Freelance Copywriters?


Trying to copywrite for a crappy client and/or product is like the old expression… polishing a turd. There has to be a good fit for both the product and the client, otherwise it would suck across the board.


You want clients who, if they’re paying you (hopefully) good money to write them copy, will trust your skill enough to run the copy AS PROVIDED. Shit clients will look over your work and be like “I’ll just tweak THIS part a little bit.” If they’re THAT good at copy, why not just do it themselves?

Bob Bly (blobby) had a client once that was some Dentist’ Association. He wrote them straightforward copy about how the product in question keeps people’s dentures from moving. The client said they wanted him to change that to read about how it “Stabilizes mobile dentition.”

I wonder whose copy woulda worked better :wink: