Foxdie's (first: QLQ + AscensionQ) QL + Primal Seduction + Dragon Reborn


@Hermit has a good point.


I do this. Talking about a subject or expressing a concept as you said and saying it in a different way to make sure the person understands or that I don’t sound stupid.


Now I don’t do it anymore. I say things in a shorter and more direct way without going around it too much. I also happen to say things so that some information is missing, this prompts others to ask questions.


Just remove Regeneration and replace it with Dragon Fire. As for Ascension, work relentlessly towards your Personal Goals and in conjunction with Quantum Limitless, it would be especially handy for Learning various sets of Knowledge and Informational Topics.

But a more precise question would be; what are your objectives, goals? Align your Subliminal’s to that and take action in the correct direction.

This seems more like – I’m running these Titles for whatever reason, what can I now do to take action on the scripts? I’m sure you had a certain set of definitive goals in mind when choosing these Titles, well that’s exactly what you should embark upon.


You mean dragon reborn? It’s a multisrage program and I already running a multistage that it’s QL. It’s okay to run two multistage toghether?

My goal are women and success in university. I was thinking to switching Ascension to something else primaly focused on women like Primal. What do you all think about this idea?


Amen brother!


I believe you can, it would consider a dense stack but yeah, i did it along with some other main sub an still got benefits but everyone is different


@FoxDie If you are running Regeneration, I would encourage you to at least read about DR. I swapped out Regeneration for DR and I feel much better. I found Regeneration draining after about 6 months of total listening.


It has been a while that after the various comments of many users I was thinking of replacing Regeneration with DR. Thanks so much for the advice.

Plus since I want something more based on seduction alone I will replace Ascension with Primal Seduction.


That should definitely be more seduction based! :grin::sunglasses:

As great as Regeneration has been, I’ve loved the results, but hated how I’ve felt some times. I have zero complaints about DR. I think the technology or processes are just more advanced.


I can’t wait to start😀


QLQ ST2 - Day 6
Primal Seduction Q - Day 2
Dragon Reborn ST1 - Day 2

Yesterday I finally purchased and started DR ST1 and PS.
My objective as I said is more seduction/women oriented + studying and getting good grades at University.
Ascension gave me what it promised (alpha behavior and dominance) but still didn’t align with my goals with women so I replaced it with PS.

Listening to DR first stage gave me a strange feeling in my chest, I can’t describe it but it was not a negative feeling.

In the meantime today after studying for a while I took some time to play video games (which I haven’t done in a while). I really felt how much they are a waste of time. I didn’t feel the same satisfaction I had in the past playing and I really felt guilt for losing precious minutes that I could have spent studying.
Sounds weird to say but it seems like I feel better about myself while I am in front of a book rather than playing.
In the past, saying such a thing would have made me laugh.

I correct myself. What I felt with DR was a weight in my chest.


QLQ ST2 - Day 9
Primal Seduction Q - Day 5
Dragon Reborn ST1 - Day 5

I feel a little down today. A kind of melancholy.

I had a strange dream last night. I was in some kind of classroom and each of the boys had to find a girl in the room to have sex with. I was a little scared because I knew there would be nobody in the beginning for me, but then I found her. We made love standing in the other room in front of some people and then it was all over immediately. She seemed really disappointed with me and the others in the meantime made fun of me for my poor performance. I almost didn’t care.
The next day comes and we had to repeat the experience, this time I was hopeless. I would not have found anyone else this time. And instead I see that girl coming, again! She was the one who sought my attention now, I did nothing.
We all had a leisurely lunch before to create some suspense and intrigue for the wait. Then when I got to her, I took her by her hips and … I woke up.

The dream was over on the most beautiful part but it had many hidden meanings.


I was thinking about myself today and I noticed something. I have noticed that in these few months, since I started my journey with Subliminal Club, I had some important inner changes. There was one change in particular that surprised me and that I didn’t expect, which made me say “heck! I have changed.”

I’ve always been a guy who preferred to stay at home and play video games, I also ignored my studies a lot. I remember in particular some evenings when my brother went out during the weekends and I lying on the sofa with the joystick in hand said him: “you go out, I don’t want to”. And I spent hours playing video games at home.

Returning to before … I understood that I have changed. Now what I feel is the desire to go out, to meet people and especially girls. Being at home too much bores me and makes me want to go out and be in contact with people. The change was so subtle and natural over time that I didn’t notice it until I looked back. In addition to this I started to feel more than before, and as I have already repeated in previous posts, video games are becoming a waste of time for me because they distract me from what I have to really do. I do not enjoy them as before.
What I realized most of all is that my world is not just sitting at home and lazing around, but it is out there among the people who conquer, succeed and have fun with women.

Now that I notice it, I have really changed.
I would also like to say that it is a few days ago that I started this new stack by inserting DR and PS and I am looking forward to obtaining great results and getting closer and closer to my goals.
Some things I wish I have not yet achieved, such as greater control of my love life, but with time, action and the help of subs I hope to align myself more and more with my ideals.

These small goals achieved described above are just the beginning. The journey is long and full of fruits to be harvested.


QLQ ST2 - Day 9
Primal Seduction Q - Day 5
Dragon Reborn ST1 - Day 5

The subs are hitting hard today. I still feel that melancholy of yesterday but intensified a little. I am having some reconciliation, but nothing serious.

Other than that I have had some little painful e bad memories from the past casually throughout the day, DR is doing his job I see.

I also feel the hand of PS who is trying to convince me that my limiting beliefs in the field of women are wrong in fact while I was studying (and listening to PS) today I casually heard in my head a bad voice saying “nobody wants you”, I have to be honest it made me suffer a little.

Also in the women’s field, yesterday I had a bizarre and almost comic desire. I felt very doubtful and unsure of what creates the attraction between man and woman and I have turned the web in search of answers. I unfortunately have a bad belief that I see PS or DR is trying to get me off. Having been a little bit in the Red Pill field, or maybe what I’m about to write fits the Blackpill vision more, I have the extreme belief that women are selfish and look for their partners only for looks (maybe money and status too), only there then maybe they start to look at the personality of a man.
I know this belief is limiting but it is something I have started to believe in due to my lack of success with women and staying in my black pill forums. As I said yesterday, however, I had this intense need for “truth” and knowledge and I went to look for as much evidence as possible that this belief of mine is true or not. The results were quite mixed.
We’ll see where PS will take me.

I remember having exactly the same truth-seeking reaction during Khan ST2, but since I was using it badly I think I had a lot of stonewalling.

On the other hand, it’s just fine with my university studies. Initially in the morning I had a bit of laziness but I forced myself to do something for a moment and I studied as much as I needed. I am satisfied.

Summing up. I think DR and PS are doing some background work. everything I have felt and thought is not by chance, something is moving underneath.
And with the university it is going well.


QLQ ST2 - Rest day
Primal Seduction Q - Rest day
Dragon Reborn ST1 - Rest day

I achieved an important result today. A disintoxication phase.

Yesterday I explained that I was assailed by that need to know, well … even today I followed that desire. I started looking for all possible evidence that went against the so-called “Redpill” and I made interesting discoveries.

First of all, I understood that until now I have always remained in a very toxic mentality, which limited me. Luckily for me I have found a lot of people and information that goes against Redpill and other misogynistic bullshit this helped me to open my eyes for a moment and to understand which dark hole I had gotten into.

Some words that served as the greatest common denominator in the redpill context were mind control and cult. “The redpill is a cult and is toxic and a lot of people fall for it”. Hearing such words, I began to realize how fucked up I had been. Admittedly, sometimes you fall so low that you enter places so dark and gloomy that you no longer consider reality with a clear mind.

The more I discovered bits of truth, the more detoxified I felt like a drug addict slowly deciding not to do it again. I felt a huge weight evaporate from my chest and a small flame of self-worth and hope ignite within me.

My negative views on women and relationships are changing, this makes me very happy.

But I have a question. In the description of PS it says that it unconsciously teaches you to seduce women, but does it mean that it literally gives you instructions on how to seduce women or motivates you to learn from outside sources how to seduce?


Hows your cognitive abilities with QL?
Does QL help you process everything else in the stack?


It’s difficult to answer this question.
I don’t really know if I am processing better the stack. What I see is more motivation and efficency in my studies and this is the most important thing to me now.

It must also be said that I am just at the beginning of ST2.


QLQ ST2 - Rest day 2
Primal Seduction Q - Rest day 2
Dragon Reborn ST1 - Rest day 2

After yesterday’s “emotional detox”, today I started to be interested in seduction.
I watched with great inspiration an ugly guy on youtube who was really good with the approaches that he could successfully pick up beautiful girls.

Those are results I’d like to achieve. Self-confidence during the approach, confident body language, direct expression and knowing what to say and do.

It was truly inspirational.