FREE "Subliminals That Work" eBook Now Available!



Grab the FREE “Subliminals that Work: How to Get Maximum Results With Our Subliminals” eBook HERE. It contains helpful information regarding our subliminals, subliminals in general, including tips on stacking and a “roadmap” to getting the results you want.

The eBook will also be included with all future subliminal purchases (will take awhile to update all titles). Feel free to share with whomever.


A tiny guidebook for beginners?
New here and looking for program/stack suggestions
Please guide me
State of SubClub and 2019 Roadmap
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Also known as: Subliminal Club - The Missing Manual! :slight_smile:

Nice, even some example stacks in there.

@Dragonborn provided me with my new favorite motivational quote. Thanks, man!


Just had skim through it, amazing manual and definitely a must read for beginner to more experienced subliminal users !


Wow! Great! I want it…I WANT IT NOW!!! :grin:
update: Eh… just come to download book and its gone… okey. Will download it tomorrow.
@SaintSovereign, you written it alone or with Mr. @Fire?


The book will be back up really soon, we have to take care of some simple issues.


Download is back!


This is a great guide. I had no idea that Subliminal Club products work even better while watching movies or listening to music, so I’ve been avoiding that. I think this should be permanently stickied or place a link at the top of the forum because this would answer many of the “best sub for a beginner?” questions that we get.


First of all great work. I love the no 13. You dont write how many superchargers we can use. Can we use 5 and just listen before we need them or it is not recommended?


I really like the guide, I think it will be very helpful for beginners.

I personally have one question. In the guide you say that we can listen to music/watch videos and at the same time listen to a subliminal. I’m not suprised that we can do that with US tracks. But would this also work with masked tracks? For example listening to music and listening to a masked track with the same headphones.


Yes, you can do it with masked tracks as well. I listen to “Peaceful Piano” on Spotify a lot while listening to masked.

Can i listen to music along with masked subs on headphones?

what if I watch a horror movie and feel all kinds of negative emotion …will it be associated with the subliminals and have a negative effect on me… what if I feel excited when I watch a horror movie …will it benefit me in this case ?


This is very helpful for a beginner like me, thanks!