Help me with an Experiment


@Joa93 Yeah. In my experience I could control myself very well. Well I was disinhibited and very natural socially, but I am certain it would never make you do something you regret if you are generally not doing weird things (like some people get crazy drunk and lose control of themselves, then maybe one may do such things that are later regretted)

Anyways, to me it just made me an even better man, and I think for you your girlfriend will love it if you listen to Khan. It’s not just good for going to fuck tons of women, I think for a relationship it can also be good and just turning you into an even better guy, dominant, sexual, etc.

The drive and ambition fuelled by the sexual energy is also very useful. I love that sub.

Basically, just wanted to let you feel at ease knowing it won’t god forbid turn you into a cheater or something like that.


Thanks for sharing your experience! I will definitely have Khan as an option when I create my next custom, Dragon Born changed the game for me.

Thank you! No sub will turn me into a cheater I know that, I just wasnt in the mood for feeling like sometimes I did in Primal Seduction, I feel I lost time and energy daydreaming about sex with almost any good looking woman I met lol. I though Khan might intensify that, or maybe I got the lesson I needed at the time and I can direct Khan better.


I understand @Joa93

You’re welcome. For me it’s been great. I’m glad, very glad, that I started it when I did.

Wishing you all the best of progress and happiness



very smart

As for Dragon Reborn, I get a clear intuition.

There may come a time when my current plans and aspirations have reached a point of fruition. I have gotten what I sought.

The way the mind works is that at first you celebrate and feel joy, and then you acclimate and it becomes normal. A valued cherished part of your reality; but still, normal. That feeling is the invitation to further evolution.

That is the time when I will use Dragon Reborn.


I feel you brother! For me that time feels very close, Im gonna check the effects of my reworked custom as soon as I get it. Feel the vibe of it and go for Dragon Reborn when it feels right.
For now Dragons comprises what I was looking for in 2 separate customs, but it goes deeper. Im gonna sleep on that one and then decide.