Help for Building New Custom


:grin: Can’t wait !


You need to keep us updated, temptation is more of a “behavior” sub, so you don’t really notice it, it’s expressed naturally!


Will do. It’s hard to journal sometimes because I have a lot of other things I am working on but I realize how valuable it is so will do

About my previous custom, as well. I will express what it has brought so far / continues to bring. Also it’s not a secret whats’ in it anymore :smiley: I liked being a bit secretive but it’s :ok_hand: Now hopefully people can also get a better idea of what would be in store for them if they go for it.

Anyways, still my favourite thing in my new custom will probably be ARES because I remember my behaviors on Khan ST1… and I feel that it must have come from this module, because I AM is like long-term f**king with my head (in a nice way, at least with good intentions lmao) but ARES is like as soon as you want to do something and feel any doubt it just takes over and you feel this rush to go forward (or at least, I am guessing it was ARES in Khan ST1 doing this - I loved it).


Nice ares will be in a relationship or health(both body and mind) custom sube for me, want be be extremely focus for the next couple of years


Have you used EOG before?

I recommend almost everyone to avoid EOG – it’s very high level game.
Mogul scripts are more than enough for a young person.


Can you ellaborate on this @Simon?


yes please say more, I was gonna stack that bad boy with Emperor in the new year. I’m 32.


I have

It made me as very important questions which was stressful but good. Dw I play high level :smiley:

Ran it up to ST3, now running ST3 -> gives me massive drive. Gets a bit stressful at times but I’m working with it.

Tbh I think for me it’s really good. But if I had jumped straight to st4 I think would have been really not smart =) Luckily been there done that with Khan at one point, so learnt from it.

Thanks :+1: Mogul is what Fire recommended to me first as well, but I decided to go for EOG =)


If your open to sharing more.

are you stacking EOG with anything?

Did it support in guiding you to the best wealth generation vehicles for you, creating new business, income streams ect or currently building those?


Yes I’m stacking it atm with a Custom and Stark, before was Emperor too (and QL :D)

It’s been tough. It made me ask important questions about where I’m going with my life in ST2 which is crucial and came at a great time.

And ST1 helped me get rid of negative limiting beliefs very well.

I was looking for ways to find more time to focus on business but studies are very important too so this limits how much time I spend on business right now, but it’s going well. After my studies will be even better and the foundation will definitely help me.

If I can help in any other way let me know.


awesome, thanks for the detail,
I’ll likely be adding it in the new year. I’m very curious about stage 2 and finding what to do with my life financially for the long term. I’ve started developing programs and coaching business on Emperor, which I am passionate about, but the incentive hardly monetary currently.

What’s the main cores in your custom?


Great. I say go for it, I would run EOG first and later include st4 in the custom

The cores are Khan EF and Alchemist ST4s

New one will be Stark QL EOG inshallah… :smiley:


The only other new consideration is that new 4 stage sub Dragon Reborn


I got it instantly -> it really speaks to me + was thinking of something like this 2 days ago

While my custom includes a few healing modules which I may not have put in there had I known, I think it’ll just make it better.


haha awesome, I’m getting it too.

Will you stack it with the new custom?



Yes :smiley: !


If you don’t up your game, it will just stay the same.


@RVconsultant Do you think it’ll be ready today? :open_mouth:


What is the “it” that you are asking about?


The custom I planned for a week :smiley:

Ordered 15th, what do you think, will it be today?

Can you also see through time btw? eg a few hours ahead? :stuck_out_tongue: (this just occurred to me - till now I meant based on your usual experience, since it seems you have done this more than I have)