First custom journal


Day 8 I did a stopp
Day 9 1 loop and hitting heavy tiredness
What is that?


Day 10
1 loop 5 hours heavy tiredness.
What is this and how long will this last?
Has Somebody experienced this also?
Tomorrow I Wil stop it or listen 3hours before bed


Day 11
1 loop
Fantastic effect.
Less is more.
Great lesson
Let’s go


Your mind is finally getting a chance to really process the audio!


Yes it feels exactly like that.
Funny thing is the first 6 days I feel Ascension realy kicking in, the next 4 days it was a mix with Daredevil and now I feel inner circle very strong.
They work fantastic, I just needed to learn the lesson how much listening time is appropriate.


With the right listening pattern, you can make your growth experience amazing!


Thank you all for your advice and time.
my second custom arrived 4 days ago and I figured out that 1 loop is enough ( despite the fact that I did 2 loops) I wanted more effect but I get the feeling that 1 loop is plenty.
2 loops and I need a longer integration time( 30 hours +)
1 loop and I have the imidiate effect and I want it stronger end up with 2 loops and have to wait 2 days where I don’t feel the effect so strong
Hahahahahahaha I call that self-fuck

I am ordering the 3rd custom now and it’s a pure healing custom. I get the feeling that after a healing session the subs penetrate deeper and more profound.
My question is: wich healing modules are in RegenerationQ all ready integrated?

Rock n Roll but realy slow​:joy::joy:


I believe Februus is already in Regeneration ,

what’s in your second custom? :slight_smile:

Do you still feel Ascension as strongly alongside the others?
What is the ‘feel’ of inner circle?


Hallo Azriel
Ascendion fells like steel inside me.
I am strong and stable in my self esteem no matter what others say or do. Even if some self esteem issues arises I have the power to say : this is unworthy of me, I am better than that and I give myself Self/acceptance /love/value/worth etc etc.

The first couple of days where very rough with Ascension, like it laid a new foundation in me that clash a couple of times with my low self esteem. But after the first 7 days it’s fantastic. Now it’s positively contribute to my inner state.
So Ascension is the core underneath every other sub,thats how I feel it.

With Inner Circle I have this magnetic pull that all the good people come into my life and I can let them come. I have fantasys how people tread me good and we have a really good time. I feel very happy that the fantastic opportunitys come into my life

  1. Custom is this

Khan ST4 Q Core
Emperor: House of Medici Q Core
Blue Skies
Inner Voice
Negativity Displacer
Joie de Vivre
Carpe Diem Ascended
Transcendental Connection

If have to say THIS IS POWERFULL

I used a pendulum with the question: what complements the first customSub.


Day 12
1 loop
Fells pretty relaxed like I start to grow from a foundation that is laid a couple of days ago.
I have an increase in optimism I start to feel the live enjoying energy grow like a seedling.
AL is well


Day 13 the lucky number
Yesterday I did 1loop with custom 1(Ascension Daredevil Inner CIRCLE) and 1loop survival instinct and in the evening 1 loop of custom 2(Khan and HOM) .
Then at home I’d rolled a sweet sweet green one and after that I listen to RegenerationQ.
I ran 3-4times into the toilet and vomited pretty hard(no worry guys, emotional-energy vomiting is a technique you learn when you drink Ayahuasca and you continue to vomit unhealthy states and energy out of your system, once you have learned how to vomit effectively ).
Today I stand up and this fuckin nagging feeling of I don’t feel conformable in myself is gone.
Powerful combo. I will repeat this today

Little update : I ended up 2 times during the day with my head in the toilet. Hahaha hahaha.
I am laughing my ass of the whole time what will happen when I order today my 3rd customsub that’s pure healing based. The next 2 weeks you will find me more in the toilet then somwhere else.
Maybe I should decorate my toilet and make it really really a place to enjoy :joy::joy:



what has the pendulum chosen for custom 3?



Regeneration Q
EoG st1
Survival Instinct
And all modules in the Healing category

I don’t know why khan st1 gave no reaction but that’s how it is



That’s a great mix, never would have thought of that.

I’ve been stacking Survival Instinct before my experimental period, and I really love that sub. I feel like a warrior in the cocoon and peace of a safe world. I may need to incorporate that into a custom.

I have primal seduction in one of my customs and when I added survival instinct I became more comfortable interacting with woman who were around or in groups of men. Before then I avoided that because men with woman are quick to be threatened by my presence. Even when I have no intention of anything…except looking maybe lol.


Funny thing is I want primal Seduction
A pure sex based custom from the beginning.
But when I use the pendulum it guides me to What I really need.
To be honest I have a little bit of a hesistan state to order my 3rd sub. Because it will purify very deeply.
I am rolling up my sleeves and just do it
I really underestimatet the custom subs they are really good and solidly working pieces of magic

How is primal seduction?


I keep Primal Seduction in a 4 core custom to keep my instincts sharp.
I’ll tell you what I believe the effects are on me. I’ve only run it stacked with Emperor but I’ll do my best to tease it apart.

  1. I feel completely comfortable with my body and sexually attractive/ on Emperor I feel I am the shit, the best, but what I look like doesn’t matter but since adding this I distinctly feel sexually confident and attraction
  2. I feel more at ease in the moment, relaxed and able to hold sexual tension
  3. I feel MUCH more playful around woman
  4. I feel my deepest authentic love of woman, their beauty and light, the crap, their sexuality, their femininity. It intoxicates me, or rather I feel dis-inhibited to let it intoxicate me
  5. My flirting feels more sexual
  6. I’m more persuasive
  7. I can read situations really well, and also know the right way to engage people perfectly–not always but often and more and more. I feel like a social genius in a way. PCC helps with this too but differently-PCC is almost like everything you say leaves you untouchable, and the other person either admiring you or feeling stupid but nothing to accuse you of, on this its like those nights out when everything you do is on fire and you can do no wrong, Like I"m the source of the good time while completely not giving a shit and doing my own thing
  8. All interactions feel more sexual

maximizing my dominance and sexuality is important to me to
to do my best in every other aspect of life, work, family, friends, spirituality, passions.
You should get plenty of ‘Primal Seduction’ from the Khan Stage 4 core though, I would imagine.

hell yeah :slight_smile:


This sounds so nice
I am happy for you
I did 3 loops of the 2. C. Sub with Khan in it and its a blast the power is so strong I have to reduce it and this is incredible work Subliminalclub did.

What is your next custom like?
Do you have something in mind?
And why?


Now I’m experimenting to determine that

I have Khan Stage 1/Spartan/Emperor Fitness Stage 4/ Primal Seduction core custom I run alongside Emperor Q and House of Medici. I just replaced Emperor Q with Emperor/Sex Mastery Terminus custom, with wealth, sex, and good feeling modules. I also ordered a Terminus Emperor core custom with only the neutral results enhancers-Deus, Tyrant, Jupiter etc-to try to get as close to a regular Terminus Emperor as possible.

I’m testing it all out, with different stacks and recording my observations

I may cut Khan Stage 1 and create a terminus Spartar/Emperor Fitness/ Primal Seduction-or may even add Survival Instinct to that-4 core in terminus prob too much though lol.

I also want to get House of Medici and Mind’s Eye in a custom in Q, not terminus.

As I am currently experimenting, what I am doing now will determine which direction to go


In my first custom I have as many feel good modules in. they start to unfold themselves slowly but beautifuly. From my opinion it’s worth being POWERFULL and Happy.
Its a magical combination.
All the best with your next custom sub Azriel