Foxdie's (first: QLQ + AscensionQ) QL + Primal Seduction + Dragon Reborn


You sure have to get some exposure to certain scripts, be healthy, take a lot of action, etc and as a result, you’ll be able to increase your intake by heaps.


QLQ - Day 30
RegenerationQ - Day 10
AscensionQ - Day 25

Today I think I have achieved some small internal changes. I think the credit is also due to having adjusted the volume of the audio that was previously too high. I remember someone saying that when the sub’s audio is too loud it can scare the subconscious because the subconscious perceives it as someone yelling at it and trying to order something.

Let’s move on to some results I noticed today:

  • Before I was always afraid to show myself to others as I was, and to show my passions. I was afraid of being judged.
    Today I had a change of mentality, I realized that being afraid to show the things I love is useless and wrong. I began to think that it is not me who is wrong or different, but it is others who do not understand my passions. This also made me realize that I’m hanging out with people I have little in common with.

  • I also had a constant rethinking about my studies. I’ve been a little sluggish lately and in my head at the bottom, during the day a little voice kept saying “you have to study, you have to study, you have to study”.

  • I also realized that I have a bad trait. Small but is there, that when I do something I do it in part to get the attention of others, which now bothers me, because if I seek the attention of others it means that I am a person who cannot stand for himself. In fact I understand that from now on what I do I have to do it because I want to do it and not because I want someone to agree with me or someone laughs or any other social approval. F#ck you all, I do what I want without expecting anything from anyone!:joy: I like it? I do it, period.:wink:


QLQ ST1 - rest day 1 of the week
RegenerationQ - rest day 1 of the week
AscensionQ - rest day 1 of the week

Today I feel a lot of negative emotional discomfort without any reason. I think is my subcoscious processing the scripts and make me feel some reconciliation.

I decided to stay to stage 1 of QL until day 45. From there I’ll decide if I will pass or not to Stage 2.

A really good thing that I noticed now is that when I think about something I want to do I never say again “I can’t do it”. This is a big change!
Even if I feel emotionally stressed or uncomfortable I no longer have to say “I can’t”, rather I think “ok. I feel uncomfortable and I don’t know why but I still think I have the skills to do this”.

There has been this shift where I know I can do one thing even if I feel uncomfortable.
I have yet to observe how this behavior will evolve because it is particupar, but for now it is going well.


This is confidence. A valuable asset!


That’s great! It’s all kinda new to me. I have to get used to it.
In the past and during my childhood and adolescence I suffered from great lack of self-esteem, so this is a great achievement for me.


Also, take action IRL. Then the confidence will root itself within you.


I have a curiosity if someone can answer it. Does Ascension have any anti-porn or anti-fap scripts?
I read that in some subs there is those scripts.


Is there an urge to fap or watch porn?


I would say no. Although I feel a consistent sexual desire, what I feel most is the desire to hit on real girls.
I have no desire for porn, because now when I think about it, it feels fake. And I don’t feel the need to fap.

For this I was curious and I asked. (Maybe it’s Regeneration?)

Let’s see how the situation evolves.


You self worth is raising.
Your brain is balancing.
Your confidence is raising.
Your are Ascending

Real men smash real women


And this is really great😎


QLQ ST1 - Day 31
RegenerationQ - Day 11
AscensionQ - Day 26

I am living this period like never before.
Usually during this time of year I always found myself under pressure, uncomfortable and anxious due to the study load and the upcoming session exams; in addition to this I had anchored negative emotions to these holidays due to past events. But now I feel great. Never before (and I repeat, especially in this period) have I felt so relaxed and peaceful. I feel an incredible inner calm.

On top of that I feel calm about the college exams that are coming up.

A paragraph on the QL page regarding the ST1 immediately comes to mind:

Furthermore, Quantum Re-Balance will free you from limiting beliefs and emotional trauma, remove and release any creative blocks you might have, as well as pave the way for the development of rapid and easy understanding.”

I agree with the trauma release part. That’s actually what I feel.

At this rate I might decide to switch to QL ST2 after day 35.



I basically swapped out Regeneration for Dragon Reborn. I think it’s working much better for me that way.


QLQ ST1 - rest day 2 of the week
RegenerationQ - rest day 2 of the week
AscensionQ - rest day 2 of the week

Some things happening to me.

First of all, I feel a kind of anger or resentment inside of me. It is not that feeling that you have to vent on others but it is just something that I feel inside.

Another thing that happened to me is the lack of desire to study. The question, however, is more complex, the emotions in the previous paragraph are partly the cause of this lack of desire to study.

Finally a good thing. Now I am able to show more and more the true part of myself that before I hid for fear of being judged.
For example, I love manga, anime and video games and now I can more openly talk about them with others who don’t know them or share them on social networks. Before I didn’t do it for fear of being seen as a nerd or a loser, but now I understand that if I kept acting like this I would hide something I love, and if I hide something I love it means that I am hiding a part of myself.
So now I just do it and whoever sees me badly or who does not appreciate what I love or who I am does not deserve to be part of my life.


QLQ ST2 - Day 2
RegenerationQ - Day 17
AscensionQ - Day 32

Yesterday I started QL ST2, listening to it now I feel strange, I don’t know how to describe it. I feel a mixture of motivation and a feeling of hyperactivity. Every part of my body is telling me, “Act! Act! Act!”

I also had a lot of anger inside me today especially while listening to Ascension.


QLQ ST2 - Day 3
RegenerationQ - Day 18
AscensionQ - Day 33

Last night I had a dream with a strong meaning.
I was married to a girl I found really attractive. In the dream I wanted her, I wanted to have sex with her, there was a problem though.
Her parents, especially her father, were always lurking to keep an eye on me and I couldn’t make love with her. Every time I touched her, her father would come to look at me and so I had to stop each time without ever being able to do anything with her.
Rather frustrating.

Let’s go back to real life.
I had another outburst today while texting on my group of friends because the people there didn’t respect me. This made me mad and I decided that I should be harder with people and not allow them to put their feet on my head, but above all to give trust only to those who deserve it.

With study, on the other hand, I am at a standstill. My desire to study is below zero. I don’t really want to open a book.


I’ve wondered with healing subliminals if the energy becomes very focused on healing. Perhaps an extra rest day or two might help.


I am akready doing 2 rest days, I don’t want to add other days to remain intact with the schedule


Rest days are mostly necessary if you’re experiencing overexposure. For reconciliation on the other hand, it seems more viable to keep listening and change your action plan.


Yes. What I am experiencing is reconciliation sometimes. As you say I might review my action plan.

For my stack: QL, Ascension and Regeneration, as trivial as the question seems, what could be some common actions to follow?