Grimm's journey into becoming a masculine confident man


Does it say this on the sales page… i can’t remember reading this.


Yes it does. This is some of what it says for st2

“This stage will help you change everything you desired to change your whole life, by both pushing you to change and being guided by your views of your ideal image of yourself”.

“Everything will be affected – voice, posture, thinking, beliefs, emotions, energy, relationships, sleep, inner voice, and others”.


@Grimm1390 ST2 took a while to reprogram me but eventually I got there. ST2 is like a fine wine, gets better with time.


Is that the only subliminal your listening to right now. If not you may want to isolate all your listening time to only Khan st2 then so it will be more focused on just that script. I’m thinking it’ll take time.


@Michel @lowrider yes my guess is its not easy to change your beliefs and instill new ones so this stage could very well take a long time to see legit results. Im listening to a few loops of mogul and godlike masculinity here and there and eog st3 when i need it