Grimm's journey into becoming a masculine confident man


@Grimm1390 - I can relate to almost everything you are going through, especially the excuses for not talking to a woman even when she is showing indicators of interest. Although my dating life isn’t bad, it could be better with better looking and even better quality women.

Anyways, all the blocks are being released from inside you. It is just a matter of time until you become whole.

By the way, what do you specifically think about the “Godlike Masculinity” sub? I know it is included in some of the other major subs but for some (probably good) reason, am attracted to it. Feels like it could up my Dominance level if I use it with Khan.


Part of the reason sublimnal club intrigued me the most was because of godlike masculinity. I always had a issue with my masculinity. I’m 28 but always looked younger for my age due to my baby face.
I feel my face is more masculine looking now due to hitting the gym hard the pass 2 years and training my neck which gave my face a more manly look. Over the years I had girls tell me " your really cute but look 2 young or look like your in highschool " etc which didn’t help as a I had a limiting belief about not looking like a man and feeling like a man. So since really the end of 2017 I found the redpill and really been trying to unlock my masculinity and become a man. So I was googling masculine sublimnals and found godlike masculinity which led me down the rabbit hole of looking into sublimnal clubs.
Now I been all over the place since I found this place but godlike masculinity will be a 7 day a week along with khan stage 1 stack going forward. I know GM is in most major programs if not all but I want something to really work on my masculine energy and based off of the description that seems to be the goal of it. I’ll let you know at the end of November about my results with it.
Now as for not approaching yea it sucks. I understand the fight or flight respone, fear vs excitement, 5 second rule etc I just gotta approach especially when you get those golden nuggets where the girl is eyeing you. What pisses me off is just one week ago when I had my 35 plus day nofap streak going I approached 2 girls on the street who gave me a IOI. I felt nervous, but repeated in my head I’m excited, I’m excited so my body could know that this approach anxiety isn’t fear but excitement about this cute girl sending me a IOI. I then went 5,4,3,2,1 and then went after her. I had all this built up energy in my sacral chakra from nofap up to that point which was also a HUGE driving force for me approaching. Yesterday was day 6 of nofap and I could care less about approaching or talking to girls. Sexual energy is a real freaking thing. When I fap I don’t care to approach girls who Send a IOI or even talk to girls. Had I had a good 30 plus day nofap streak going yesterday the chance of me talking to her would have been very likely.
For me personally sexual energy takes a while to build up but when it does I’m breaking my neck left and right checking out girls out and about and if they are attractive and wearing yoga pants… :stuck_out_tongue:


Also I’m thinking products like khan and emperor probally Primal as well seem to really work on ones masculine energy for example dominance frame control charisma etc through all the scripts they use. I would assume that those products like khan would help with dominance even if you don’t use godlike masculinity. GM appears to be like icing on the cake to those major programs if one wants to develop there masculine energy


@Grimm1390 - great stuff. I am sure I will eventually add this to the stack but will wait a while before adding anything else. Will look forward to your review of it on November too!


Got that right! That’s with all situations too. I go through days with bad anxiety and rage and I go through days with absolutely none full of confidence ready to give orders to anyone I feel like. It’s hot and cold. But now I can control it instead of it controlling me. I give credit to the subs for that part. I used to be super passive (like my mother) and then explode (like my father) into a monster after i couldn’t stuff it down any more.


Whats your current stack ??


Mine is

Emperor x2
Sex masteryx
Libertine ultra track
Just looped


Why not emperor v3 ? Is there a difference between the 2 ?


Emperor two times back to back


Today is 14 days of nofap with stack of khan stage 1 and godlike masculinity. Supercharges are used here and there but the every day program’s are khan stage 1 and GM. Since today ive been really getting the itch to stack khan stage 1 with another major program until i start khan stage 2 in November or December. I find the impulse to stack major program’s really hard to resist. Ive noticed others as well seem to say they will be doing xyz program for 30 days only for a week or 2 later for them to say that they are switching or stacking major program’s with abc now. Im really tempted to add to khan stage 1 right now


Now as of late my anger and rage has been high still. When im out and about if i think i hear someone say something about me, to me, or look at me funny its triggering me into fight or flight mode and mostly fight mode.
As for girls i hate them but still like them its weird. Like it would be nice to have a chick or 2 to mess around with but at the same time they piss me off. I guess you could say im in the anger phase again when it comes to girls. Like i see a dude in the gym with 2 different girls through out the week both hot and i get some what jealous of him but respect him while also feeling pissed at these girls for not liking a guy like me. Lately i been getting pissed off over how girls cant be trusted and how they only want chad. I been feeling lately that they dont deserve a guy like me. I feel like i want nothing to do with them because thinking about female nature upsets me, while 5 minutes later i still want to have atleast 2 girls in my rotation to mess around with.
Im starting to become bitter towards women and despise them but still want them


@Grimm1390 - I bought Godlike Masculinity yesterday to stack with Khan. Have been wanting to do so for a long time. Especially to gain some self-discipline and dominance. After my first run of it during my sleep last night, I feel a bit more masculine the next day. Voice is also deeper.

And I agree with wanting to stack many major programs together. According to SubClub you can stack 2 major programs together (maximum 3). And I guess you already know that stacking more stacking modules (like GM) are fine.

Regarding anger with women, I am guessing it is a phase you are going through. Since Khan will eventually lead to women, it is just a matter of time until you get there. For now, I would recommend to ignore others in the gym (and anywhere else). You will have time for that later especially if you chose to add Primal Seduction to the mix. Then you will be a god among men and women.


Im not comfortable in my my masculinity and ive never have a recovering nice guy im learning to embrace my masuline energy more instead of the feminine. The problem is my masculinity is ungrounded right now. Im like a little dog barking at bigger dogs even though im not challenging people i just feel on edge when I’m outside like other men are challenging me. This could be in my head though and most likely is. I would love to be like kratos from god of war 4.He oozes masculinity. Hes very calm in that game and has excellent frame control. When he talks or just stands there he has that dominat aura and presence about him.
Do you plan to only run godlike masculinity at night with khan ?
I know in the sales page it says its a stacking sub and will boost major subs but maybe listening to only godlike masculinity during the day for like 2 to 4 hours straight or more etc would really boost that masculine edge plus boost it quicker instead of stacking only ?


@Grimm1390 - yes, I am stacking it with my Khan+Regeneration+Spartan stack. I have Godlike Masculinity playing after each of the 3 subs. And I feel it is enough for me.

I might play it in the day when I get my ultrasonics set up again.

It’s still early for you, my friend. You will be a masculine lion one day as i hope to be too.


We both will be all of us one day :upside_down_face:


“Also on December 7 my bday” a day after mine… very interesting


A word on the nice guy “rage”:

It’ll pass. You’ll no longer get angry over some broad picking out Chad or Brad. Why? Because you will find out what Brad knows.

Women are everywhere.
Women are plentiful.
Women are available to get.

With one caveat. Develop your core masculinity.

You must develop masculinity, otherwise no female attraction. No matter how nice and considerate you are. Man is masculine, don’t run away from it.

It’s not evil or dirty, whatever the TV or females or what your mother told you. Embrace it.


Well said. We are primal men which society has shamed us since we were little that masculinity is no good. I can remember my mom shaming me twice in the 5th and 7th grade over finding a love letter and in 7th grade a girls picture.
Fast foward im still a mr nice guy but the difference is im aware of it. I also still have shame over sex because growing up it was never spoken about because it was wrong. These days i feel i smile to much because of nervousness and anxiety when speaking to others especially women. Im learning to embrace my masculinity as of now. This is just a side note but your comment made me think of the description written for primal sublimnal. Based on whats written it seems like that sublimnal will unchain the cage and let out the masculine self thats in us all


today is 17 days of nofap and I plan on adding emperor v3 to my stack of khan stage 1 and godlike masculinity. My mom was telling me something about something my sister said which was basically I don’t like to work and I’m 28 blah blah. It def touched a nerve to my core but my sister is right. Ive always been lazy in life so I’m feeling shame like like a dog with his tail in between his legs.
I wanted to stick to khan stage 1 and only gm until later November before I moved onto stage 2 plus gm but I will now run khan stage 1, godlike masculinity and emperor v3,until Jan 1st and see where im at. Hopefully 2 weeks from now I don’t change things again. I wanna keep total breakdown so I can rebuild my foundation but also be productive and be a go getter at the same time. For one of the few times in my life I will push women to the side and have emperor, gm, and total breakdown lead me to getting my life situation sorted out. Hopefully with emperor I can forget about women and stop pursuing them.


@Grimm1390 - the very interesting part was that I was considering doing the exact same thing today (to switch from Khan to Emperor). And for the exact same reason (being lazy all my life).

But I have a bit more time since disability does give me some leeway. I am using that leeway to reach ST4 (it might be Christmas when I start the last stage so that’s a gift).

Hope it works for you, my friend :+1: