Healing the Dragon


You are 100% right
The moment you let the Ayahuasca live inside you, you have it forever. It’s a big POWERFULL Ally/Frend. And I have a couple of Frends😁
I have one big black Snake inside me, she lives in me. That’s the Ayahuasca Spirit. Whenever I had to deal with unhealthy Emotions/states It made me vomit/purge
Super super Effective beyond your imagination

One good example to understand it fully.
I saw a real happy Family and I started to cry inside because I had nothing even remotely close to a family. So I am talking to the Ayahuasca : please make me purge all the negative emotions that is connected to this topic out of me.
The Ayahuasca asked me back: are you sure?
Yes I am sure I replied
In 3 seconds I start vomiting soooo hard my head was bursting an my body hurts.
Afterwards all the sadness, negative state is gone.
And this was yesterday.
Today I lisen again to the Elixir Ultima and no trauma was coming up.
But I saw myself in this poor financial state, helpless, and then I snapped and say to myself : never ever I going poor, this is no place for me. I ran instantly to the toilet and vomited pretty pretty hard. Then I suddenly have this state: I can live abundantly, I am alive so I give myself the present of abundance. I have no resistance now to accept this as my new reality.
In combination with healing subs and Elixir Ultima its the most effective combo.

If you are interested in a experience like that just pm me freely


That sounds really powerful and amazing
I respect and applaud this aspect of your journey
and I appreciate the offer, I have given a lot of thought to this along my path and looked for spiritual guidance on it and I am not currently guided to take Ayahuasca. It’s not the time yet.

this sounds like EOG stage 1 as part of your healing.


Jup this is EoG st1. Regeneration was dominant for 6 days and Survival Instinct was also present.
Now is EoG in the line.

Another question I have. Yesterday I get heavy tiredness from my 1st custom sub after I finish it.
Today I lisen 30 min from my 2.custom and have to stop it. I am heavy tired right now.
How can this happen?
Maybe because so much shit Is out of me and the subs working on free space=more info accepted from my brain


I respect you choice.
If you change your mind feel free to contact me


I definitely will :slight_smile:


because clearing the old stuff out is just the beginning. Now the foundations for traumas, and hurt never happening again or in the same way are being laid, as well as the foundations for massive wealth in terms of EOG stage 1.


Thanks for your answer.
I don’t get tired from the Healing sub.
I get tired from the other customs


I have a theory
I get tired when the subs generate a new state in my where I have no confidence
Can this be true?


That makes more sense, yes fatigue may be your ‘flavor’ of reconciling new state’s beliefs and identity with your current one’s


OK. Do I have to push through or lessen the input (1 loop per week)
What is your opinion?
Tomorrow I tried something different,first Sanguine Ultima then my first custom sub


How are you using cycling your 3 subs now?


I started with custom 1-Ascension Daredevil Inner circle and goodfeel module
12 days strait

Then custom 2 - HOM and Kahn ST4 for 4 days wit custom 1—no problem at all

Then custom 3 - Regeneration Q EoG st1 and Survival Instinct for 6 days plus the last 3 days the Elixir Ultima

Yesterday 1 loop of custom 1 and 6 hours tiredness

Today half loop of custom 2 and I had to stop it
Fully tired.

Custom 3 is no problem

Looks like this
C. 1- 16 days
C. 2- 4 days
One week no c1 and c2
C. 3-6days


It sounds like your very energetically sensitive, so you may deviate from the norm but I would do standard 5 days a week two days off.
Run 1 Q sub consistently 5 days a week
and alternate the other 2

So for A,B,C subs

So day 1 A, B subs,
day 2 A,C subs
Day 3 A, B subs,
Day 4, A,C Subs,
Day 5 A,B subs
two days off

then next week switch B and C and the week after switch back and so on

after a month switch A for B-so now you will consistently run B 5 days a week and alternate a and c

I would have A be Ascension based custom


In my experience if I get very tired and keep going, I usually get energetic again. It tends to be waves, if that doesn’t work, take a drink with electrolytes or some fast acting food that will support the brain.


Thank you Azriel for you opinion
I Wil give that system a testrun

Energetic developt😉


Loop 2 is not realy bad
Just a little bit shit
But I have pain in my right brain side from pressure.
I thought the second loop Wil increase the ugliness but I think it went through in the previous loop.
Still felling like I vomit all the time


I slept only 5 hours
I pist in my bed
I lisen to the Elixir Ultima now
It roots out the cause
Fear of my Father
Its about time
Instand toilet run
Pressure in my left eye disolving
Silver eye healed
Pressure in my brain dropping
Some lability in my head level is leaving/closing
Fear in my head disolving
No more fear I Coud do the shit other people do
This is soooooo good


I underestimatet this subliminals completely, I always thought : jup they work tip top but it’s surface change, its reaching not deep enough.
Since yesterday I was proven wrong
I like that very much
This makes me even more of a fan


2.loop Elixir Ultima now


bruh i am scared to use healing subs now.:sweat: Are you good now ?