First custom journal


Did you ever try a pendulum?
That woud be very interesting to see what your subconscious choose


thank you!

As Dr. King said-

Power without love is reckless and abusive, and love without power is sentimental and anemic. .”” ― Martin Luther King Jr.

replace love for happiness and that’s how I think the two relate lol

between my two customs, I have Ego Adsum, Joe De Vivre, Blue Skies, Aries, and Carpe Diem
and they definitely boost the happy.


Saint must be having a field day with all the customs each person is buy lol



but I was visualizing a pendulum and how it reacted when i though of certain modules-I know that sounds like a joke–but I was-it seemed to illustrate something

I may get one and test it out

I’m not willing to give my cognition and egoic desires over to destiny just yet lol but may be mature enough by the time I order my next custom.


haha-maybe it’s EOG field effecting us all :joy:

If I remember correctly you might hold the championship for most customs?


I think i have made 6 so far because i rushed into it and just got what ever i thought sounded cool but I’m tempted to make another 2 with new modules and use those for the rest of the year.I want to remake my result enhancement sub and add mind’s eye to it and then remake my emperor sub since my priorities have changed.


no judgement here,
but whatever your reasons-still counts toward ‘the field day’ lol

You don’t have a current journal that I’m aware of…do you have one?

Mind’s Eye result enhancement and an Emperor custom-can’t go wrong with those. Run those two for the next three and a half month at the right loops and consistency and you’ll likely be very happy with the results.


I stand corrected-you do!

Update us :slight_smile:


Day 14
1 loop
After 2 heavy shit realeseing days I have this very warm feeling in my stomach.
Its beautiful
I feel very happy and light


I believe I found a way that’s super super efficient for me.
I roll a green on and afterwards I lisen to RegenerationQ then I run to the toilet a couple of times. Then I lisen to my custom subs and run again to the toilet.
The next day the subliminals reaching so deep spots in me. It’s fantastic :grin:
I think Monday my 3rd custom will arrive. I Wil have fun with that


Day 15
1loop in the morning
I am so relaxt
Just doing stuff at home


Day 16
No loop today
Subs are circling in my system, specially RegenerationQ

Tomorrow should my pure healing custom sub arrive. I will make a new tread for that under the name: Healing the Dragon


Day 23
I had one week a pause.
Today was my first loop again.
Total tiredness instantly after finishing the loop.
Needed to lisen to Sanguine Ultima and slowly my energy is coming back but not fully

What happen?