Guiding the growth consciously


Fuck, it’s so counterintuitive. It’s like the total opposite of the mainstream way to think. Usually you hear something like :Write about how amazing you are or visualise. Yet it is so simple, you, need to know why your subconscious doesn’t believe you deserve X.

Same with @Azriel post, when he said I might be censoring myself. Really it’s when you see new ideas that you realise how little experience you have.

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Whoah. This is a fantastic idea that I’m going to try out with ST1 and my custom. Some questions about the process:

  • Would these goals & dreams be written only once? Same thing with the reasons why they wouldn’t be doable.
  • Is our healing sub supposed to be played while of the other steps are being done, or not at the same time?

My concern: by writing down these reasons wouldn’t we be manifesting those outwards again? Or is it that the writing process is the act of bringing the thoughts into awareness and then listening to the subliminal afterwards is our conscious work which then tackles these thoughts directly to eradicate them?


I think it is to bring awareness to your limitations. Or the thing that is holding you back. One of my friend once told me, a few years ago : “Sometime the reason you can’t move forward is not because you don’t have enough motive to push you to your objective, but because there is something holding you back. What is holding you back?”

I just posted in my journal a honest text about my limitation. Just writing this made me realise that my objective evolved, first of all, in the beginning I wanted to get laid easily. Now I want to get laid (relationship also hahaha) with my dream girl. Also, some stuff that I thought had completely changed are not completely removed, only part of it was changed. I built the fastest route to my objective, getting laid and didn’t do the rest of the work… And I have a couple of reasons which I elaborated in my journal.


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Hahahaha, I think Simon should write a book :joy::joy:

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From the linked post…


This is a daily journaling process.

Yes. :+1:t2:


If something manifests, it’s not because you wrote it down, but because it was already on your mind – and in your mind’s estimation, was the best outcome for you. :hugs:

The purpose for writing down barriers is multi-fold…

First, writing brings it out of your mind – releases some of it’s stress, and opens you up to doing something about it.

Second, combined with the daily action taking, journaling, and subs listening; those barriers get transformed automatically.

Emotional subs like Regeneration, Elixir, or Sanguine will remove the emotional charge of the belief. Within days, you will feel it go down in intensity - like from 8/10 to 1/10.

Reframing subs like Rebirth, K1, or G1 will bring you new perspectives by which to see the same situation/story/concept. Within days, you would be laughing at your old belief because a different perspective will seem to be a truer frame for the matter.



We are conscious creators and subliminal’s are only tools to aid us in our creations. This is what you are experiencing, what does placebo effect prove? That our consciousness has an effect on external reality. Your energy is greater than the force of a subliminal, you can literally, consciously make any subliminal input redundant if you truly believe that is has no effect on your unconscious (nocebo).

The power of consciousness, is real.


I believe and I am not pointing fingers at you @WhiteTiger. For a lot of people habits are crutches borne out of laziness and instant gratification. We can spend months, sometimes years ingraining a new habit. Then suddenly we experience a moment of relapse we loose focus and we are back to our old habits. Hence the old saying old habits die hard.

When you are at a mental or physiological low I believe we loose sight of our goals and revert back to our old bad habits. I have had similar experiences due to the abuse I have to deal with from the past.

I think the question you might have to ask yourself is what is causing you to have these moments of loosing focus. Is it personality what i mean by this is lack of will power ?. Is it addictive ? something to do with drugs, alcohol ?.

The biggest killer is the environment well it was for me. For example if you are an alcoholic and want to give up drinking. You need to disconnect form friends who you go out drinking with ?. Are you feeling lonely ? if so it might mean you have to rid yourself of all those things that keep you at home like netflix, youtube, porn etc.

The examples i give might be extreme but I am just trying to clarify my take on what I believe might be causing this.


Yeah, I do understand :slight_smile: Might be other stuff than beliefs. Do you think tho that eye of the storm could help with this? It’s a strong module, on it I can have nicotine laying around and just don’t jump on it (found out I had 3 gums of nicotine, took one to focus on my work in the afternoon few weeks ago, and didn’t touched it again!!)

I still think this goes in multiple direction. In the sense that if you don’t feel like you are enough, you could jump into a relationship with a really beautiful and smart girl, but feel like you don’t deserve her. At this point I think the best course of action is to change the belief. Might also be good to keep in mind that old belief, like you mentionned, when you have a low, it is possible that the belief comes back!

@Simon thank you for sharing this, didn’t knew you could read the whole post from a snippet haha, but it does makes a lot of sense! I’ll try to push in those direction.


Do i feel that the eye of the storm would help with this ?. I have read the description however as to whether it will help I really do not know. It might put you back on track however if your old habits react then it might push you into heavy reconciliation. For every reaction there is going to be an equal and opposite reaction.


Yeah you are right. Reconciliation is something I feel I’ve been keen to forget in these times. Growth takes time.

When I run my Khan custom, I get quick results, but there are mainly the results I was having last year, my subconscious doesn’t have problem with affirmation that has already been dealt with. For permanent growth to happen, beliefs and habits needs to be changed, which means time involvement.

My Khan custom is strong, but like every other subs, it needs time to grow on me and push beyond what my subconscious had already explored.

So, what is you would combine eye of the storm with a sub that had been shown to reduce reconciliation like rebirth? :thinking:


Yup, pretty sure working on this à couple hours a week could greatly increase yearly growth!!

I just tested this in the past few days. Khan, for me, is not the subs that makes me the most productive. I’ve neglected this part of just grinding 8 hours on a work project or doing a homework on superfocus mode!

Yesterday I knew I had to change, I ran 2 loops of my Stark custom (the one with Stark and SS I ran this summer), and consciously focused on the fact I wanted to work on my research work. Boom! Yesterday I worked 6 hours of pure intense focus and today I’ve been working for the past hour and a half, completing lots of small details, correcting mistakes and looking up new content to add for my team!

Conscious focus + the right sub will definitly make you grow. I was able to study 10-12 hours per day this summer (not 10-12 hours of study and facebook Hahaha, real study, 10 minutes break every hour). Running 1 loop of Stark made this programming came back really quick in my brain!


Hahaha. When you said “Simon should write … at least an article”, I was like "That’s already an article." :smile:


@SubliminalUser just posted about his experience with this journaling process.
It is also a good example of consciously guiding your sub. :ok_hand:t2:

Linking the snippet here. :wink:


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