Healing the Dragon


They just leave
The energy to let them go out of me is all ready installed - so I believe
I had no negative belief today that enter my consciousness.
the opposite happened today-I lisen to 1loop of Ascension, Daredevil, inner circle custom sub and after 30 min I get again realy tired, then I make a walk and I see guys with girls and heavy despair arises, so I lisen what’s behind this despair hiding and I hear: I Wil never find someone
I Coud somehow maintain control of this state and say to myself: this is not true, this belief is leaving me now.
And it happen
Now the whole despair state looses power and I can feel that I Wil have many women.
I am calm about this topic now
And slowly I feel happynes


wow bro i did this exact same thing
this is the proper way to Take Action for healing imo
when you do like this, healing can happen very fast and powrful
in first week of emperor i nearly start crying lol i had some nasty belief i was running away from
if i didnt face it, it would probably linger in some low level for a long time and extend the reconciliations

i see it the exact same way bro, you already have the energy to let go, the subs is just a tool to help you release those toxic beliefs


3rd loop Elixir Ultima today
Now its working strong
Now 4th loop, I can Handel that


Today is the first day since the start of this Healing journey I didn’t listen to a sub.
30 days is a hard thing to do but it was worth it
I order tomorrow a custom sub for Fitness, I need to get this part of my life handled.

I Coud talk hours about this last month’s journey but I keep it simple.

I continue custom Healing + Elixir Ultima
It was and still is worth 2 do it
Guid yourself with intension and much is possible
Besides ceremonys it’s one of the most powerful tools I found, in combination TOP
Subliminalclubs tools helping me tremendously

Rock n Roll


Month 2
I have 5 customs now
1 Ascension, Daredevil, Inner Circle
2 HOM & Khan st 4
4 Primal Seduction & Sex Mastery
5 Alchemist st1 & 2

After this healing Month I don’t need to be bombarded with subliminals, 1 loop a day is enough for a week.
Exept Regeneration Q and the Elixir Ultima I lisen every day

So yesterday I was playing Primal Seduction and when I was at home I fell asleep for 1 hour
I had an enlightening dream so to speak.
I was in a big house sitting on the computer
Many people where living there
Then the door opens and a realy dirty( dirty hands, Hair,face, fuck up clothes ugly smell… The whole package) looking women enters the room.
She had this street punk attitude and I didn’t like her.
Somehow I heard somebody directing her into my direction and I hear : go to Leo he can help you.
So she sits next to me and asking me what I can help her with. I thought let’s start with subs for your self worth and was showing her Ascension for women on the internet.
Then she started to touch my hand and I told her to stop because it was gross. I continue showing her stuff and then I felt her vibe was very sexual and ugly not from a human more from an animal/reptile. I heard a guy who was miraculously sitting 3 meters away in a bed made out of silk screaming at her: you are ugly
The I turned to her an her tong was out, she wanted to lick my face. She was so ugly I didn’t want to touch her to push her away, so I draw my head back and the pice of shit is coming nearer to me pushing her tong into my direction.
I was ready to give her my steel fist right into her face, then I woke up.

I never did dream interpretation/learning but since the 1st loop of alchemist/mystery module I have that ability to release energy in my dreams.

I expirience this dream as myself in the position as a women and she was the guy
I Coud realese this ugly Sexual energy from myself in the dream

Conclusions :
Sexual energy must be realy high quality to enjoy sex.
If I have high quality sexual energy, women Wil not resist me.
It feels shit for a women when the guy has ugly sexual energy/vibe,doesn’t matter how he looks
I create now a super super enjoyable sexual vibe in me first.
Not that I am ugly in the way she was but I can pay more attention to my outer appearance


After 1 week of easygoing with subliminals
I Coud realese some heavy sadness
I am grateful for that



Now that you’ve been listening to a number of healing modules, what do you notice as things are being healed for you?

Are there some healing modules that seem to be working more than others?


Uffff what a question and where do I start. But I try.

The biggest thing is that I expirienced life threatening situations since I am 2 years old and this is gone now. This traumas are healed now and my way is free to goo wherever I want.

Sounds like not much for a few people but this was 4-8 times a day vomiting energetic energy out of me like a champion.

Fear of destructive Masculine Energy - gone
Panick attacks-gone
Inner shaking-gone
Feeling of beaten down dog–gone
Instant protection from feeling inside-gone
Not able to let life happen-gone
Sadness about my past-gone
Sadness - gone
Give life up and want to dye-gone
No motivation for life-gone
Negative beliefs about myself - gone and still leave
Cold body feeling-gone
Weaknesses I give up and choose strength instead
Selflove-growing as a new base of identity
Change of my negative viewpoints is very easy
Trust in myself-growing solidly
Warm feeling in root and sakral region
Mercy with others if I want
Forgiveness learnd
No need to believe something negative about me
Patience with others
Self talk improvement
Ability to accept but not get lost in feelings
Ability to expirience emotions fully
Ability to let go of feelings
Automatic flush out of energetic impurities if I want

How can I say this for sure?
I test it with some tools​:hammer_and_wrench::grin:
I have difficultys to remember or feel what bad shit I expirienced as child/teenager, in most cases its not possible any more.
Even the memorys are gone


They all do work
Even if somebody don’t feel like it’s working
Some people don’t have access what’s going on inside them, so how can they say if something is working or not.
But it does😉


This was a very cool experience I had.
I wantet to go to peru in our camp for 6 weeks but it’s Unclear if it’s possible to fly in.
So I was coming home today an took the pipe out fill in a little bit changa, lite it up and somehow I had a flush of emotions and unhealthy states.
They just left my body and I enjoy the light


So after a pause for a week I am back.
This last month of pure healing subs was very very good.
Since yesterday I lisen to custom subs again and they work so profoundly better than ever.

Also I have the feeling of less is realy doing more work now.

I only need 1 loop for a week of my other custom subs
:+1: Thank you Subliminalclub