Foxdie's (first: QLQ + AscensionQ) QL + Primal Seduction + Dragon Reborn


Incel means unattractive you know, what is your excuse? this guy literally wrote in his tinder bio that he is a child rapist and woman still want to be with him.

Maybe the problem is not your trauma towards woman.


He is a good looking guy. That help him a lot. Look at how much text he have to write. Is the girl that is doing the work, that is reacting more to him, that trying to seduce him.
Also the problem with law is associated with bad boy behaviors and women love it. Women are not logical. A lot of them doesn’t even care if you’re a killer. Ever heard of criminals with lovers?
However the good look is not the point of the thing.

You ask me which is my excuse. I’ve never talked about excuses, at least on a conscious level.:slightly_smiling_face:
Only thing I can say is that my problem is more behavioral

I’m trying to find out.


QL Q - 2nd Rest Day of the week
AscensionQ - 2nd Rest Day of the week

What I want to write today is just one thing I have noticed over time while listening to subs since the time of Khan (when I ran it) until today that I am listening to Ascension + QL.

The thing I noticed is my handwriting. This last has changed a lot from before. The changes I see the most is an extreme order and organization of writing, compared to before I was writing in a completely messy way. One other thing I noticed is the body of the writing: much straighter and more uniform than the slanted and uneven way of the past. Above all, now I write in a very pressed way while before I wrote in a delicate way.

I make all these clarifications because the science (if it can be defined as a that) of graphology describes every structure of writing by associating it with behavioral and subconscious traits. Seeing my writing changed tells me that something has changed compared to the past many days and I have also consciously noticed this.
I still have a few things to change / improve, but so far the change in my writing shows me some variations within me.

For example: my writing which is now straighter means self-confidence and self-control (I confirm). The fact that I press more on the sheet indicates an increase in my motivation and energy to do things (I confirm).


Just nice QL is rely nice, like to hear this since i sould also like to improve my handwriting also


I don’t know if it is a direct consequence of QL or a change caused by the evolution of my subconscious but this change is there.


Your on stage one right, it has healing when it comes to your brain so thing you already know are probably getting improve but maybe it the evolution of your usage lol


Yeah good point. It may be as you say


I’m noticing a very important thing about AscensionQ. The sub is trying to get me to notice my Nice Guy behaviors more and more and is fueling the desire to destroy them.
I started reading No More Mister Nice Guy having caught it in a forum post by sheer chance (but I don’t think that’s the case, it’s Ascension at work). I’ve noticed that I have some of these Nice Guy behaviors, a few, but I don’t like them. In the past when I was a teenager I was much worse but now I have improved a lot and I am much freer in my expressiveness and I want to improve further.

It’s time to destroy all weakness.
It’s time to fight.


QL Q - Day 21 (2 loops)
RegenerationQ - Day 1 (2 loops)
AscensionQ - Day 16 (2 loops)

I added today RegenerationQ to my stack. Just now when I am writing I am listening to the first loop and I am experiencing that sense of euphoria that is spoken of when your subconscious likes what it is listening to. My subconscious like the script.:grinning:

Regarding QL. I notice that the motivation for studying has increased. Now I can study for much longer without getting tired. I am more motivated.


It’s going to be okay man.

I too feel frustration. I clack along my journal and I can see my anger there, but not for other people, but myself. Thing is even though I’v been depressed, anxiety ridden and self defeatist, my pride would never allow me to say it’s other people’s fault, why I am in my predicament. They can’t. They might have convinced me to give myself an emotional uppercut, but in the end, the power is mine and mine alone. I’d like to see them try that uppercut.

Get your power back, type whatever it is that you’re feeling, release it, but never throw in the towel. No one can defeat you without your permission.

I’ve seen some frustrations with romance before, but I don’t take that against women. I love em, the thing is I need to work on myself so they can see how awesome I am. If I’m already awesome and they don’t see it then we just don’t jive. I’m not going to carry that baggage of rejection, life is too short.

@Azriel is right, get back up and dust yourself off. You never really lose until you give up. No one can make you do that, you’re powerful in your own right.

I’ve had many frustrations and genuine bad people enter my life at a young age, though I wish somethings did not happen to me, I am thankful I am still here to play the game and win at life.

Sometimes we overthink things, I am very much guilty of these, but girl problems are probably one of the easiest to deal with once you give yourself permission to feel awesome about yourself. You could be a pauper and be desired. 8 Billion people on this planet, you’re bound to meet millions to fall head over heels for you. That’s really all you need, that realization.

Thing is, it’s what’s hard to do, to get rid of these limiting beliefs (that more often than not, is just other people’s garbage) that’s why I’m using subs to brute force the garbage out of my mind.

It’s not mine to carry and we have the advantages of subliminals to change it. To be honest, my concious mind is either too lazy or too stupid; I know I have limiting beliefs and yet I still carry them. Like speaking in public, I know I don’t care if none of those in the audience likes me, and yet I feel a real physical manifestation of discomfort. I sweat, I stutter etc. and I know it’s dumb.

Subs are a way to bypass the big dumbass bouncer in our minds, and go straight inside and change our core.

You have a tremendous advantage, not everyone uses subs, and not everyone believes in subs. Cheer up mate, you’re in the Fight Club.


Thank you @Apollo you are really made the thing crystal clear.

Yes we are in the Fight Club. Cool way to see it.

We are here to empower ourselfs and as you do I am feeling more powerful and healtier everyday that passes. I learned a lot of things on myself too that I was never considerated.

I know I had a lot of frustration and weak moment but I am feeling better than before. Sometimes is like magic, but don’t get me wrong the real magic ingredient is action!


I’m glad you feel that way, I’m also on this journey, and I wish I did things differently back then. I’m older now and there’s not a lot of “someday” for me. Someday I’ll be this, someday I’ll become that.

The internal turmoil, the sadness, regrets, the depression, the disappointments. I battle these monsters everyday, that’s why I felt I’d like to chime in to share what I’m going through, my own faults, mistakes i my judgement, in the hopes there will be parts of it that you may find useful in your own journey. A smart man learns from his mistakes, the wise learns from others.

This forum is a treasure trove, there’s so much learning and experiences here.

That said, I see my limitations, the errors of my ways, but I realize I have an advantage here, a tremendous advantage. Perhaps it was a gift that I kept such an open mind, and thus I believe in subliminals and how they can help us.

We’ll get there, and we’ll be champs. I’m rooting for you. You got this


Yeah that the spirit, we all improving brick by brick. Subliminal help us to change what we need the extra help with in owe life


today I noticed another thing that has been happening to me for a couple of days.

I can say that I love video games and I love to play, but lately I am losing the desire to do it and I almost feel like it is a waste of time. I find myself much more focused on the things I have to do (particularly studying).


QLQ - Day 23 (2 loops)
RegenerationQ - Day 3 (1 loops)
AscensionQ - Day 18 (2 loops)

I started following the new rules for listening to stacks effectively published recently.

Today I went out for a bit to have lunch with a friend and then I joined my typical group of people.
Generally I felt emotionally vulnerable, weak.

My mind now notices one thing mostly when I am around: the fact that everywhere I see only people who are engaged.

In my head my image of myself, my image of a seducer does not exist.
I don’t see myself as a seducer. I feel helpless with women and don’t feel I have the skills to seduce them. Yet they are around wherever I go …

With university studies, however, it goes very well. The motivation is there and also the application. Everything is alright


QLQ - Day 24 (2 loops)
RegenerationQ - Day 4 (2 loops)
AscensionQ - Day 19 (1 loops)

I accomplished an other thing today about myself.

I realized that for most of my life I have tried to show many people what I really wasn’t. I have tried to prove to others that I am something that I am not. Most likely I did it out of a subconscious fear of not being accepted or loved for who I was. Maybe I thought I wasn’t worth enough or that I didn’t live up to people’s expectations. Consciously I said to myself that I didn’t care about the others, that I could do without them, but the subtleties of my behavior and what I wrote just before I would say that prove the opposite.

Maybe it is time to show everyone who I really am without hiding myself although some people won’t like me. I must be true.


another thing I’m starting to understand is that in life you will always find someone who doesn’t like you. Before I was sorry and I felt bad when someone did not like me (man or especially woman) but I realized that trying to please them is useless and is only counterproductive and a waste of energy. the best thing is to get over it and leave them alone.


Seems like Ascension is really kicking in properly.

Well done.


Yes. It’s really does his work


Absolutely Ascension! Also, QL and Regeneration healing your mind is helping. Way to go!


there is one thing that is happening to me with Ascension and that has already happened to me with Khan. Listening to these two programs I started having this instinct or way of expressing my sentences in a short, straight to the point, giving little information. I used to speak in a more “naive” way, expressing a concept and repeating it several times in various ways and with different words. Now there is this sense of brevity, where I feel more to say one thing in a single sentence rather than in 3 and leave the interlocutor curious for the lack but at the same time for the presence (the minimum necessary) of information in the sentence.

Am I the only one who happens to such a thing or does it happen to others?