Healing the Dragon


I am tip top Bro
Please relax enjoy the Healing subs fearlessly and benefit from them.
They fucking work
Something I can say for sure: you will never expirience the shit I experienced
So go on Heads up and chest full


Why didnt you go for khan stage 1?


I used a pendulum and Khan wasn’t choosen
I thought Khan woud be a sure thing but it wasn’t
Maybe I need to feel the shit instead of crumbling it
I don’t know
But I am very good with this combo and learned alot


2.loop of Elixir Ultima 25min in
Its powering me up like crazy


I am thinking of running RegenerationQ after 1 month of EQ


I try something different this time
I remember that the Elixir was about guiding the energy so I directed the energy the Elixir Ultima gave me to heal my tinnitus. The energy in my belly moved up into my head and started to dissolve pressure in my ears and jaw then I noticed that some liquid from the back of my skull flowing downwards a couple of times.
Now my eardrums burning.
I know this is healing
Pressure in my ear dropt 50%
Now the energy is flowing down in my belly again


do you listen to Elixir Ultima with headphones?
does the ultrasonic effect your tinnitus?

Also what is your tinnitus like… is is ringing, or buzzing etc?

I’m curious because I get some weird ear sensations with these sinus issues I have and want to see if it is similar.


Constant tone on both ears and ringing on the right as an exra joke
But it’s dropping now
I lisen at the Lowest volume possible and it works

Jup I lisen always with headphones


1loop befor bed
30 min in
some bad stuff is coming up, it feels very dark and heavy but I already know this. I pulled it up and out of me and destroyd this shitty energy.
Now somhow better
There is still more, dark swamp like shit
I need to erase that shit, can’t wait for the subliminal to work faster.


1 loop done
What was coming up was: emotional over-eating
Eating out of frustration
I have done that during my childhood all the time
I think this stops now or it will be healed with the subs
That’s very interesting
I never thought of that as a real problem but now I start to look for a solution where I can let my frustration out, instead of emotional over-eating.
Loop 2 start


Today I get a message from covid tracking org.
I was i a place where some dude had corona.
I have to go 10 days in quarantäne
This fuckt me up big time
I am so a social being and without social interaction my energy don’t light up
This is cryptonite for me
All the Healing stuff was easy but this is real shit

Inside I am crying and screaming
I don’t want to be alone


But let’s see how good this healing stack works.
This is the 10 days testrun of the Elixir Ultima now


I am on the 4th loop of my custom sub
Running a few times to the toilet
Came in touch with some nasty shit inside me.
Needed to intervent
Now is better
Still shitty places in myself are active but I am able to work now on myself
OH boy what a ride
I wish I Coud do now a ceremony to shoot all the shit out


I think I made a mistake with my healing sub.
I should only include RegenerationQ
I reorder my healing sub
Exatly the same without EoG st1 and Survival Instinct.


OK I reordered the Healing sub.
For the futur it’s best for me to keep it simple so I can lisen to it every time and everywhere.
I didn’t like that after 4 days of my old healing sub EoG St1 kickt in. I wasn’t finish with Regeneration Q. And then it started to mix this 2 programs. It was a very shitty ride.
I learned.
I added Sanguine and Gratitude Embodiment and think this time I nailed it for long time use


I completely stop over-eating and I even cut back the volume I eat.
I smoked a green one yesterday and had some pretty useful realizations.
Today I was watching a TV show : shitts creek
The story goes like this : super super super rich family loose everything and has to live in a small town.
The moment I saw the mother freak out because she has to sleep In a motel I was laughing in joy that she has it bad now (like me)
Then i did a dive in to see what is inside me and I found: I am happy that others have it bad and I drag them down to my level
Jealousy of other people’s good life
I forbid others to have it good
Want to see rich people suffer
I like to steal the the fortunes of others
I want it for nothing
So I felt the whole shit and then pulled the jealousy out of my body and burnt it.

Now I hear thoughts : it’s beautiful if others have it better, I allow myself to live a better life also.

Eo3 st 1 at work
Pretty Impressive how deep it digs (the first 2 days where realy horrible, like I was trapt in a dark brown black swamp+zero energy )
But now it’s OK, I can Handel it.

Actually it was so bad that I reordered my healing custom without EoG and Survival Instinct :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


I basically copy you, and now you tell me :rofl:

I’m teasing, I think EOG would be a tough mix with those, you may come back to it.
I did Survival Instinct/Regeneration/PCC -will see how it goes.
I’m not so sure regeneration mixes well with anything lol


Why did you get rid of Survival Instinct though?


I need to know what is possible with a single custom sub, and it was realy to much of a mix.
I want to get this one thing done solidly and this is Healing. Then I gain larger room in myself for other subliminals


And yes I come back fore sure.

But to be honest I piss in my bed since 2 days out of fear and I have heavy panic attacks where I loose the connection to here and now.
Can’t mix with EoG
Need to heal the mess my Father ingrained in me first, then the way is open


Something very cool happened today.
After the 1st loop of the Elixir Ultima. I noticed that a very strong energy is activating in me with the speed of a kalashnikov. Heavy Panick and Fear arises to the point I Coud not concentrate any longer on reality. I turned on the second loop E. U. and was ready to face it.
I saw myself hiding as a 2 year old baby ind the furniture then some life threatening attacks from my childhood and finally the one that’s causing the panic attacks. This person wanted to murder me with a big stone and I Coud draw my head to the site so the stone was hitting the ground.
I had to re-expirience that.
Regeneration made me realize :I can let go of all that is nod good for me and regenerate my energy to the point I am stronger than the trauma.
Elixir Ultima opens my energy channels to let all that is not good for me out
The moment I realy realized that is it time now to let it all go some energy tubes formed on my back, strait to the Earth and all the fear is flushing out of me. Then I was still shaking and immediately Survival Instinct kicked in and installed a level of :I am secure now and here
I will test it today, when I lite a green one how deep the Healing was.
I can only say one thing