Healing the Dragon


New healing sub is here.
Thank you Subliminalclub
It feels fantastic


The new Healing sub with Regeneration Q as single core is absolute fantastic.

I did 1 loop and afterwards 1loop of The Elixir Ultima. Seems like the custom brings whatever needs to heal to the surface and Elixir Ultima clean it out.

I set a intension before I lisen to the sub.
: I trust that this session work better then before


I can feel that from the first loop
Try it Bro
If you do a single custom healing sub, do yourself a favor and ad Sanguine that’s Key

The difference is: now I have the feeling of its easy and I gona do it effortlessly to heal all my stuff

Without Sanguine it was like: it’s hard I need to persevere


Running rebirth right now, it makes me feel so light :blush:


Day 17
First day I run a custom sub and the Elixir Ultima and I am in peace, super relaxed, regeneratet and in a good mood.
Had yesterday a 2 hours heavy realese and afterwards it clicked in my head. I am ready for the next step so I ordered this custom sub

Primal Seduction Q Core
Sex Mastery XQ Core
Sexiness Unbound
Limit Destroyer
Prevent Premature Ejaculation
Inner Voice
Transcendental Connection
Natural Winner
Male Enhancement
Love Without Attachment
Submodel Alpha
Sexual Manifestation
Emperor’s Voice
Sexual Manifestation
Blue Skies
Deep sleep


Do you have two sexual manifestation in there?


Ohhhhh now I see it also
I contac Saint Sovereign maybe I have luck.
Thank you WhiteTiger


Today the moment I walked out of my place to go out some fear struck me

What if people could see that I am not so strong
What if my mask falls down and they see my weaknesses

Instantly I told myself it’s OK even if they see me that way, because I can always change and I progress now from this standpoint, growing stronger and healthier

Somehow a piece of my maskerade felt of off me, then I thought that I am really weak and I am gona doo whatever is necessary to eliminate this weakness

More updates later

OK, the point that makes me weak is the state of
:I can’t do anything
I made a bubble in my mind with this sentence in the bubble and then many bubbles more with options, then I look at all the options and came to the conclusion that :I can do something and I can always choose

Now helpnessless pops up
I am watching it in the eye and say :IAm not. I am powerful

One of my main topics appears: Sadness
I see the world as a sad place without anything good in it. I realese this charge since 1 hour
Now I can see that it is not a sad world
Overcompesation with being a Clow is finish
I always fell in side me emotionally in a warm lake-this warm lake was actually sadness
That’s finish now

Good stuff this Subliminals
Very effective


So what will you be running
your new healing custom
and your new primal seduction custom?


Sex custom is for later.
I will continue at least 1 month with healing subs.


Bro you are going to have so much woman :rofl::rofl:


Jup that will be cool


Today I register for a bar to enter and I became via contact tracing a message with a code.
I have to show the security this code with my ID card.
When I look down on the code I saw : KAAN
so I thought:what a coincidence, let’s try my Khan custom.
It feels soooooo goooooood
Its like the sub have very little resistance to execute his program.
All thanks to the custom Healing subs and Elixir Ultima.
I will continue with Healing subs.


The last 2 day I get to the conclusion that the Healing process is somehow complete. Much if not everything of what I wanted out of my system is gone. So I thought :cool now it’s doing not much.
I was wrong
Today I experienced coldness
I expirienced that my head trys to dominate my feelings/sexuality to be free of distraction.
To moment I let this domination happen I get a cold feeling from my throat to my feet.
The moment I don’t let this domination happen I feel my body and warm energy flows back.
Now I don’t want this cold state anymore to be the ruling state.
I change now for my own good


Today I had fear realese on many levels while listening to the Elixir Ultima.
Feeling pretty good the whole day


Day 18
1loop of Elixir Ultima right after I stood up
After 26 min I was running to the toilet
Vomitet just once but very good
This time it was like a whole being vomit
Afterwards I continued to lisen
I saw myself how I was in a ceremony and vomited shit out of my system only to drink again the same shit, then I realized that I Vomitet the circle of shit repetition out.
I always had this nagging feeling of : I am somehow sick, this is gone now.
Now it’s getting pretty interesting
Now the subliminals come close to what I want them to do.

Update. Since 9 hours I am tired, sleepy and on the same time full of energy.
Time for a stop 1-2days or more.


Day 19
I loop Elixir Ultima
First time I feeling fit and ready for the day.
No tiredness
Some good cleaning during listening😉
Basically I get to the state where I don’t hurt myself any more (I only did it as a child, but the energy of self hurt was still in me and is now gone)
And then I realized that I can let go of all limiting, unhealthy beliefs.

Super sessions


Hallo Folks
I am super stoned right now
The last hour I was going trouhg different topics thtah the subs brought to the surface

Healing subs work I can see that now.



I loop of Elixir Ultima
Toilet run after 16 min.
Ugly stuff is removed
Then It workt on my head levels. I came to the conclusion that unhealthy beliefs no more benefiting me so let them go completely from now on


how do you feel peeling these beliefs away?