Help for Building New Custom


Experiment with another option versus do what you already know. So are you willing to experiement by running your current stack to see if it will get the results you want, or go back to Emperor?


Experiment with this one I guess :slight_smile:

Let’s do this

Thanks RVconsultant =)!

I’d like to add this helped a lot. Eg I didn’t remember till now how it affected my relationship / didn’t realize (I was becoming very impatient, not good at having fun with my girl at all, very tense at times when spending time together, etc). This is an important point when it comes to Emperor. So I gotta test and see how it goes now. I hope I can get what I’m looking for from the current stack =)!


Was this happening with your gf when you were on Emperor perhaps?

Check out Power Unleashed, Potentiator, and Power Awareness at the Q store as possible modules to consider in the future.


I have checked them out… do you mean adding them to something like Emperor or…?

Not exactly that, what was happening was… I was very impatient for the most part, extremely impatient!
Not fun at all.

Also… maybe not interested enough in her, as you say here, perhaps same thing yea…?
interested in an emotional way but at the same time like ‘BUT I GOTTA GRIND’

Man you know a lot, no chance of DM ing you? You were first on my list but you have disabled it :smiley:


If you think they might help, you might want to consider adding them to a custom subliminal if you like the power aspects or want to develop that.


Oh gotcha… you think that’s what’s creating that in Emperor?

I feel it’s in Stark too

But Emperor something felt really dope about it - maybe it’s ascension! or maybe it’s just me being so amazing, admittedly I was living very relaxed at the time going with the flow, always getting better, enjoying, etc

guess I gotta also tap into that same part of me again


Perhaps there is a module or a few modules you could find in the Q store that might provide the same effect. Only you might know what it might be because you have that experience and perhaps there is a description of module or modules that you think would be promising to create that dope or amazing feeling.


Thanks… I’ll run this for now and see how it goes

Appreciate your help very much.

Thanks A LOT



Here is another insight:


I read that one =)

So for now thinking my custom + starkQ with some ultimas is best choice.

Consulting none other than the ones who have written the scripts also to find out if this is the wisest choice for the time being indeed they’ve been very helpful.

I feel very good today also instead of taking a rest did a lot of spamming of Elixir and Limit Destroyer, as well as some dope shit in general. I’m getting better and better.

Thank you for all your support.

I think StarkQ + my custom is Gucci for now indeed. Let’s see what will be next!

GLM U and Commander U are helpful also in creating what I’m after, thanks for Simon’s insights here as well esp with GLM U. Now I notice that more =) when I’m running it without Emperor in my stack (I think before I had emperor in there when I ran it so didn’t notice much, was already to the brim ahaha)

Thanks man =)!


Hey man, what are your thoughts on this?

(others also welcome to contribute, I’d be happy and grateful to receive any constructive feedback)

Some doubts/questions remain which I’m asking Saint/Fire, they have been very kind to give me a lot of their time to help out with this, I am very grateful for that.

But yeah, are there any modules that seem redundant as they are already elsewhere? How about EOG already being in StarkQ, does this mean its better to go for Emperor? And how about the 'collision’s I’ve heard of or is that less likely with a custom… some questions remain but getting closer to making a decision. Subclub’s incredible support made it a lot easier, I am very thankful.

Now, would appreciate any feedback! =)


On the surface it looks like a “everything but the kitchen sink”, but Stark is versatile, so I see it as the base that can be built around. You have several areas of Stark that could be re-inforced such as social status, wealth, charm, and intelligence. You also have a healing theme in there. I like how you built up the dominance with Alpha of Alpha and Power Unleashed.

Personally, I would drop Rogue (I admit, I’m a bit biased against Rogue. I mean, why do Rogue when there is Khan?) . . . rather I’d put in Leader of Men. I would think that Leader of Men plus Alpha of Alpha plus Power Unleashed could add more dominance to the StarkQ.

The thing about using a stage 4 or two is that they are dense, so it might take more time for them to show results.

Bold combination. I would say that with Stark in there, the other modules just add to it. Like Stark is the house and the modules are the interior decoration. That’s what I like about Stark, there are a number of ways to re-infornce it.

You have 19. How about just add another one to make it 20?

Another healing one? Another one for charm or status? What about Trailblazer to enhance Stark’s innovation angle? Well, it’s up to you.


hey there

Thanks so much for your response

Lovely =)

Do you think this will give me the Emperor thing I’m looking for? :wink: :smiley:

Also, I have 20, 6. is repeated twice. Indeed, you are right, I do have Khan* so perhaps better add something else… Doesn’t StarkQ already have leader of men?
Also same for these other things like what is in there, do I need to add manipulus, facial morphing, dragon tongue etc or do you think they are already in the StarkQ core ?

Edit: trailblazer is also in StarkQ core I hope?

And I’m not interested in celebrity effect as in getting major fame, but I do like how my girl looks at me, and how on small scale it can benefit me in business and other areas. So Stark is not wasted I hope if I’m not looking to build major fame out of it - what do you think @RVconsultant is it still good?

I’ll go for Dominion, guess that’s a good idea rather than Rogue! Thanks =)


I think @SaintSovereign said that repeating a module twice doesn’t add anything.

So you do have 19.

Stark might have Leader of Men, or Trailblazer. But remember if that is true, it’s relative to the goals of Stark. I have Stark and Leader of Men and Trailblazer because I want Leader of Men and Trailblazer to really shine in my life.

I’d encourage you to ask yourself 2 things when building “Does this adhere to a theme?” and “What do I want in my life?”

I would think Manipulus or Dragon Tongue would go great with Stark. Facial Morphing is a physical theme and/or a “better looking theme”. Personally, I’d save it for another subliminal or put it into an Ultima to change the body.

Maybe you’ll get major fame if you want it or not. Maybe you’ll be a local celebrity. If you are a college student, I’d have high hopes for your popularity on campus with what you already have.

As for how your girl friend looks at you, great!

Dominion or Tyrant would be great ideas. I congratulate you on your thoughtful planning. Whether or not it will give you that dope or amazing feeling like Emperor, I don’t know. But the results that should show up, I would have high hopes for. Remember patience, action, consistent action, and listen as per instructions.


Thanks again for your time and response.

What I mean to say is that number 6 is repeated twice, so in fact I have 20 in there but it shows up as 19,

Here it is properly numbered with some changes:

Ecstasy of Gold ST4 Q Core
Quantum Limitless ST4 Q Core
StarkQ Core

  1. Temptation
  2. All-Seeing
  3. Focused Arousal
  4. Emperor’s Voice
  5. New beginnings
  6. ARES
  7. Tyrant
  8. Dominion
  9. Invincible Presence
  10. Blue Skies
  11. Alpha of Alpha
  12. Stress displacement
  13. Power Unleashed
  14. Transcendental Connection
  15. Dragon tongue
  16. Leader of Men
  17. Intuition enhancer

What do you think? =) I am indeed a student at this moment yes, I don’t really care for celebrity status as I said, but in my small college I pretty much am it, also hated on by many (mostly out of pure jealousy - or eg I noticed women crave me but when I don’t go along with it, they get mad… but that’s another story for another time my friend, and you most likely are well familiar with it yourself hahaha)

What I wonder now, is well, if Stark already contains trailblazer, does this also hold for the Q store version? Do you think this is solid? I do like trailblazer but no matter how hard I try to fit it in here, not getting where to - and if it is in StarkQ, perhaps it’s better to focus on what’s not in there. What is your opinion?

Also, thanks a lot for your encouraging words and attitude. It’s a blessing to be part of a community that has people like you in it. Bless you, in every way =)!


Hm but I do also need something like Emperor that lights fire under my ass to get things done

I do have khan in my current custom though… perhaps it just takes some time since it’s so dense, to come out - and I just gotta take action regardless of how I feel (it’s not that bad but not as productive as I was on emperor tbh)

Any thoughts on this? Or perhaps QL EOG and Stark will be enough for this, and rest comes to me just doing what I gotta do!


Hint: I’m already a celebrity btw, for being one of the only people who tested positive for covid (also probably most didn’t do the test right tbh) - and I was the most shocking case, because I never went out, took extreme care… etc

Sad story =)


Have you tried The Executive?



Thanks fr the reminder of that. Executive is amazing :+1:

True, my life will change a bit with this custom (right now I added other ultimas more into the mix but once this one arrives I’ll just need executive more than anything because I’ve got other things covered more)

And about the rest, what is your opinion on this now?

I wish I could add trailblazer but not sure… maybe Stark+QL already enough for trailblazing, or? :smiley:

And how does this compare with the previous one, any further feedback would be appreciated!

Also… do you know if it is StarkQ Core, what is exactly included? What can we count on to be there and what wouldn’t be there - or is it same as the Stark on the website? I am still confused by this


Personally, even if Trailblazer and the like are in Stark, I put them in anyway because I want those re-inforced. Wouldn’t it be nice to just put in everything all at once? That’s when I start to prioritize.

You are welcome.

As for your subliminal, it looks to me like a solid place to start. After 90 days, you could ask yourself “Do you want more Trailblazer, or Dragon’s Tongue?”

This subliminal I would think should get you off to a good start, and augment anything you are already doing.

Congratulations on your thought and planning!