HappyHero Stack - Stark T / Daredevil / PCC


I’ll be closely following your journal, your stack is something I’d consider myself.

How long have you been running each program for, and what have been your observations with Power Can Corrupt? I appreciate the detailed response where you thoroughly explained the effects of Ascension, which I can only agree on, having ran it myself in the past. Personally I haven’t had a change to try out Daredevil, but given that I’m an entertainer naturally and I do not seek to have these urges to go out and socialize, I’ll pass on it for now.

Ascension is an awesome subliminal for personal power, productivity and the urge to improve every moment of the day, I feel it goes hand in hand with Stark to add that masculine edge to it.

Looking forward to future updates!



I have taken a subliminal break for 5 days starting the night of 20June. @Hermit, I just read your comment in the other thread that you were on a break as well. What a synchronicity, had no clue about the planetary situation but just felt it was time for an extended hiatus :hushed:

It’s hard to say anything of note that happened during this 5 day hiatus. I’m guessing once I start back up I will better be able to contrast the experience.

That means tonight I will start back up with a couple loops of my stack and call this Day 41 and I will report back tonight.


Day 41

Dudes, these extended hiatuses (after consistent listening of at least a month) are amazing!

I just got through the first listen through of my stack after 5 days off.

I’m feeling the subs on a whole new level, and just spent the last 15 minutes sitting on my balcony reflecting on all the lessons that were presented to me over these last 40 days. The fact that I took them on, they weren’t all easy and comfortable, but I have integrated them and reached a new level.

It’s all quite amazing.


Day 42

Man, Ascension Q is hitting hard. I believe I’m on about 10 days into it since switching out Daredevil. What I’ve noticed:

-Went out as bars/restaurants are now open in my state. Bartenders and servers, specifically MALE bartenders, are treating me like absolute shit

-I keep my positive mentality and stay friendly to them

-However, I used to be a pushover and still tip well. The past couple days I have left $1 tips for the bartenders/servers that are assholes. I know in Europe and other countries tipping isn’t standard but in the US a 15% tip is minimum expected. So a $1 tip on a $50 tab is making a statement

-I believe this is part of the reconciliation where I am becoming more alpha but not yet integrated it yet. Thus other dudes are kind of challenging this new me. Tonight I was at a bar and the couple next to me even mentioned how they got their next drink immediately and the bartender ignored me.

-My driving has been really aggressive and I’ve had serious road rage

Riding it out! Changes are happening!


I know what you mean …I have been having these anger rages…and driving really aggressively…any idea why this happening?
An alpha male supposed to be calm and not aggressive…


Stay strong man! I’ve been a pushover my whole life so this is actually a relief.

You gotta cross the line to learn where the line is.


Day 43

Stark TERMINUS is absolutely wild and I love it. The time dilation is happening again. Also, it’s so crazy - I will think of a person I haven’t heard from in a while and they will either text, call, or I’ll run into them very randomly.

Yesterday, I thought of my buddy who lives in my town. Haven’t seen him since before quarantine. Thought of him yesterday and randomly ran into him in a starbucks today. I live in a major city in the US so that’s pretty out there. Stuff like this happens at an alarming rate on TERMINUS.

On another note, I wish I could add just a bit of Emperor into Stark. When I was on Emperor I was so disciplined. I would wake up at 5:30am, workout, meditate, journal, and get to work. Stark is exactly what I needed to put myself out there on youtube and videos for my business. But I definitely fell of the wagon with my strict morning routine since dropping Emperor.


I agree a lot on that one. Discipline is a masculine aspect and since Stark is scripted to be unisex, it won’t necessarily give you that, same goes for masculine dominance and alpha male behavior.

Since I really enjoy Stark and it’s whole Archetype I’m deliberately creating a Custom which combines Ascension & Stark with some additions to merge them into one. Emperor was created out of Ascension, which makes it obvious to merge Ascension with Stark to get similar qualities.

Personally I had the most productive period in my life when I was on Ascended Mogul, I ran Emperor before that, which doesn’t make it a coincidence.


As someone who has run both subs, what do you find are the major differences you notice between Emperor and Ascension?
I’m aware ascension is a core within Emperor and ascension hits faster.
I mean In terms of sense of purpose, attraction, discipline, confidence, that kind of thing, or anything in particular you notice.