Guiding the growth consciously


I’m to confused for that hahaha

But I’ll put E2 on my read list! Or try to find the experiment!

Edit : “To up the stakes, you’re going to ask the FP for a blessing or what I call an unexpected gift. You’regoing to give it 48 hours to send you a gift you wouldn’t normally receive—a surprise check in themail, a card from an old friend, something that is truly unexpected.”

“Take note of how you feel about asking the energy field for a blessing. Do you feel a bit antsy,wonder if you’re being selfish, doubt whether it’s appropriate to ask for something good? This feelingprovides telling insight. Maybe you don’t believe you deserve a gift. That thought sends signals to theenergy field and affects its resonance. Perhaps you think it’s only appropriate to ask for somethingyou need. That signal, too, is being radioed to the energy field.To do this experiment properly, you have to set aside skepticism. Not forever; just for 48 shorthours.”

@Simon I really need to be open minded to try this hahaha. Usually not my type, I am so down to earth. But I might just try it. Belive for 48h that I’ll get something from the world.

Solitude & growth - Experiences on Terminus Custom

Where the medici?


It reminds more of a logo for a Chinese restaurant. There are lots of “Golden Dragon Restaurants” in Chinatowns all over the world.

Anyway, in the old days, many Chinese parents would name their boys “Golden Dragon”, in the hope that the kid would prosper one day and bring glory to the family. Perhaps that’s the Medici component in your avatar.


Thanks for the info. Didn’t know.

For me the Medici component was that it looks like a Gold Coin – Bullion. :blush:

The original image I wanted to use was this half kilo silver coin,
but the small thumbnail version appeared too much like @Hermit’s avatar.



Speaking of coins and Medici…


@Simon reading your EoG journal instructions would you suggest keeping Stage 1 of Khan/EoG/DR as part of your journey throughout regardless of whatever sub you’re using?


I recommend stacking any file whenever you feel it can help.

The idea of a multi-stage journey is that your baseline belief level has so changed that {a} such limiting thoughts don’t even occur to you, and {b} if those do show up, they do not have enough charge to derail you.



I see, I understand.
I feel like I may need to expand on the healing stages a little more - even if continuing my current stage.

I think we’ve all come to realise how much healing, as traumatic it is, is massively beneficial.