Grimm's journey into becoming a masculine confident man


I feel scared when I think about it, probably the shame comes up. And I change my thinking to something else


Thinking about it brings shame in myself as well at times but thinking about something else is only a temporary fix kind of like putting your head in the sand or putting your hands over your eyes


@Grimm1390, @mecharc - welcome to the club, brothers. Am in the same boat of dependency myself especially financial. Even I need to rise up from this. I will. WE WILL! Thanks to the subs from here.


I think we are not the only ones. There are people who do nothing about it


Im guilty of this as well. It wasn’t until 27 where i started getting my act together. Most of my twenties was spent on going to the bar, fapping, chasing girls, and blowing my money out. At 27 up until now i got very dedicated into fitness and im actually pretty lean now. Now fast forward to the present money, life goals etc are my main focus now but still face challenges. But i gotta say the majority of my twenties i was a addict and alcoholic and living the hedonistic short term pleasure lifestyle


Understandable at 27. I wouldn’t be too harsh about it. Imagine not doing that and you get to the end of your life, wishing you had some fun?


…27, try 37 :joy::cry:


Beat me by 1 year. Glad to know I’m not the old fart around here just starting subliminals at the end of my life lol. And if I was I’d tell myself that sellf improvement is never too late to start. A short period of success is better than none at all.


Better late than never lol


38 up in this piece. Sorry, @lowrider.


Is eog st3 stackable ? Or do you have to start from St1 eog ? I was thinking of adding eog st3 to my stack to get me even more laser focused on earning money but I don’t know if you have to start from st1
I know saint said its stackable the stages but i dont know still


Took a break from listening to sublimals over the night and this morning as i was starting to get frustrated about my goals. Earning money and developing skills should be my number 1 focus though in the back of my head i still would like to attract a girl. The whole time before i slept i was debating is my stack truly money focused and if it was i wouldn’t be using khan etc so i took a break from everything. Ill say this about khan a person with a porn or fapping problem, khan can be a trigger for you to relapse. My sexual drive has kicked in and its hard to focus and i keep debating if i should fap. Im doing my best not to of course. But today im just taking a break from everything. Its a rest day


@Grimm1390 - that’s exactly why I selected Khan too. To get my money and career game up while at the same time wanting to bonk a few girls so hard that they forget their names. The urge is strong in this one too.


I can only imagine how horny we will feel on st3 and st4


@Grimm1390 - first day of ST3 and woke up with real good morning wood. Starting off great already.


I remember reading amash saying how khan st3 was the best he felt among all the stages he also said st3 has no reconciliation. Good luck brother hope st3 works out well for you


Thank you, @Grimm1390. As much as I am hoping to enjoy ST3, am looking much more forward to ST4 Khan Complete.


Khan st2 says how your posture, voice emotions etc Will be affected so far I haven’t noticed anything. I still avoid eye contact from others
, with women I dart my eyes away quickly. For men I avoid eye contact all together.My eye contact game is very weak right now. I also get out of the way when people are walking towards me for fear of conflict. My posture And body language is of a person with low self esteem. My voice is not masculine at all. Khan st2 says how everything you been wanting to change will be changed so far I can’t say that’s true for me. I will continue on though


@Grimm1390 - my eye contact game is strong only when I do NoFap. Else, it is weak regardless of whether am using the subs. Right now, my NoFap streak is good. Around 2 weeks. Maybe in some way, the stack is helping my NoFap.


Hmm I think today is either day 22 or 23 for nofap for me. When I get on very high streaks my high eye contact does improve but it’s not on that alpha level. I was hoping st2 would help me improve my eye contact, posture,voice, body language etc but all are still pretty weak and submissive not dominant at all. Maybe intime it will change