FractalQ ~ Fractal's Custom Journal


What results do you see from Serum X now looking back?

Also how is Ares going for you?


Serum X is my current favorite module since I’ve been getting the fastest results from that one. I actually just noticed today my abs are bigger and more defined. Overall my body is balancing the muscles to get that ideal size with every muscle. So areas that have been lacking, like my pecs and arms have been catching up. I feel like my body is shifting from being more ectomorphic to mesomorphic.

Another really important improvement for me is faster healing. I used to get some bad pain in my shoulder joints in the back that would cause headaches, this prevented me from pushing myself. But now with a combo of this, stretches and better posture as I workout, I no longer get this pain. I still get a popping in that joint though, I hope over time the ligaments there will get stronger and the popping will be gone too.

Motivation has increased at the gym too, this is because I now feel like I am getting somewhere again and not stuck at a plateau. I really love working out again, while before I had a feeling of just going through the motions.

I recommend stacking it with Sexiness Shifter because that one also mentions influencing muscles. Beast within/unleashed must’ve had an influence in this area too.

Ares is a bit harder to measure, but I would say that overall I get less worked up over things and try to speak for myself more. This is an area that needs lot of work for me, so I don’t expect as fast results as Serum X, which is an area I have a strong foundation in. I think I am also less approval seeking and am starting to get less hard on myself. I’m also wondering if my low amount of reconciliation could be from Ares. I’m still facing doubts though, mainly its doubts on what I should do and if my plans will work out etc.

My dreams must be influenced by Ares too because I’ve started to notice a pattern of a group of bad guys trying to do things to me/friends/family and I end up fighting them and winning. Like I got one in a stranglehold to make him pass out. Before my dreams while on StarkQ had themes of being hunted and running or hiding.


I can agree with this one. EF ST4 + Serum X is great!


The new schedule seems to be working well already, I’m less tired on the same sleep amount as before. I’ve also decided to switch to ultima A for a bit in the mornings because I feel I’m lacking the most in productivity right now and I think executive is the strongest for that? Looking forward to the official release!

I weighed myself again today and am 5 pounds heavier since July 27th. That is a huge amount of change for me in just a month. For the record, I’ve been fluctuating in a 10 pound range for years! I don’t like doing bulk/cut cycles but instead stay just above my normal calorie intake just so I gain less fat as I slowly gain muscle. Tried measuring at the same time, same scale with same amount of food/water to reduce fluctuations in weight too. Don’t know how much is muscle and how much is fat but going by the looks of it I’d lean more to the muscle side :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I faintly remember an interesting part in my dream that probably is from doing the superchargers so much. I basically was doing breathing exercise in my dream and was moving energy in my body. It produced some very strong sensations and I could clearly see an feel the energy moving. I’d like to try that again.

Came across this vid today that I found pretty motivational:

It’s largely focused on fitness but can be applied to anything. I realize I actually quit my projects around the 40% mark and then move on to another one, so this rings so true to me it hurts lol. I’m at that 40% mark in my current project and have been procrastinating hard on it. Now that I know what is going on and that it is a common thing, I feel like I have the knowledge to get through this hurdle. Hmm… I played Ultima A this morning to increase productivity and then ran into this later in the day.


Grr. When will Executive be released for everyone… :stuck_out_tongue:


hahah they must be taking some time to make it even better than the test file. I have a feeling it’ll be any day now though.


I’ve been having a lot more gratitude lately. Most of it is from realizing chains of events over the years that led to some positive situations here for us. Things can happen so naturally that it’s easy to get used to them and not even notice the blessings that are right there since at that point it is just a part of your normal routine.

To add to that, the investments I’ve made over the months are panning out nicely so far. I’ve learned the most important thing to have is trust in your decisions and the patience to see the fruits of them. Of course you have to make good decisions too, which is lots of work, research etc.

I’ve been spending time on research for the business side of things for my work, stuff that I’m not that into. I was able to find potential partners, discover negative things about that route and then consider alternate options that I was originally too prideful to take. I’m talking “artsy pride” here. This was all done in one evening and the decision making was faster than I would usually expect me to do. I’m still running ultima A since the day I switched to it, and it plus all the financial modules must have played a part here.

But yeah bringing out my business side is a bitch to say the least, because it’s in my nature to really care about the “artistic integrity” of my work and this is probably the #1 thing that makes a starving artist a starving artist. I believe finding that balance will be key to my success.

Finally I’ve also been in a reflective mood lately, looking at how things have been going the past few months and also figuring out what I’m lacking internally and what to do about that etc. It has led me to this interesting fellow

I haven’t watched his stuff yet but I like the headlines and how they aren’t just focused on how to be a pickup artist or be really alpha etc. and instead on finding life purpose, becoming a leader, self worth, with topics on dating too. Thought it would be a good share here.


Last night I had a trippy kind of experience. First listened to DREAMS then took my headphones off and play one loop of my ultrasonic custom on my iPhone speaker. I dose off quite fast and then hear all these layered voices talking everywhere very loudly and maybe some synth background music like in the superchargers, then suddenly it all stops and the silence wakes me up. Thinking that I feel asleep with my headphones on, I try to pull my headphones off my head and they weren’t there, I was so confused. I then look at my phone and see that my custom is around 30 mins in. Not sure what to make of it, but found the experience interesting.


@Fractal try DREAMS Ultima when that is released.


Oh yeah I for sure will be, pretty hyped for that one!


A few things I’ve noticed since switching to ultima A:

  • Even tough I’ve had an overall positive, grateful feeling lately, I had a pretty angry outburst the other day. It was motivated by a “don’t fuck with me” kind of attitude and defending my side of things. I don’t really like getting that angry though lol, takes a lot out energetically and I usually regret it after.

  • I try to practice semen retention and lately I have had no temptations for fapping. Usually there’s urges that I have to reign in, so people trying to do no fap should look forward to Executive!

  • I also removed Rebirth Ultima from my stack and I believe that my anger outburst could have been influenced by this move too, since it may be the key to lowering reconciliation and reconciliation could have added fuel to my attitude there. I’m thinking of adding it in every third day again or maybe try limit destroyer to see the differences.

In general, I still need to make sure I get lots of sleep even though I switched my listening schedule to alternate days. I’m starting to think that this isn’t from overuse, but actually Serum X and going much harder at the gym, I need much more sleep now to recover.


The Executive function helps avoid acting on impulses so that is definitely a good thing!


Interesting, I didn’t know that. Makes sense now!


I realized it’s well over a month now since getting my custom, so I thought I should think about each area I’m trying to improve in and do a summery on how I think they’re going.

Some Negative:

I feel that I am having trouble with focus, energy and motivation. When I try to do some programming work for instance, my mind is all fuzzy and I have trouble getting into the zone of being very productive. I’m also directionless on what steps I should take on my project I’ve been working on. With StarkQ it felt more focused and now with the custom, it seems more diffused. I wonder if I made my custom too big with the inclusion of QL?

I remember when I first ran StarkQ, I had a month of so of not getting too much done and sort of waiting for the results to come, then eventually I got into the flow. It was like my mind could only really focus on processing the script and didn’t have room for much more. If that is the case here, then maybe soon things will change for the better and I’ll get all that back.

Some Positive:

The wealth modules could be helping me out with doing better trades. As long as this drop is finished, I wasn’t down too much during this period and I didn’t sell at the bottom out of fear. Last time this happened to me in June, I sold some stocks near the bottom and felt like a fool. I’m starting to get a better understanding of how the market moves and also how it can influence your emotions to make wrong decisions. I would like to be able to time the tops though and sell to buy back lower, this is the hardest thing for me to do.

I have come across some potential good opportunities to make money off my project too, actually I didn’t discover it but someone else showed me it. It’s a different way of doing things and it excites me much more as it aligns more with my own personal tastes. I just have to make my work good enough to get accepted in the platform, but if I can do this, I believe it could be very beneficial financially. This to me shows Sultan at work of “manifesting my own way of wealth.”

The physical stuff is still working great, I’ve already said so much on this there isn’t too much to add. I think I am currently gaining a pound every 1-2 weeks (not sure how much is muscle out of that). According to a online calculator, it said I can gain an average of 0 lb of muscle in a year because of my workout experience lol. Also, I just feel more youthful and sexier.

Some Neutral / Not as strongly noticeable:

With ones like Natural Winner, Inner Voice and Blue Skies, I haven’t noticed too much internal changes. Maybe some very subtle changes. Before subs, I always would have a feeling of being cursed so there’s lots of healing needed here. I do still have skepticism that things can work out for me and trying to improve things still seem like a massive burden. My inner voice is ok at the moment, not incredibly negative but I do have to consciously stop it from being negative still.

Blue Skies, I feel like I am lacking emotion in a way, but this could be a trick being played on me. I think my negative emotions are being dulled but positive ones are in a healthy state. I’m used to being overran with negative emotions and can easily be affected by other people’s negativity, so maybe I feel emotionless when I don’t have an abundance of negativity?

Godlike masculinity could be at play in the above too, as I’m developing slightly more masculine traits. I feel a bit more comfortable being me around other people and am holding eye contact more. I don’t care for small talk, so I’m not that interested in saying hello to people randomly, but I think I should start to try doing this just for my own benefit.

I haven’t noticed any tangible changes for male enhancement yet.

Overall, I feel more disorganized, even my journaling is sporadic and I used to track the days and weeks etc. Right now, I just feel like I can’t be bothered with that and want to focus on other things. I’m not sure what is at hand here, but I don’t see it as negative or positive, just different.

So that’s everything I could think of, overall a pretty good start I’d say!


That’s probably the case for the new additions in the custom as well I would imagine.

3 + core custom subs, take significantly longer to really see the impact, and get over reconciliation in
my experience. There is still great value in how they build progress over time, and in subtle ways along the journey, especially as the reconciliation diminishes. But the effects and ease of a store program or 1 core custom are significantly faster. I find there is usually increase ‘chaos’ before it all coalesces and I’ve also found towards the end of the second month for the 4 core custom I have things really started to show and pick up with traction.


Thanks, that’s encouraging to know. I know what you mean by the increase in chaos, I experienced that with StarkQ. Kind of like a “mid-sub crises” where all the things you haven’t accomplished so far catch up with you.

It’s interesting though how some modules are faster than others such as SerumX. I’m not sure if it is just because I don’t have blockages there or if it’s more on how each one is built.

Reconciliation is strange for me because I haven’t experienced much of it. I believe Rebirth Ultima, Ares, and previous experience with StarkQ and Ultimate Artist helped here.


I had a really freaky dream last night. There first was a conversation in the dream about dying. It then shifted to a new scene where David Blaine (don’t know why him, it’s not like I’m a big fan or anything) was interviewing a man on his deathbed. He then was about to answer a question of his that was very important but then realized he’s about to die and said, “I’ll be going, my friend.”

After he dies, I become aware of my own body and feel like everything shuts down. The sound from the fan in my room pitch shifts lower until everything is dead silent and my mind’s eye is total darkness, everything just felt off. I’m completely alone with my thoughts and believe I’m dead but then I think, “No, I’m not done yet.” and everything snaps back to normal and I wake up. It felt so real that if I thought “Ok, I’m ready to go” I would have actually been dead.

I’m very healthy by the way no heart problems or anything. I have no idea what to make of this experience though.


@Fractal - that’s an interesting dream. The first thing I thought of is the value of remembering our mortality, that we have a finite number of days. So that we will live every day to the fullest and leave a legacy like he does in his talent and skill.


That’s a good point, lately I’ve been stressing out about getting things done and running out of time, the fact that the other guy died before saying something important would match that too. Thanks for your insight!

But man did this one stab deep, I wouldn’t say it was scary though. Kind of like a David Lynch film that just fucks with you from your core lol.


@Fractal - haha! I know the feeling. You feel shook in a very “paradigm-shifting” way.