Help for Building New Custom


I think the idea is 3 to 5 business days. The 15th was a Sunday, which is not a business day. So the clock probably started on the 16th. If you don’t see it ready on Friday, you could email customer support with your order number. Remember that additions to new modules having been released, there was also a new format released (Ultima). Ultima is very computer intensive, which might make your order closer to 5 business days than 3.

When I get impatient for an order, I remind myself that I’ve waited over 10 years for this moment, so a few more days won’t make that much different.

As automation gets better, the processing time might get faster.

This is possible, but there are often a few problems with it. Future can be considered probabilities rather than absolutes. I generally do not look into the future unless I’m looking at my optimum trajectory, which I learned from Ed Dames.


Dope shit

Thanks for letting me know.

Patience has not been one of my strengths.

this is a great one.

Any advice where to start if one wants to develop in this area?

Thank you for your help! =)


The quote about impatience, I learned that from Robin Williams. It is a paraphrase.

There is an RV program here at Subliminal Club, rvX. You can read about it at the regular store:


I also went through the full Alchemist subliminal program, which has rvX included:

There is also a course by Ed Dames at

It’s the basic home study course. It’s called Learn Remote Viewing

Also keep in mind RV and Astral Projection are two different things.


I dont think I’ll add rex right now. :smiley:
The course sounds interesting though. Thank you, will check it out! -> seems very interesting. And legit. Dope! Thanks for sharing.

DR has been crazy good. Today things coming up. Mmm


anything in particular :slight_smile: ?


Yes, basically I’m going through my whole life story and healing everything now. It’ll take some time.


are you doing any active practices, or intuitively being guided by the sub to do practices?


probably a bit of both -> but my prior knowledge is the main thing helping me here + the experimental genius way of working which may have been improved in the past via stark and QL

because I’ve seen these subs can guide one to find new things

but I’m mainly going off of things I already knew with a touch of my own genius

sadly my custom is still not here tho :X Well, I guess it will be sometime today then

Let’s do this :smiley:


Any prior knowledge that you could reference me to in terms of technique/ processes/ understanding that would help with this process when I run dragon reborn ?
You can PM me if preferred.