HappyHero Stack - Stark T / Daredevil / PCC


Thanks so much @TarMac

Really weird you had a similar dream. I will say my dreams have been way more vivid since TERMINUS.

But I don’t really know how to translate into real life. I hope things are just being processed by my subconscious.


Day 15 - Today is a rest day

I think I might experiment with 2 loops through my stack tomorrow when I start up again.

Noticing my voice is really projecting. Did improv yesterday and this morning. Did some videos for my business. And it’s like I feel this need to be more honest and authentic and shout it out.

Previously, it was one of the things I wished I could fix. I was always a people pleaser, I would say whatever I could intuit others would approve of. Now I’m like fuck it all, put ME out there, be loud about it, and bring on the hate.

Stark TERMINUS is seriously exactly what I needed, I’m sure Daredevil is just enhancing. And PCC - Everybody needs to get on this sub. Period.


Day 16 also happened to be a rest day. Not on purpose just got super overwhelmed by life and forgot to play my stack

Day17 - One loop through of my stack today, going to play it once more tonight and try out the two loops per day.

I’ve been busy and super productive, continuing the improv group every day. Though these past couple rest days I wasn’t really thinking in terms of what effect the subs were having on me. I guess it was good timing that right in the middle of the first 30 days I take two days off.

One thing, I did make a major change in my appearance as far as hair and beard go, and I’ve been getting a lot of compliments on that from people that know me.


Upon reflection, PCC totally allows you to see the bullshit in others, but one thing I’ve come to find:

It also helps you see the bullshit in yourself. Not only in how you come across to others but also in how you interact with yourself. I am putting up with less and less of my own bullshit.


Day 18 was yesterday

I only got through one loop of my stack when I planned to do two so:

Day 19 - Today

Today was supposed to be a rest day, but I wanted to up the exposure of two loops through my stack so I’m listening again today. That gives me three days in a row of listening. Still no issues with reconciliation. I have been taking naps everyday, though that could just be because I’m working from home so have the freedom to do that.

I had given a very short run of Daredevil earlier this year, and I’m experiencing the same thing. I tend to cross the line occasionally in texts and messages on dating apps a bit more. Or maybe cross the line isn’t the right term, just becoming more edgy. I’m seeing this as a good thing as I am pushing my comfort zone and just need to become congruent with the more edgy messages. Kind of like with ascension and other alpha subs some people initially experience some confrontation from others because of the new persona that is coming out.

I also see it as purposefully finding out where the line is by slightly crossing it. However, in another area -> my videos I’m doing for my business, I am finding myself being much more polarizing/strongly opinionated and I’m getting a lot more views and positive response, along with some hate which is new to me and kind of exciting. I know for a fact that when you put yourself out there publicly some hate is a good thing, it means you are having an affect on people.

On another note, I’ve kind of become disillusioned with dating apps (again). It’s just so difficult to arrange meetups with covid, and the ones I have met recently, they’re photos were not accurate.

So with that, my improv in the park group is still going strong and my confidence of being put on the spot keeps growing. And…a new girl joined last week, she is pursuing me hard. She asked for my number and found me on facebook. We had a FaceTime and drank some wine and she was being very flirty and sexual and forward. We’re planning on a meet up after this weekend. Interest groups might be my way forward with meeting women lol

Tomorrow is planned rest day

EDIT: One other thing to add - I have been randomly having memories come of from the past that I am ashamed of as I did not have the learning/skills to behave or respond properly. Whenever, this happens what I’ve been doing is taking the time to review the situation and really come to acceptance and understanding that I just wasn’t equipped with the proper social skills. Really being on my own side if you will.


Day 20 - Rest day

Wow, can’t believe I’m already 2/3 to a month on this stack.

Today was a planned rest day, thought I found myself feeling that itch of “hey, let’s just set and forget and get things going”. But I stayed disciplined and realized that more is better is faster is a fallacy.

This sub is exactly what I needed, and pushed me to take action in a serious weakness of mine. That being getting over this fear of performing and being on camera. Things are progressing quickly.


Day 21 - I have only gotten one play of Stark TERMINUS so far

Had a date today, it went amazingly.

A couple days ago I had a huge breakthrough. I was FaceTiming with this girl, we hadn’t met in person yet but she started telling me why she was attracted to me.

Normal stuff, until she named what I thought was my biggest physical flaw, and she said she loves it.

I was all of a sudden very uneasy, and it took a couple days to process this because I was like damn, as much as I try to cover this up…everyone knows.

As of today I have come to total acceptance of myself and my flaws. I feel like I’m owning it and now am just on a new level of contentedness with myself. No more trying to hide is necessary. Put yourself out there man, warts and all.

Will get in at least one play through of the rest of my stack tonight.


I also noticed:

Qualifying myself has been eradicated to an absolute minimum. Just as an example, today I asked the girl her favorite place in the world she’s traveled to. She described it in detail.

Now, normally after she was done I would say “totally, my favorite place was this”

However with that question, one of two things could happen. She could answer and then ask me the same question back. In which case it would be normal and not qualifying to give my story.

Or, she could give her answer and then not ask the same question back (which happened in this case). Where then giving my answer unsolicited would be subtly qualifying.

The past few days I have been very aware of this and just let the conversation continue.

It’s like before I was using the question not as authentic curiosity, but a means to hopefully then share how cool I am.

No more!

EDIT: I’m also finding strange accidents happening. I was doing a live for a business group of mine, or so I thought. Turns out I was live on my personal page. I was always super worried about my family and friends seeing what I was doing until I was successful.

What a “crazy accident”. But what do you know, I was worried about what people would think so I kind of tried to work under the radar, yet with this “accident” friends and family were commenting “great video” and liking it.

It’s just amazing how action leads to the sub enhancing that action which leads to more action and crazy things happening. Looking forward to riding this wave.


Day 22 - supposedly past that “21 day threshold”

Interesting, this might be my new form of reconciliation on the new TERMINUS and Q versions of subs, but yesterday and today I found myself putting off playing the subs. Today I had to force myself to just hit play. Strange. Because in the beginning I craved the subs even on rest days.

Still doing the improv group and videos for my business. It’s fascinating to look at and review. When starting this stack I was SUPER hyped over how I was simply putting myself fully out there in a new way.

Recently, the hype has died down but what I notice is a few things:

  1. I’m becoming more and more aware of how much I need to improve on camera and when performing in front of people. (I believe this will come with consistent action and time).

  2. I’m becoming more authentic and real. I’m sharing things openly about myself that previously I was ashamed of and tried to hide. It’s quite something to be aware of in real time and is also very healing.

  3. Whereas the others in my improv group are trying to sharpen their humor on the spot and improv reactions. I’m going deeper (for myself), or a different direction. I’m focusing on just being confident in myself by means of vocal projection and tonality.

Going to try to get one more play through of my stack tonight and then tomorrow is a rest day. But what do you guys think? Anyone experience reconciliation lately not as depression or tiredness or lack of motivation, but just a sort of resistance against hitting that play button on the subs?


Day 23 - Rest Day

Day 24 - Two loops of my stack

Day 25 - Two loops of my stack

Day 26 - Rest Day

Just posting this for myself so I can keep track


Day 27 - Today - Have only gotten one listen of Stark TERMINUS in so far

Things are going along as previously reported - quite amazing. I have to remind myself because most everything I have talked about has become the norm.

A new focus that has come about though is I’ve become really focused on my workouts and nutrition over the last week. In addition, I’ve begun a daily visualization session as well. Once in the morning and once at night. Just a simple visualizing already living the life I desire, and nothing specific, whatever aspect of my dream life I feel like right before beginning the session.

My city has basically opened up now, restaurants and bars included so I can really start to observe the social impact these subs are having now.

Haven’t been here for about a week as you can see from the post right before this, and I realize I’m coming up on a month of this stack. Awesome! And so much has changed for me.

I plan on sticking to this stack for quite a while as I am very happy with it. I might switch out Daredevil for Ascension Q after a couple more weeks. I’d like to up the alpha-ness quickly as I see others are reporting. But for now, this stack is exactly what I’ve needed.


Wow really loving your journal, i was just thinking if i add PPC to my stack in my corporate enviroment full of snakes…could be a good read in my journal :rofl::rofl::rofl:.

PPC as i am reading from others people journals should be a foundation for other dense stacks in the future, seems to deal very well with people.


Thanks @Elme! Your SM journal is amazing

Day 28

I have broken through a huge barrier. At my improv group and on videos for my business I have become super comfortable to where it is like I am talking to my best friend but in front of a group or on a camera.

Funny thing is, I get less likes on my youtube videos but I feel really good about them. To me this is a big breakthrough on finding myself and a new level of authenticity. And I truly don’t care if people like it or not. Being myself feels so good!


Day 29 - Today is a planned Rest Day

Yesterday I listened to my stack twice through + one additional listen to Stark TERMINUS last night.

Still very very little reconciliation experienced, I think one day possibly around 10 days ago, I had some slight reconciliation.

Tomorrow I might try to up my listens to around 5 loops of my stack and see what happens as I have been very conservative with the number of listens this whole month. Tomorrow is also day 30!

Oh I forgot to mention this - just this last weekend I had a girl over and we’ve known each other for about a half a year. We’re comfortable with each other so I told her at the beginning, hey I’m going to play this subliminal thing called Sex Mastery Q, do you mind? She asked about it and then was like whatever, I don’t think that stuff works.

Well, when the weekend was over she was leaving and she was like “that was A LOT of really good sex this weekend, I needed that after quarantine.” I gently reminded her I was playing the subliminal most of the weekend. She was like “omg I was initiating the entire weekend too”.

Probably 10 loops over the course of two days and two nights. We were both impressed, and I think she is a believer now.


Day 32 - Made it a month on a single stack - woooohoooo!

(today was also supposed to be a rest day but I didn’t get my PCC in yesterday, and then added one more Stark TERMINUS after to push my schedule a little = 3 days in a row of subs). No Reconciliation still.

Most people can’t stick to one thing for 30 days, quite an accomplishment.

Adding on to that, today I am two days away from 30 days at improv in the park. I had to wake up super early to finish some work and then after about 4 hours of sleep and 4 hours of work had time to lay down before improv.

Woke up so groggy and came up with every excuse to not go, but it’s habit now so something beyond me forced myself to put my feet on the floor and walk to the park. It is so interesting, and I find this on workouts too, but it’s the days where it’s the last thing I want to do but force myself to do it (or spirit takes over) where I discover the most growth.

Today, I left all my filters on the side, and was slightly mean in my improv, there was also some people that stopped to watch. But everyone loved it.

So much personal growth happening over this last month. Love it!

EDIT: Let me add this, I know it is PCC - For the past week maybe a little more, I find myself maybe five minutes later really questioning everything I worry about. I then discover that if I go a couple layers deeper beyond the bullshit, I come up with my authentic truth. Figure out how I could have been more myself, and learn for the next time. My weird social anxiety in my head and tendency to ruminate over every interaction is decreasing on a daily basis. (Also the action taking of improv and doing videos and putting myself out there - facing my fears head on)


Day 33 - Today I am starting something new partially inspired by @raphael s journal.

Yesterday was supposed to be a rest but I missed my PCC the day before so just played that a couple times.

What I’m starting today for maybe a week is switching out Stark TERMINUS for the regular Stark Q and see if I notice any differences.

I am also going to push the number of listens per day on my stack as I have experienced close to zero reconciliation on my very conservative listening pattern. And as I am past a month feel I have somewhat come accustomed to it so willing to push it to find out where that line is.

In addition, maybe next week I plan to switch out Daredevil for Ascension. I feel I’m missing a little masculine edge on this stack and I’ve ingrained the action side of stark fully for 30 days now and plan to continue that.

Upon reflection I feel this Stark + Daredevil has made me as it says - the super social, cool guy that women want to be around because everyone loves him. But I want to add that masculine cut to it - a little dangerous, a little mysterious, a little uncontrollable.


Day 34 and 35

I have switched my stack to be Stark Q > PCC Q > Ascension Q for yesterday and today. I believe I got in 5 loops yesterday and today so far I am on loop two.

**Note: For one week I am trying the standard Q version of Stark vs. The TERMINUS version just to compare during this second month

It seems Ascension Q is hitting really fast! And in a really good way!

  • I noticed a distinct perception of a slowing of time over these last two days. Today, nearly until 4pm I thought it was Tuesday when it is actually Monday. It’s a weird feeling.

-I had to do a zoom presentation, and I have never felt so relaxed and in no rush and in complete control of myself while giving a presentation before

-Today, I looked in the mirror more than a few times and thought “dang, I’m looking really attractive today”. On the zoom I would see myself and notice a distinct glow. The crazy thing is a female that was on the presentation, that I know is super into me, even texted me right after saying “You are looking more handsome than usual today, Mr.!”

  ^^^^That last part even took me aback

Pretty cool this combination of Stark and Ascension. It so far feels like the world is starting to march to my time, and I am in no hurry whatsoever.


Oh wow, the new store is open :scream:

I’m so behind, but getting such great results from this stack that plan to milk all I can from it. Though it is fun to read through all those titles.


Day 36 - Rest Day

I have started my new stack, simply removed Daredevil and replaced it with Ascension. Also trying a week of just the Q version of Stark rather than the TERMINUS version. So it is now Stark Q > PCC Q > Ascension Q

In addition, since I have completed a month of my schedule of 2 days ON / 1 day OFF of gradually increasing from one listen of the loop per ON day to two listens. Very conservative that first 30 days but with great results.

I am now listening to 4-5 loops of my stack with a 3 days ON / 1 day OFF schedule. So today is a rest day.

Ascension hits fast!! A definite and noticeable effect in the first 3 days (see my post from yesterday).

Today is a good day for a rest day after the increased listening schedule as well. I don’t know if it was reconciliation or a release, but last night I was watching an emotional movie and I was crying almost the entire time. I never cry over movies.

Great things are still happening with my videos for my business and I feel a sense of purpose in my life that I haven’t felt in a couple years. I believe women are picking up on this strongly, as the attraction, whether out in public or on dating apps, has been bonkers.


Interesting journal! I’m contemplating to add either Ascension or Daredevil to my Custom Subliminal. Looking forwards to hear from your results and how the exchange for Ascension will differentiate your results. How did removing Daredevil affect your social behavior?