Healing the Dragon

  1. Loop
    I feel regeneratet
    Tinnitus is high again ears are numb but it feels like healing my ears.
    I don’t lisen the subs loud
    1 hour later Massive Anger and hate arises but I can direct it now. I don’t let it out on other people instead I am digging for the root cause. Most of the Anger is because of unhappynes how the circumstances are in my life and limited views


@Dragonrider- Very intense stuff, bro. All the more interesting since it’s one of my life goals to go to Peru and do Ayahuasca


@raphael come to our center
Problem is with Ayahuasca that you all ways end up in the Frame from the Shaman you drink with afterwards.
Our Shaman is the Shaman for other Shamans and his views are like this: 99%of shamans are Scharlatans. The plants are the healers I’m am only awake them in you so they can work.

ELOY is his name.
He dominates everything from dark to light and because of that no dark spirits enter the ceremony and he gives you the freedom to explore. That’s something no other shamans do Or Can. Afterwards you can do with your live whatever you want. You can go dark or light or every color in between

Normally you end up in the level/limitations of the shaman you drink with.


@Dragonrider - that’s awesome. I used to wonder about this too. Whether I will be adviced by the “DMT Spirits” to do something that I don’t want to do. For eg- I would love to remain single for the rest of my life. Would anyone in the spirit world advice me against that when ingest the plant? Or would I be asked to take a profession I don’t like? Questions like that make me wonder.


Look Ayahuasca itself will never do something against your will.
Its a powerful ally you have for the rest of your life that Gives you power and always ask you:WHAT DO YOU WANT( if you have the luck to drink it with a professional in this realm-and 99%aren’t.)
What will happen is that the true you Wil come to the surface if you like it or not and you have to accept yourself. Then it’s easy. (change is always possible)
What you Say is exactly why I advise people to come with me in our camp. BECAUSE IT’S SAFE.
The only shit you face in our camp is your own shit. And if it’s to much you will be helpt very efficient.
But if you like to merge with some helpful spirits you can do that in our center too. Actually plenty of that :joy::grin::sun_with_face::sun_with_face:
Because only positiv ceremonys are held with Eloy
Think of the possibilitys we offer and then ask other centers if they can provide this level of service


Day 2 update
2 loops and I am finish with custom subs for today.
I have much energy but it’s heavy processing time in my brain. It’s working like crazy.
Now I have to relax and wait until I get the feeling I can continue


Are you taking breaks?


@pacman No
Stood up 10 min ago with such a shitty state
I like to cry deeply and I feel very bad
So I am lisen to the first loop for today
Thats how work is done

Day 3.

Now I get what this shit state is:
drawback from life
Unhealthy views about reality
Unwillingness to proceed

That’s actually part of my childhood what I feel now. OK now I can work with that.

OK some traumatic memories popping up in my mind, body energetic-memory and somehow I came to the conclusion: I already expirienced that in my past, it didn’t kill me, it will not kill or hurt me, I survived that in the past so I can expirience this and live through it and realese it once and for all.
I did it- now I don’t even have a memory of this particular experience



OK I learn it this time.
I am again very tired
I workt beautifuly today on my inner state and it goes fantasticly easy. But after 3-hours work on myself I need a pause, I am very tired but happy with myself.
I thought I Coud do it longer


Sitting in a bar and loneliness overcomes me, i want to enjoy life with a beautiful partner.
Desperation is heavy at the moment I Coud cry instantly.
Time to let it out of me forever


What the fuck Is coming out of me.
I walk down the streets in front of 2 guys and 1 female. Suddenly I start to tense up to the point I couldn’t walk strait and do lines like a snake, then I get some spastic movement in my face and fear arises.
So I am diving into this fear to see what’s the root cause is and I have this laughable fear that people Coud laugh about me.
Pfffffffffffff that’s a real joke-I never knew I had something that stupid inside me​:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Day 4
I played 1 loop during sleep.
I stood up with the feeling I don’t want to continue on life I give up.
I was running 4 times to the toilet vomiting pretty hard. The shit is out.
Now I have this underlying happy feeling of happiness to continue and all wil go well.
:grin::grin::grin:What a morning


Day 5
1loop of the Elixir Ultima
It cleaned out whatever my custom sub brought to the surface.
Panick and Fear dissolving
Ever present feeling of fight and flight gone
Unhealthy beliefs leaving
Knock out for 4 hours strait into bed
Stood up clean, refresht, more whole, relaxt in myself, present just good



This evening I was out in bar I go regularly.
This one guy 1 1/2heads taler than me startet out of nothing to shitmouthing into my face for 1 minute and start to push me with his hands until a Frend of him saw my expression, jumpt into the scene and drag him away.
Normally this kind of action triggers me very badly and it happen once in 3 years.
But today was different in a couple of ways.

  1. I start to shaking full of power and hate
  2. My monster is coming out ready to cripple him
    3.fear Arises
    Then a statechange happen
    I realize that fear is not useful in this situation and I need to be ready and powerfull
    Fear energy transformed into steel energy ready for everything with a cool head
    Fear completely dissolved and power was gained through fear

Then the same guy leaving the bar, but he needed to come to me again and challenge me to go outside
I was very cool and relaxt even lookd his girlfriend in the eye during his pseudo macho theater.

I walked out 2 min after he left and realized that this is exactly where I needed to grow.
For me this is survival instinct in action.
Pretty cool


so what happened, he challenged you to a fight outside?


For nothing
But It didn’t happen.
I never start a war in a place I return often.


Still day 5
First day I can lisen 2 loops of the Healing custom.
Again it’s really dense but I like it
Tomorrow no loops


Day 6
This combo is super super effective.
2 loops of custom healing sub befor bed, 1 loop the Elixir Ultima right after I open my eyes at morning.
I was running 3 times to the toilet 18min after I start the Elixir.
1.Unhealthy state I vomited out was, I make life bad
2.i drag life down
3. Find mistakes in people everywhere and accusing them
4. Unhealthy patterns I adopt from my father leaving
During vomiting I heard the Ayahuasca speaking too me: this is very effective what you do,you make it easy for me to work with you, next time you drink you get a present
I responded:this is the second day with this combo and I am gona doo it 5 weeks
Then the Ayahuasca was very happy and laughed

The rest of the loop I did dwell in some beautiful white and blue light

What a powerful combination =healing custom +the Elixir +powerful spirits Allys who shoot the shit out of me

Thank you @SaintSovereign and @Fire


2 loops of custom befor bed an I am nowhere near I was yesterday or with one loop in the beginning.
The only thing I can say is : the last 6 days I vomited like a real Champion my shaman woud be proud of me.

I am going for a 3rd loop


what is causing the vomiting?
It sounds like you are connected to the spirit of Ayahuasca
and it gets invoked upon your healing, even if your not taking it.