Help for Building New Custom


I think I have just the stack for you. :wink:

GLM Ultima = Emperor’s dominance & status, without the 100% Focus on Money making.
Stark Ultima = All Stark’s qualities, without actually putting in the effort towards Fame.

Optionally, you may use Ascension in place of GLM-U.

You don’t need a custom for this. :smile:

PS: The quality of my recommendations comes from my experience with the products.

I don’t guide members on Modules because I haven’t invested in a Custom yet, and even when I do, it will be years before I get around to testing 100+ modules. So, only stacks from me. :blush:


I’m curious about your experience of this.


It’s been great, I think it’s slow but coming - I have had to overcome challenges of course

I listened to each of this programs before as well though, I didn’t just dive in with the custom - but yeah, it’s been a slow process, but sometimes I have breakthroughs

-insecurities about my body size I resolved it just yesterday (EF)

  • things like people attacking me and at first me working about how to handle it whereas later I decided if people are like that in fact I can enjoy attacking them (khan)
    desire to grow in other dimensions and ways beyond just physical stuff (alchemist)


thanks bro, let me see how this goes =)

I tried GLM-U tbh it wasn’t like emperor…
emperor gives a different feeling to me
but maybe it’s just sometimes the ups and downs of life

khan gives that same feeling sometimes… I think I’ve done too many loops of terminus last night, plus I have covid (AI: covid 19 is of massive help here tbh) and exams soon (stressed!)


Been through it myself. Stonewalling of all Q subs was actually my first symptom. :smile:
Took about 3 weeks before I responded acceptably to the scripts.

I won’t recommend buying/testing anything for the next couple weeks.



I feel very weird indeed

it’s not like a flu - at least I’ve got some of the good Chinese medicines that make it much easier I think

but… something feels off more than with a normal flu


So you continued running your stack while stonewalling?


That conversation was here: … interestingly in response to @ALMIGHTY

I haven’t closed the loop on that thread yet though. :blush:


Also I pretty much want stark without the fame and celebrity part, that’s where I prefer emperor

  • plus all of emperor

looking to see how to create that with a custom


@Floridianninja any ideas? =)

@friday can. you help also please?


You could always make Emperor with Lion IV, Trailblazer, Inner Circle. I have thought of different ways to get a stark like emperor. I wish there was more modules from stark and emperor lol.


Thanks man

I guess inner circle is in khan already

rest I have included… but there are some sexiness etc stuff I feel in Stark… idk based on what I have do you think I’ve included everything?

Blue Skies
Emperor Q Core
New beginnings
transcendental connection
submodel alpha
merger of worlds
regeneration q core
auric overdriver
secrets of akasha - wealth
harmonic singularity
instant business tactician
power can corrupt q core

Previous custom includes:
Khan st4 q core
long-range seduction
inner voice
dream traveler
physicality shifter - sexiness
epigenetic & DNA modulator
direct influencing aura
Carpe Diem ascended
emperor fitness st4 q core
alchemist st4 q core
productivity unleashed
lion IV
iq and cognitive booster


What is it you don’t like about your last custom?


I love my last custom
but I do want something like Emperor as well (esp wealth part is lacking but also the feeling of Emperor I love it - just above the world:D)

as well as having QL there, and yeah, just more ‘getting shit done’, more emperor… and even more stuff, like sexiness, healing, money, etc

of course it’d have been impossible to include it all in 1 custom, I hope 2 can kinda get it done…



what if I simply include both Emperor and Stark

Would this also be okay since it’s a custom, or would they clash?


Okay, I am just going to tell honestly what I think. It might or might not resonate with you.

You ALREADY have a custom which will bring you very similar results to what you are asking for. Khan has ton of wealth and „sexiness“ scripting and Alchemist will heal you spiritually.
Keep in mind, Alchemist St4 and Khan St4 are very dense, probably two of the most dense subs in the whole catalogue and you combined them plus 18 more modules. You could now switch subs but the results won’t come faster with another or even two new customs, each with 20 modules. You are probably much better of keeping running your current custom for 4-6 more months and then reevaluate what you need.


I would put DEUS in every custom honestly.

You could put Ascended Mogul in this one or maybe EoG stage 4 depending on what exactly you are looking for. Having emperor and khan is honestly too much alpha in my own opinion. Plus it keeps this sub a little smaller. Also emperor overlaps with romance too since it has the full script of sex mastery.

I mean you could include them both i’ve wanted to do that many times but i was wondering the same exactly thing if they clashed or not. Plus that would be 2 crazy dense subs you would be running but at this point not sure if it matters lol.

Only thing you don’t want to do is stone wall yourself with too much info at one time. So if you do run these i would suggest alternate days 1&2 with day 3 off after then day 4&5 then rest again on the weekend.

If you decided on Stark and Emperor i would not run anything with Khan because it is totally not needed with those 2 combined lol.


I think House of Medici and Quantum Limitless Stage 4 are probably the most dense out of them all lol.


If you still decide to get another custom, I would keep it as less dense as possible. I personally run a 21 module custom and then switched to a very similar 14 module custom and the results are night and day.



But I thought empror/ stark could help me here

I could just do Stark Terminus for now perhaps

Do you think the things from Emperor I want, are already attainable with this stack ( stark + my custom?) @friday?

I love some of the things in it… the alpha feeling of beyond beyond this world, etc :smiley: Not so likeable as in Stark either, so I hope by consciously guiding it I can be more like iw as on emperor cuz I really enjoy that


Personally i have noticed that i always thought Emperor and Stark would make an awesome match but since they are so dense it would be a bad idea to run anything else unless it was a smaller custom. But then again i know nothing i create subs and then change my mind about them lol. I have been working on a custom sub build for the past 2 months bc i can’t decided what i want to run. Even when i start running something i get in a funk and everything goes out the window ive been analyzing my goals and wants the past few wants and they have changed about 30 times lol im so horrible at this it is ridiculous.