Foxdie's (first: QLQ + AscensionQ) QL + Primal Seduction + Dragon Reborn


Aascension will do that…be patient and run the sub and take action.
Remember its a process not an event. Journal here members can guide you.


Thank you a lot @pacman


QL Q - Day 11 (2 loops)
AscensionQ - Day 6 (added 1 hour to the stack with a total of 2 loops)

a strange thing happened today. while I was texting with an acquaintance of mine after a while he proposed me to do a small online business, immediately in my mind popped out what perhaps should be one of the objectives of Ascension: wealth. So I asked myself: “is it the sub doing his job or is it a coincidence?” because as we know all the subliminals create effects mainly on themselves and not control directly on others, right?
Strange event haha.

As for studying. Not studied much today, there was no motivation.


QL Q - Day 12
AscensionQ - Day 7

Today was a day were I rediscovered my leadership skills.

There were great tensions in my group today and with calm and patience we were able to find the reason for this conflict.
What fascinated me was my ability to lead others to make things work together. Some thanked me and said that without me they would have lost hope. I am proud and honored of this and I hope I can do better every day.

As for the study today I didn’t do much except follow my typical lecture.


Just wait till you hit the day 28 mark of QL Stage 1, all I’m going to say is it will make you cry like it is doing to me.


What do you mean?


That’s for you to find out:)


And it’s just day 12 too. Here’s to many more results. Cheers!


QL Q - Day 15
AscensionQ - Day 10

Today what I noticed was great motivation to socialize by being immersed in people. I talked, joked and tried to involve others. The only pity was that no one wanted to talk😂. I found out later that it was because some people had been fighting. Never mind, I didn’t feel internally shaken by their non-reactivity and this was the most important thing for me.

Later I found myself in a house with acquaintances and there were some very nice girls. One of them looked at me with a particular look, I don’t want to exaggerate, but it could have been because she had been drinking.

In general for now I feel more assertive and direct and I like the fact that if there is an opportunity to say things in the face I am not afraid and I will not back down. What I think, I say, and I feel this desire to “show” my presence when the situation requires it, not because I need attention, but because I strongly believe that my word is fundamental and must be said.


Love the username and forum icon. One of my favorite games all of all time, Peace Walker. :wink:


Absolutely! Metal Gear Solid is a wonderful saga


QL Q - Rest Day
AscensionQ - Rest Day

Today is rest day.

I went out for a while and chance wanted me to meet yesterday’s girl.
We were among the people again. I ignored her and started talking to another girl with whom the connection was almost instant. I enjoyed the conversation and in the end we exchanged instagram.

I saw that every now and then the girl from yesterday kept throwing me glances (the eyes of someone looking for something), but as I said before, being with another girl I practically ignored her.

At the end of the evening I still wanted to follow her on the instagram and she immediately reciprocated.

What kind of inner power am I witnessing? It is true sometimes I feel introverted because I am by nature but in general as soon as the situation flows I start to give my best and I have never found myself among so many girls as I do now. But do they want me or not? Well, we will find out as the days go by for sure. All I can say is that the feeling of “deterrence” in whatever context I am in has improved a lot.

Until next time!


QL Q - 2nd Rest Day
AscensionQ - 2nd Rest Day

Today is a bad day in term of action. I have a bad feeling of procrastination and don’t want to do anything. It’s like every time I think about studing instead I want to do anything beside it.

Let’s see how it ends.:confused:

I wanted to add this now that I’m at the end of the evening.
I am restless and I feel very anxious I don’t understand why. When I think about tomorrow I have a lecture this feeling increases.

As I said above, this day was really anti-study, on an executive and emotional level.

(I am now in some little way understanding the worlds of @CyberSec)


@FoxDie have you experienced Aura of Craving/Irresistibly Aura on Ascension? I remember when I was on Ascension people would call me like I’m some sort of calling center, everything craving my presence unlike what I have ever seen before.

Have you noticed any effects similar to that? Perhaps it is too early, but you’ll certainly do so in time.


@Hermit I can say that I noticed a similar thing yesterday precisely. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence but it looks like what you’re talking about.

Yesterday as soon as I arrived at the meeting point with my group of friends, a girl from afar greeted me with great energy saying “Helloooooo!!”. The funny thing is, we hardly know each other and I thought she disliked me. Another girl as soon as she saw me coming said “so you came!”, and she seemed happy. I had just met her the day before too.


Aha, that’s one of the reasons why I stopped QLQ today and went on to another more beneficial sub.


@CyberSec I want to continue it. I really need it for university it doesn’t matter what I’ll have to go through.


So to recap: I am now using QLQ + AscensionQ + some times The elixir.

Do you think I can add something to either QL and Ascension to speed up my results or I can stop with what I am using now?


Stick to what you are using for now…
Give that stack enough of time like 3 months. Dont rush or stack more. You will feel a great urge to switch titles or add titles…dont do it. Just stick to your stack and after 3 months do an assessment. Try not to uncrease loops too fast. Most users experience great results with only one loop. And lastly take break days every week.


Okay. I understood. Thank you @pacman.
I can suppose this urge to add titles as a minor form of reconciliation?

Actually I’m doing two loops for QL and two for Ascension and it’s working great for me