HappyHero Stack - Stark T / Daredevil / PCC


Another month down, if you feel like it, try S&S in place of DD/AscQ.
In social matters, it could be even more fun. :+1:t2:


@Hermit I will be sure to let you know, still trying to get a feel for the differences with taking out Daredevil and adding in Ascension. Today was a rest day after the first 3 days of the switch. I’ll report back after a few more days when I can better differentiate myself.


@Simon I might just do that after a few weeks of Ascension. I ran S&S waaaaaay back in the day for a month and it was a crazy month let’s just say :grin:


I completely forgot to mention something that happened this Saturday.

Bars that also serve food are now open in my city so I decided to go grab a few drinks and get some food. I really wanted to see how the social aspect would go after 2+ months of quarantine.

I went to 3 different places as my plan was to just grab a light beer at each and see which one had the best scene/vibe.

At all 3 bars at least one person started a conversation with me, and I had to eventually cut it off because I wanted to go to the next place but they just wanted to keep on talking. Two of the places it was girls that initiated the conversations and the other was an older gay man haha. And at the 2nd place it was tables on each side of me (6 ft apart of course) that I was juggling conversations between.

Pretty crazy as I am an introvert and usually just catch up on email, check my phone when I’m by myself at a bar/restaurant. And I usually get annoyed when people try to talk to me. But Saturday it felt very natural to be charming and fun when those people did initiate the conversations.


I’m looking forward to it! I’ve been contemplating Daredevil or Power Can Corrupt for quiet some time, any subjective experiences will allow me to gain some insight whether I wanna go that route. Major thanks!


@Hermit I’m collecting my thoughts still - have some initial inklings on the differences of having Daredevil in the stack vs. now have Ascension in the stack, but can’t quite type it clearly yet.

I can’t recommend PCC highly enough though - I love this sub!

Day 37 - Today I have gotten in 3 loops of my stack so far

This Ascension really hits fast. I was going through a few videos I need to edit for my business and two were from before Ascension, one was from today. There is a definite difference for sure, it’s quite fascinating. In today’s video, my tonality drops a lot more at the end of sentences making them strong statements with no questioning inflection at all. More forceful if you will, and for sure more conviction behind what I was saying.

I also really stopped giving a fuck. Today’s video I recorded walking through a busy part of town and there was no self-consciousness whatsoever - speaking loud and oblivious to anyone that may have looked to see what’s going on or overheard what I was saying.

For me, Ascension Q adds a much needed masculine edge and give no fucks way of being that Stark + Daredevil was missing.

Ascension Q is so much fun and so effective. I’ve ran Ascended Mogul multiple times in the past which was always fast acting but I’m not quite sure why just Ascension Q alone is so much more pronounced for me. Maybe next month I need to run just pure Mogul Q and see what happens with finances.


@HappyHero - excellent stuff. Especially regarding Ascension. These days, I do find myself thinking about Ascension and Ascended Mogul. Definitely for good reason.


Confusing. I thought Daredevil would do just that, give you a presence of not giving a fuck and enjoy social behavior without attachments. Perhaps it acts different on each person. Stark already does this for me naturally, so that’s why I’m confused. I’ve tried Ascension alongside Stark before and it gave me a push to constantly work on myself and surely gave me that masculine edge tho.

Have only used it for a few days though, it felt like I was commanding people unconsciously and I didn’t like it – too masculine for me. I loved it for productivity though.

Ascension and Godlike Masculinity really have that push to take action, yet it has a masculine edge to it that doesn’t please me. Perhaps Daredevil will fulfill my goals more?

This is definitely related to Ascension, good self-reflection, many people wouldn’t have noticed it. I’m looking forward to more updates! Thanks.


Ascension gives you that boss like demanding guy…


Not as much as Emperor but it definitely does!


I feel ascension strong lol…imagine emperor…or and lots of ladies eye me on ascension


Tried both and Ascension is much stronger if you’re looking for short-term results. Emperor on the other side has is far more dense, and takes way longer to manifest… Ascension or Ascended Mogul are the best foundations for an Alpha male you can get.

For me personally, I just do not feel to have power over others in a way that harms them and that’s what Emperor was for me, I could really put people down and it wasn’t pleasant. I prefer Stark a lot more, it has more of a Sanguine vibe to it.

You can frame things in a way that suits you without affecting other person point of view. Because it is just that, there point of view, there truth of reality. Arguing about something subjective is non-intellectual if you ask me, because it’ll never bring you anymore as both parties are correct and truthful.

Major growth and change, there’s no doubt in my mind. I was most productive ever when I was running Ascended Mogul and that was still the old version.


I want to run ascension or ascended mogul for atleast 6 months…I can only imagine how I will become…lol


Do you think i will handle emperor:grin:


We’re taking over @HappyHero’s journal, somehow I always tend to do that here and there, lol. I personally think if you’re having positive results with Ascension that you should stick with it, yet I do believe you’ll be able to handle Emperor. It’ll just be less smooth of a ride and probably cause more ups and downs of reconciliation, which I relate to New Beginnings.

Hopefully @HappyHero is still happy now that we’ve made a private conversation, consultation out of his journal :slight_smile:


@Hermit @pacman Love the conversation, especially as it is relevant to my journal! haha

Day 40 - I switched back to Stark TERMINUS from the base Q level that I was testing for a few days. So stack has been Stark T > PCC Q > Ascension Q

@Hermit I think it does come down to acting differently on each person. In my younger years I was the typical shy, nice, pussy guy. Then I found pickup. For me, Daredevil definitely made me more extroverted and look forward to social interaction more than I typically would as a major natural introvert. It also had me really pushing the line with the actual words I was saying - edgy, sexual, humorous. I would describe it as the “outer game” of an alpha.

However, what Ascension is giving me is that raw, masculine presence and mindset. The “inner game”. The base level beliefs and thoughts and behaviors of a man’s man. Sort of like I don’t have to say anything and people still gather that this is a masculine, alpha, man. (and I don’t mean aggressive fake alpha, but solid, strong belief, strong boundaries, don’t mess with him kind).

So on Daredevil, and without the Ascension base, I’d say I was sometimes crossing into entertainer mode, too much talk, too little action. And again, I’m sure it’s different for everyone. Maybe if I gave Daredevil more time it would balance out.

It took me a while, well I think over two years now, to find this stack. Even Emperor which made me super productive and super consistent in exercise, diet, meditation, guitar, and work (but work that I was already proficient at) was not quite right. Stark is EXACTLY what I was looking for and it got me to actually put myself out there on videos for my business and improv group. And now, adding Ascension to Stark - I can literally see and hear the difference in my videos.

But I don’t know what else to say, Daredevil just felt a little off for me. Ascension feels f*cking amazing, and Stark is exactly what I needed lol.


That’s why I love ascension…and I think it is really underrated!


@pacman Totally, I remember when I first found subclub and ascension was free - it was super fast acting, but I only gave it two weeks back then and then couldn’t resist the siren song of Emperor which at the time I was not ready for.

And now Ascension Q is absolutely mind blowing. Should almost be a requirement for everyone.


I plan on running it for 6 months so I can unlock the full benefits of the sub…I can only imagine what 6 months will do


Very interesting, after 3 or 4 days of testing out Stark Q, last night I went back to Stark TERMINUS and have been playing about 3 loops of it yesterday and today each.

Once again, the distinct time dilation is happening. Where time seems to really slow down and I feel like it is a day ahead of what it actually is. Like today, I keep having to check and remind myself that it is Saturday and not Sunday.

Really weird, it messes with my head but I kind of like it as it seems like I have a lot more time available to me now.

I’m hitting my stack hard and heavy today and tomorrow. Then the plan is to take an extended break - like 5 days as I haven’t done one of those in a while and I will be 41 days into this stack.