KHAN only women have dared to bump me, men think about it, I give them a look of “try it, see what happens…” and they usually take a hint.