Help for Building New Custom


I love your honesty and openness

When we have more info on what’s in every module / core I think it’ll get bit easier, also as people gain more experience slowly

And I learnt some lessons already today about how to make a better decision when making it - defos worth discussing and consulting with others


The main point of making you reflect in this is basically to prioritize. If you have one category that you score 8 and the other one 7.both are important, but one of them will be more important for you! Which means you will have to do a choice.

Also, I am happy to see other people joining in the conversation because I can throw around ideas, but I don’t know everything. Khan is pretty strong at talking to people and flirting, selling dominance. But, it’s not the best if you want shit ton of productivity. This is something I saw by testing both of them, I haven’t tryed all of it so having other people input is a must.

But I still encourage you to think before you make a big purchase.


I understand

thanks so much for your feedback

I’ll test and report back, depending on how it goes

one thing is for sure: khan is amazing :smiley:


First, do not judge subs by feels, but by the way your subconscious reacts & guides during your action-taking.

Second, test stacking the Ultimas with EmperorQ.
Stark Ultima
Beyond Limitless Ultima
True Social Ultima

Spend a week on each stack. Taking all actions that you want supported.

If, and only if, and even if, all these tests are failures - that experience should guide you about exactly what it is that you are looking at adding to EQ.

That is how you will create a tight custom which will be useful for several months to come.



I pretty much want alchemist without the spirituality and energy part
I pretty much want emperor without the freedom and ambitions part
I pretty much want ascension without the alpha male part
I pretty much want primal without the sex drive part

Forgive them lord for they know not what they ask for. :pray:t2:



Where were at it can I get a
QL without the intelligence
A less social Daredevil
and a more square Ultimate Artist :slight_smile:


I have done experiments and I know exactly what I am looking for. Mentioned already exactly what I want from Stark, which is pretty much all of it without fame part. You think that’s funny so if you know something I don’t, I’d prefer you share it in a courteous manner. Also to me this is not such a key part of Stark, there are other things in it.


Sorry to have hurt your feelings … but every alpha product has a Purpose that it’s Mechanism/Pathway is designed to serve.

Everything that Emperor does is to earn Freedom – from any and all social controls.
… The money, the social detachment, the drive, the skills mastery, the seeming arrogance – are ALL resources that serve the Purpose of Freedom.

Similarly … Stark’s core Purpose is Fame.

So sorry, but for me, saying “Stark without Fame” is like saying “Emperor without Freedom”.

Stark’s creativity, enjoying life, innovativeness, money making, charisma, etc. are NOT in a vacuum. They’re there to gain Popularity.


Now, why did I recommend …

Because of …



I see what you mean mate,

now what if instead of popularity, one aims for freedom while running Stark + Khan

possible ya? I dont see why it won’t work, after all it contains similar scripting and the conscious mind can guide shit

let’s see, I’m gonna be the case study for some time

Also dw my feelings are :ok_hand:

PS I think it’d not make sense to drive a subliminal with the end result being just fame… so perhaps this is your personal opinion said with a lot of confidence - I really wonder how true it is, that the final end-objective is fame for stark. I do hope not, that it’s just a part of the archetype it aims to help you be/become.


Ya tbh, reading the sales copy, it’s definitely not the ‘end result’ it’s aiming for, although innovation, creating something awesome, and getting rich doing it while enjoying life seems to be the aim.

I gotta trust the script these guys have made, and trust myself and my other than conscious mind too :ok_hand:

S’all good. I’ll test this. It’s just I missed the Emperor feel and wanted to be sure I can get it, but I think I can with this too =) esp since Khan is there

when I say feel don’t literally think I care about the feeling
“the feeling” describes a large range of phenomena, events, things that happened or I saw or ways of thinking/being/living, situations, etc all of which created a feeling/certain vibes that I am now referring to and desire to have parts of. Things like the dominance, the total not give a fuck attitude, being above it all, that’s what I refer to. Again, I think with parts of Emperor being in both Khan and Stark this is possible just a bit less noticeable perhaps. So let’s ride on.

Of course, I feel it’s not so nice that there is apparently significant scripting around fame cultivation which I dont want, but… there are other things too that I can have and enjoy, and maybe the fame part in moderation for the right reasons in the right circles, will actually be a great driver of success.


And @Simon thanks for your contribution =)!

It was very helpful in certain ways and I appreciate you taking the time to respond.



I hope you are recovering well from covid.

Are you running the free Aegis Initiative: COVID-19 [Experimental]

In terms of what subliminal to build…

I’d encourage you to prioritize. Maybe pick one theme and build around that. Perhaps you want wealth as your theme. For example, I could use Stark as my base, then build from there. So with Stark as my base, if I want to focus on the wealth part, I could add Financial Success Reality Shifter, Positive Being Attractor-wealth, Secrets of Akasha - wealth, and so forth.

If you already ordered, and I think you did, then the worst thing is you get a subliminal that might be a bit less focused, might take longer to get results, but could still help you achieve what you want. Ford Focus versus Lamborghini Aventador.


Hey there and thanks for your response

Yes I am running 2 looks of that sub a day, it worked really well I think!

About the sub, long story but If I want to go ahead and make it… wondering…
So You’ve seen I think what I’m looking for, it’s a bit not focused as well, but I also used Mosaic in the previous custom so I hope that’s completely fine.

What if I put StarkQ and EmperorQ both in the custom, would that be okay you think ? Also got Khan in the other custom.
Again, previous custom contains:
Khan st4 q core
long-range seduction
inner voice
dream traveler
physicality shifter - sexiness
epigenetic & DNA modulator
direct influencing aura
Carpe Diem ascended
emperor fitness st4 q core
alchemist st4 q core
productivity unleashed
lion IV
iq and cognitive booster

it’s just I really enjoy certain things eg how my girl reacts to me on StarkQ and certain parts of that, but I also resonate more with StarkQ - maybe for now I just keep stacking StarkQ terminus with my old custom…
but I do love how Emperor has this IDGAF attitude, great ambitions, etc

And here is my other question, do you think with conscious guidance of the subliminal Stark can be similar to Emperor, both in how it feels and what kind of life one builds? This is what I’m feeling, so far, but also FOMO maybe makes me think of times when I listened to Emperor and some fo the great aspects of that sub - mostly the immense sense of inner power. -> although I’m feeling this more and more esp when I added limit destroyer U and elixir U since yesterday, I feel that this may all just be in my head

I am basically finding it hard to select one that I like the most, because I like all of these (Emperor stark and Khan), but thinking I may have to limit myself to 2 subs for now (My custom and eg starkq terminus) - this seems to work well , and yeah, I ordered some modules but maybe wont make a custom for now… at some point I can decide on what to make


I understand you like many features of the different programs. How could you design a subliminal to help you achieve this and still have it be focused?

There is overlap among Khan, Emperor, and Stark. What do you want as your foundation? Then what modules could you tack on to get the results you want from the other programs?

Have you read all the descriptions of all the modules at the Q store?


I think I have read them all yes,

I am not sure how to answer this. I think actually something like Khan + Stark

  • parts of emperor that give that unfuckwithability would be great

or maybe I should just go with my old custom + StarkQ, for a while, until I can think about this better - in fact, perhaps what I want from emperor can already be achieved with the current stack if I guide it consciously. This is actually what I’m wondering about, do you know the answer to this based on the personal experience/the scripts if you have seen them? I’m gonna test it but yeah, I feel something is missing compared to when I had emperor in the stack :x:
Really not sure how I’d create a custom tbh

khan is there, atm… the other one I’m not sure if I should go for emperor or stark as foundation, but I think emperor would be a better option, with parts of what’s in stark added through the modules, and I think PCC alsohelps a lot - or maybe I should stick with the custom+ stark T for now, tbh.


Would Stark and Emperor together ina. custom work well @RVconsultant?


I think Stark and Emperor have some contradictory features in there. Emperor is more for going solo. Stark is about seeking the spotlight. Now that could co-exist I suppose. But it could also be contradictory.

At least one person has commented that Emperor lessened his interest in women. Whereas Stark is supposed to make you more sexually appealing. Again, perhaps that could co-exist, but then you’d have women craving you and then you might be without interest in them.


What I do, is I run subliminals I think will help. I try to stay as focused as possible as I can when I design a subliminal. Then I watch the results happen. If they don’t, I reconsider what I’m doing as I continue to listen to my subliminals.

What information do you think you need in order to make a decision about subliminals so that you could stay with a subliminal or stack of subliminals for 6 months?



Then let’s try this… but I do already feel that sense of CRAZY power from emperor isnt there. Perhaps I should add something in there soon. What do you think is the missing link, is it Ascension / Primal or something? :smiley: or just need to give it time and trust the process?


I added this just now.


I suppose just whether my current stack can give me the crazy sense of power Emperor used to give me. Whether I just need to keep running it until I get there… or whether I should add something else into the mix, and what exactly that would be. I’ve tried Godlike masculinity Ultima btw, it was far from Emperor for me. Emperor is sick!

So yes, most importantly, whether what I want can be achieved using my current stack

Also I really dont want to be too much in the spotlight, I rather be the guy behind the curtains more, so there is also that. But I still like many things about StarkQ (charisma, innovation, emperor parts of it that I already do feel, sexiness, etc)

If I know whether my current stack (current custom + StarkQT) can give me the result I’m looking for (which is very many things as I have mentioned in this thread… I realize), then I’ll stick with it. If the insane confidence, power, ambition of emperor is not reachable with this, then I gotta figure out another way maybe. Do you think with conscious guidance that side of emperor can come out in the current stack also, personally? that’d help to know =) but for now I am testing. Indeed, for my relationship it seems emperor wasnt very good at all =)