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So im using my phone for both measuring frequency and playing the ultra sonic


you need to measure using a different device otherwise you will never be able to measure the dB that are reaching your ear.


Try playing the speaker test HERE and see what volume you can comfortably tolerate. Then adjust the volume accordingly for your ultrasonic subs.

Frequensee and measuring devices is too much technical faffing around.


Sounds like alot of work to make sure your using the ultrasonic the right way lol
So i got true social since seeing it on sale. I listened to both back to back just to see. I was jittery because of my caffiene pills from earlier but when i listened to social king within 3 minutes i felt calm. Now earlier i listened to both ascension and primal. I was at work doing security as a hot Puerto rican girl came in to my building. I thought she worked her but she didnt. She was a hire ranked security in the building next door to me and was wondering how she could get a job in my building. We talked and she was friendly. I noticed a ring on her hand and asked her out she said she was married. The whole time throughout the conversation i was not nervous not to ask her out though. I was kinda nervous just doing normal talking with her.When she left i felt and still feel a fire in my stomach because this happend a hour ago to get my life together. I felt the fire to get more hours doing security or find a better job. I feel the fire in me to get my life together so i can get girl’s hot like this Puerto rican chick. Im not upset over the rejection just motivated to get where i need to be so i can get more money and get girls


If it’s playing out of your phone speaker then thats perfect because the mic is measuring very close to the speaker. once your a couple feet from the speaker the decibels drop. So that’s perfect. :+1:t2:


If you have an old phone you can install that app on it to test it if you like but you really don’t need to. The phones speaker doesn’t get loud enough to hurt your ears like a home speaker system can. That’s how mine looks on my phone


I have a galaxy s7. The problem i guess with ultra sonic because you cant consciously hear anything is i guess people will 2nd guess if whats being played is loud enough for your subconscious or not


That’s right. If you look on your frequency app you will notice there is really no sound after the 16khz range except from the subs. So when there is a lot of noise around you from your environment that part is still pretty silent.

So you really don’t have to compensate with more volume in noisy environments. It’s basically being broadcasted on its own clear channel.

So your subconscious mind hears it very well actually because all the other noise around you isn’t mixing with it. The ultrasonics hit a different part of your ear that the regular noise you conciously hear doesn’t. So it’s really quiet up there. That’s why you don’t need a lot of volume.


So my sleep routine is listening to ascension and primal over headphones or ear phones. I was heading to work so i decided to listen to true social once while waiting for the bus then once while in the bus eyes closed. About 20 min or less i got off the bus and a cute girl got off at the same stop along with others. To use the pg 13 language i chickened out. I wanted to approach but didnt because there was a few people around her who got off the bus. Im pissed at myself for not saying something. Now she had shades on so i couldn’t tell if she was sending iois but she was my type look’s wise and i punted the ball.

Back in the summer i was looking into mel Robbins 5 second rules YouTube videos which were really insightful and helpful. Basically her teaching are you have 5 seconds to take action before your brain stops you and interferes and gives you excuses to not take the action. So you count down 5, 4,3,2,1 then take action. She also talks about how fear and excitement feel very simliar. So when your feeling fear or your feeling anxiety to take action and repeat in your head or out loud. Im excited, im excited. This tells your brain the anxiety your feeling to take action for example approach that girl is not fear but excitement. Now the 5 second rule can be used for anything. I bought the audiobook in the summer but havent listened to it. Well today at work i will be listening to it.
I could listen to all the sublimals i want use the best pheromones out there if i dont take action its all pointless.


You’re very correct man!

What could you learn from this experience that you can use to make sure you don’t chicken out next time? Even if it’s a small tiny thing, what could some deep learning be?


When it comes to approaching dont hesitate just go 54321 or say F it and approach right away. When i try to think it through like theres to many people around, she looks upset, shes on her phone etc my anxiety will only grow.
As long i say something regardless of the outcome its a win


I hate to to admit it because i was afraid i would fall into this trap and i did. Well i got legacy a few days ago and got khan yesterday. I told my self i was going to do ascension and primal for the rest of the year but khan was to temping to not give it a go.
So my routine going forward starting last night while i sleep will be listen to khan stage 1 for the next 30 to 35 days until i go to stage 2.
During the day ill listen to God like masculinity and khan stage 1 throughout the day with listening to either legacy or true social once i wake up.
Ive been sick for the pass week so i haven’t felt great but listening to Khan stage 1 during my sleep last night, today i felt small. I didnt want to talk to anyone, talk to girls, i felt down.infact i got pissed off a few times today thinking in my head as a attractive girl passed how " they dont want a great guy like me because im not chad etc" " they think they are to good for me "
Now my reason for using khan is to push me to be the best man i can possibly be. I want to live
up to potential in work, dating. money, life purpose just everything


Khan ST1 will clean you out, so you may feel like shit at the beginning, but do stick with it. Khan is the true of your life.


Ive had a rough week with set backs. First i been sick since last friday with the flu. So i been feeling like shit. Now this pass Thursday i had signed up to volunteer for something and i didnt go. Part of the reason i didnt go was because i was sick but if i wanted to i could have went. I chickened out because i was afraid to step out of my comfort zone. To make matters even worse i ended my nofap streak yesterday and binged. My goal was to hit 90 days on my birthday now that wont happen. I can still get a nice streak going by the time i reach my birthday but im just disappointed in myself. I started khan Wednesday and this whole week mentally i feel small. I feel insecure. I took a break last night and didnt listen to anything while i sleep. Tonight ill start khan stage 1 again and run it for 30 plus days. I understand the importance of semen retention when it comes to the spiritual journey so here i go again day 1 of nofap


@Grimm1390 - I understand the NoFap part. Once in a while the streak is so good that you feel invincible and then it happens. For example, I broke my streak again today. Fall and Rise. Fall and Rise. Sometimes we wonder whether we will ever achieve it. But there’s no question about giving up when we face setbacks.


You and me both brother. I relapsed twice late last night. I really wish sub club could make a nofap sublimnal. As for right now im at a crossroads. Nofap is my number 1 goal right now and it’s a serious issue because I can’t get hard anymore. I may have to stop sub clubs sublimnals for now and go back to my old subs from another company to help with my porn issue. I know sublimnals do help. When I listen to them everyday and night I don’t fap once I stop sooner or later I go back to my old habits.
We just gotta take it 1 day at a time we can get a nice streak going by the time New Years comes


My temper has been at a all time high. Yesterday and most of today i was pissed off and irritated and just trying to keep myself in check from saying something. Well just now i was on the train and 3 Mexican guys came to sit next to me with little space. So one dude was to close to me and bumping me. They looked buzzed. I flung my arm out and pushed him twice while sitting and the wholed train was looking and i didn’t care. Mind you I have social anxiety but didnt care that the attention on the train was on me. I was heated and when i got up i stared him down. I’m surprised they didnt say something to me prolly to drunk to give a damn. My temper the pass few days has been a 10 out of 10 anything that i feel is disrespect by someone is setting it off


Today is day 7 of nofap. Im continuing to listen to khan stage 1 at night and throughout the day along with godlike masculinity through out the day and emperor which i just added. I feel like im all over the place so today on im using only khan stage 1 and godlike masculinity 30 straight days. Superchargers such as legacy and true social will be used.
Im also listening to hypnosis from hypnosis download called stop porn hypnosis and another called stop masterbating. Im also listening to hypnotica masculine matrix and the attractivator by him. These hypnosis i cant listen to 7 days a week like the sublimnals btw.
This morning i listened to legacy 1 loop then 30 min or so listened to true social for 3 loops. As i went outside about 2 hours later to hit the gym my social anxiety didnt feel as bad as i know it could get. It was still somewhat there though like 3 out of 10 ? Now its the fall season here so nature this time of the year is trully looking beautiful outside with all the changing of colors on the tree’s. As im admiring while going about to do what i gotta do i just felt connected to nature and the world today.
Now as im in the gym i had a weird experience. Usually when im working out i feel aggressive which i did today in the gym but i also felt like crying during a few of my sets. So i had music on while working out like usual and i decided to listen to some songs by the band called rebulation. As i was feeling the music and listening to the lyrics one song made me start remembering my onetis. When this happened water filled up my eyes mid set and i had to fix myself because i didn’t want people to see me crying. This happened another time in the gym while listening to a song today as well. This time I just felt gods love or the universal energy whatever you wanna call it and it made me start tearing up. End of part 1


Part 2. A few days ago while doing the masculine maxtrix towards the end i started crying not sad tears just crying like i had emotions in me that needed to come out. I was talking to god talking about my struggles with porn addiction, the battles i faced in the past with my alcohol addiction, my depression over my onetis, my lack of self worth of not having xyz, not feeling worth of love because i dont have xyz, lack of money, no good job etc i can go on. Like i said it wasnt sad tears it was crying while talking to god about how i will overcome my inner demons and live the life i always wanted through him through spirituality etc
I then asked myself deep down what do i really want in life to my core ? I instantly said i want to feel love. I just want love man … now when i said that i didnt mean i want a girlfriend i wanted unconditional love from the universe or god i wanted to feel it. My entire life i chased women. Women have been on my mind since kindergarten and ive never had great success with women. Though i still chased them because i thought the love i was looking for a girlfriend would fix my lack of love issue. Now the love and intimacy you experience with a girl is similar to gods love. Intimate connection with another is prolly the closet thing one person can feel thats like love. This type of love mimics real love gods love the universeal love etc ive had times where i thought in my life during my blue pill days that finding a girl would fix all my problems only to get a girl and still have the same self esteem, self love life problems. So on friday as i was talking to god i said i want to feel real love your love. This is what i been chasing my entire laugh which i thought i could get from a girl but girls dont love unconditionally only you can.
So it was a great aha moment where i realized what i really want in life is love. Now yes i want a better job want to make more money date girls but soul wise im chasing this love.


Part 3 lasty thank god im not not on khan stage 3 because i read how it will remind you of your failures if you dont take action.
Well yesterday i was heading to work and i saw a cute Asian or spanish girl giving me a solid ioi and i freaking did nothing man. I didnt feel like approaching as i was rushing to work. But thats a bs excuse by me. In life your prolly gonna mostly never feel like approaching you gotta push yourself i should have went 5 4 3 2 1 f it and approach i would have had that in the bag. So freaking pissed yesterday as the regret was putting me into a depression. I felt so down i cant imagine how khan stage 3 would have made me feel if i chickened out like that while using it