Grimm's journey into becoming a masculine confident man


What if you take spartan out and add emperor in ? Right now im still debating adding emperor or remaining with the current stack. Im not sure if this part of me that wants to add emperor is reconciliation or its me really wanting to add emperor


Welp just relapsed man 4 times. Rough day emotionally feeling like a bum a loser so i ended up fapping 3 times to self sooth and of course that doesnt help anything. Man today was the toughest day since i started khan on october 9. Ive added emperor to khan stage 1 and godlike masculinity and will charge on with tomorrow being nofap day 1 again.
If this shitty Depressing feeling i had today and still have is reconciliation damn then reconciliation is no joke its it’s seriously tough


Just had a realization that my emtpy depressed feeling about being triggered when my mom said my sister said how im lazy and dont like to work at 28 was khan total breakdown hitting me. The whole day i felt depressed even fapped 4 times which was just a way of me trying to rid myself of the heavy depression today. Why i felt so shitty ? It had to have been total breakdown beating me down.
In the khan page for stage 1 it says " Total Breakdown will crumble every single trauma and concept that is holding you back into dust with extreme force"
I think for the first time since running this stage i have felt the extreme force of total break down today and jesus christ its not easy at all.
So for the zillionth time i will take out emperor and stick to godlike masculinity and total breakdown. Im pissed i freaking fapped 4 times and will be at day 1 of nofap starting tomorrow but heres my plan.
I do have a stop porn hynosis that i will run monday to friday which are my trigger days but i will also run legacy everyday Monday to friday once i get home. I will run legacy for the sole purpose of succeeding at nofap in November. During the visualization i will visualize overcoming urges and thoughts to fap. December ill reevaluate again.
With every fall i always learn something new but it sucks it takes a fall to learn something new


@Grimm1390 - we do have similar challenges in the NoFap department. The search for masculinity therefore is the search for discipline and dominance (especially self-dominance). It is no wonder that we both have Godlike Masculinity in our stack.

Right now am not buying anything new since am waiting for Quantum Limitless and maybe Emperor Fitness. Need to save the cash for those so that’s why I will not be getting Emperor.


Emperor fitness ? Wow i didnt even know that was even being made. As for nofap man its rough porn addiction or masterbation addiction really is like a block to ones self help path and masculinity. It feels like all these things are connected somehow. As for right now i think your stack is really powerful when it comes to masculinity. But if we just had a stop porn sublimnal that would help us so much. I know there are some on YouTube but i understand mixing youtube subs and sub club subs may not be a good idea


Total Breakdown isn’t easy at all!

I would suggest one thing to you whilst on ST1: go easy on yourself. Please?

Consider ST1 as a free hit, like playing in the sandbox. Stuff like relapses, depression and anger outbursts doesn’t affect you long term.


you know I’ve looked through your journal Raphael journal and many others on this forum and in the back of my head I was wondering if khan was overhyped because the sales page made each stage sound like world war 3. So prior to today I felt irrability lack of focus you know the common stuff all you guys report feeling as well but today I got sucker punched and really felt the wrath of total breakdown.
Once one of my insecurities were said out loud by another person total breakdown made me feel every bit of that insecurity in my body to the extreme force. I wasn’t expecting it either which made it worse. I am now aware of total breakdowns potency. As for nofap I must be aware that these emotions that may randomly pop up will trigger me to fap. I have a game plan going forward but will see how things play out. Thanks man


@Grimm1390 - it’s like @Michel said, I am not so hard on myself during the first 2 stages of Khan and possibly the 3rd. Also like I mentioned before, Spartan in my stack is something like a cheat code so because of it, ST1 and ST2 isn’t so hard for me. Add to that the fact that I don’t have to interact with lots of people these days, does help me not encounter that many stressful situations.

Having said that, there are days when I do feel the occasional rage and reconciliation so that is still there but mellowed down.

Regarding NoFap, it’s definitely a journey filled with relapses and good streaks. I don’t know how else to portray it but I just keep telling myself that I will get better at it. True that having NoFap modules in our subs would have been awesome. I guess the Legacy supercharger has some related benefits according to someone in this forum but I prefer stacking modules compared to superchargers.

On the point of not mixing subs, someone over here is trying out using a subliminal from YouTube for green eyes while using SubClub subs. I don’t know how successful that will be since I am like you and, even though tempted, will not be mixing subs from different creators.

There was one day when I did try it out (mixing SubClub subs and Perfect Health from another) but freaked out and ended up running ST1 Total Breakdown to “cleanse” that even though I was in ST2 lol.


And @SaintSovereign had once mentioned that you could add Emperor to Khan to lower the sexual urges and hence promote NoFap. So you are on the right track there incase you want to try it (or just stick it out with Khan alone). Limitless also works for the same issue according to him. Here is the link:


Here’s a mention of Emperor Fitness by @SaintSovereign. Spartan will eventually be rolled into EF so am guessing the new one will be more powerful and possibly have Fat Burner and even more Health related aspects. And hopefully NoFap too. Link:


I’m reading the description for Ascension and it says how it will help you and motivate you to achieve your personal goals. This also could help with nofap I think. I remember using Ascension for like 2 weeks and it felt like I started seeing results within 3 days. I had felt motivated to get my life in order during those 2 weeks. I had even scheduled a day to volunteer at event to help those in need. I ended up not going though due to fear which is interesting because I had stopped running Ascension by the time it was time to volunteer. I had stopped using Ascension maybe for a week or more. I think Ascension could be a good stacking sub as well and help with achieving goals


@Grimm1390 - possible that it might be just the thing for you. Will also multiply that Alpha and Masculine factor even more.


Brief review I did a stack of khan stage 1 with emperor and godlike masculinity and the amount of rage and standing up for myself and anti social behavior is off the charts. I plan on adding khan stage 2 to this mix as I sleep tonight just to see how I would feel. This mix was just a mix I tried out for fun btw if anyone does do this warning you could come off as a ahole because your keeping your frame and not backing down. Also this was just a 1 day stack review Idk how this stack would work if used longer.
My guess is I have a lot of repressed emotions and anger over my life and all these subs brought them out ? lately I have been feeling a dislike for people because people are rude, wanna fight you because they think you looked at them the wrong way or said something to them the wrong way etc I’ve always been A nature lover and animal lover and this stack brought out my dislike for people even more.
Again I think these are just things inside me already that the subs are bringing to the surface


Sometimes I just feel like an emotional fucking bitch dude. Other times just on top of the world. It’s always changing with emperor. Always. I know exactly how you feel. I took yesterday off to try that break thing everyone’s talking about and today I woke up angry and have been angry throughout the day. Not sure if it has anything to do with it. I woke up unmotivated and felt like a pussy. I haven’t felt like that in a while. No more days off for me.


It sucks i dont even think sublimals can prevent those days one feels unmotivated, like a bitch, lazy etc i think we all have those days and i dont think sublimnals can fully prevent moments or days like that from happening sadly. Damn man i feel you that sales page with sub club saying emperor is not a easy program is accurate.
The person we want to become wont be easy our subconscious mind must be fighting with these subs to hold on to the old programming and not let go.
Just today i was saying to myself im about to be 29 and i dont got my shit together and by doing that i opened pandora’s box in my head with negative thinking etc
Since your running emperor have you thought about throwing in a healing sublimnal to your stack ? This way you can get some emotional healing but also get the new programming from emperor


I’ve been running rebirth on and off for a while. I’ll start listening to it again. Thanks :wink:. Well the way I see it is that positive change is never too late. I’ll be 36 in a few weeks. I get caught up in those thoughts my self time to time and think how much time I wasted not changing. But I realize that’s my inner self trying to convince me to not improve myself and to stay in my old bad ways cause it’s afraid. Uh… No thanks. Not gonna listen to that.


You should keep rebirth in your stack dont take it out. Listen to it atleast 1 to 2 times a day. Like i dont have any healing subs other than khan st1 but when i move on from it ill still listen to it once or twice a day just to get some healing.
Its crazy i remember being just 18 or 19 10 years ago and it felt like yesterday. Now im close to 30.
When we have those negative thoughts pop up we got to nip them in the bud right away because i know for myself once i start i can spiral pretty quick


Since being on st2 of khan Along with 1 to 2 loops of mogul and godlike masculinity during the day I have felt a urge and desire to get my life together. Look up jobs look up what skills i should learn to help improve myself like learning excel, looking into how to become a it etc At first when running st2 when I would see a attractive women I felt emotional pain like I got hit in the stomach and wanted to cry. This pain was about seeing something I want in this case a attractive girl over there but can’t have her. It pained me seeing these girls I want but can’t get. At first running st2 felt like it was a constant battle going upstream. I guess my brain eventually accepted st2 and it’s been smooth for me. With st2 plus 1 to 2 loops throughout the day of running GM and mogul I never put this much effort into trying to improve myself when it comes to skills and career. I know khan is supposed to be a program mostly for attracting women but while running st1 and now st2 sure I want women but my main focus is obtaining skills, making money, and raising my value as a man. While on khan these things are more important to me than chasing women or pursuing women.
At first running st1 it was very difficult but it got to a point where I felt little to no resistance and it felt smooth. St2 started rough but now it feels smooth I feel like I know what my purpose is and know what my goals are. this goal and purpose while on khan stage 2 has nothing to do with women but it has to do with making money learning new skill and building myself up as a man


Part 2 with khan st2 plus 1 to 2 loops of mogul and GM throughout the day I’m thinking about life. I’m thinking about how grateful I am to have a mother father and sister who have supported me so much especially financially all of my life. I would be nowhere without them. With my mom and dad getting old and sickly and myself turning 29 soon I’m thinking about life and death a lot. I know my parents won’t be here forever and since running khan st1 and now st2 I feel the need to get my money and life situation fixed fast because I want to be able to help my parents out and also be able to fully support myself because mommy and daddy won’t be here for me forever. I need to step into adulthood and break away from my parents.
I was watching a Robert glover podcast on YouTube and he was talking about having a men’s group where you can talk and help one another. I’ve attended 12 step meeting and smart recovery meetings in my past for my drinking and fapping both in person meetings, phone meetings and online meetings. I plan on finding a online men’s 12 step meeting prolly saa or smart recovery or aa and attend in person meetings or online meeting. There’s value in men sharing there struggle with one another and I plan on making this a priority to start attending meetings.
As a man I feel a strong purpose and drive to learn learn learn New skills and earn money.
I do have moments of feeling depressed when thinking about not having success with women. This depression come from craving intimacy, craving physical touch by a women so badly. These emotions do tend to fade which then brings me back into the focus and desire to obtain wealth and learn new skills that can help me get a new job and raise my value.
I’m thinking of adding eog st3 to my stack and add a few loops throughout the day to make me even more laser focused on wealth and self development


I can relate to this 100000%.