Hey all, i am new to subliminals


You guys are awesome for the help.

I am still hesitant between spark and emperor, i guess ill flip a coin? haha.

By the way, in other sub forums people say you need to heal first the traumas before you build somthing else onto it, so it can be retained more effective.
Is it true that you should run Rebirth or regeneration first for x amount of time, and only then start with the more heavy stuff ?


Every sub contains some healing and it could be that the beneficial changes only come after the healing is done. If you feel that you have a lot of healing to do, it may be more efficient to devote time to pure healing first.


Thanks dark!
One last question so i can sure i am not missing anything , is it ok to run the subs on bluetooth(jbl flip 4)
or earbuds via bluetooth or is it more safe and better via wired headphones/speaker?
i heared somthing about compression data loss. i just wanna make sure i wont waste my time


With Bluetooth 4+ there is probably no distortion due to compression, that argument was mainly with the older protocols.

Still, having a constant flow of radiowaves going through your head (on top of all the others) is something I personally like to avoid. I only use bluetooth earphones when I have no other choice.


What is the recommend consumptions of hours daily of Q subs?

how many hours per day should i start with?


The way I do it is to listen until I can’t listen anymore. Basically listen until I can feel the reconciliation.
Then the next time you listen, don’t go past that until you’re able to.
Example. 9 loops of (fill in the name of your sub of choice)…and you start getting reconciliation symptoms in the 9th loop, then stick to 8 loops the next time.

I know others have their own preferred methods, this is just what I do.


Emperor to build the foundation :muscle:

Start with one loop per day, and then go up from there!