Hold on, let me overthink this


Wait, what?!


yup, half of these meditation teachers have one sex scandal or another.



Had a leadership meeting yesterday that dragged on, but the minute it started to run over I had a palpable need to drop off zoom. Immediately. So I did after venting to a subgroup about it and realizing they all felt just about the same. It was going to make me miss a mentee’s presentation so I was extra irritated. It all turned out fine, but I’ve normally been able to endure more than this.

Noticed I’m a bit snippy/agitated and unwilling to be inwardly patient while enduring inane questions from certain people. Today is nothing but self care an a little cleaning. Muting slack and hoping there’s nothing urgent.

A queen ant will find its way in through my bathroom window every so often, maybe once or thrice a year. Flitting about on her wings. Mistook it for a mosquito early yesterday but it’s still around. I tend not to bother with anything that won’t immediately harm me if there’s only one. There was a ladybug too.

Listened to (more than two) loops of my custom + alchemist ST2 yesterday, I lost track.

Skipped as above before meditation but will add it today and see how I feel.

Looking into complimentary reiki forms to add to the Usui I’m practicing once this time of self healing is over.

I tend to veer into esoteric and spiritual pursuits for balance. My job isn’t soulless, but many would say the industry is. I build products for people to help our customers, but I’m not saving lives or healing the world. I donate and support, but I probably won’t be at the forefront of any revolution. It feels good to think I could possibly benefit others more deeply while still attaining my dreams.


Here’s a tweet from someone I consider one of my teachers and who I can actually recommend: Kenneth Folk


This is going on pause for a bit, but I listened to Aegis once then 2-3 loops of my custom yesterday. Didn’t have to work but did post one thing that people could mull over for the weekend. Felt good to do something for me. Mused about how lucky/thankful I was that I didn’t open a bakery pet project people were pushing me towards because I’d be suffering right now. Plus I like making things for people to enjoy and would probably hate it if it was my “job.”

Sensations during my mediation were slightly stronger. I still always wish for more and have to reel myself in. like I’ll have clearer mental images, at will, in time, for instance.

Besides dreaming and during childhood I’ve always had more sensitivities in touch/feeling within the body and sounds vs being able to “see” in my mind’s eye. (I can read/ hear about something and “feel” it especially injuries so I try not to) Immediately after waking the after images can be intense but beyond that it’s difficult. More practice I guess.

The last part of my dream that I remember is walking into a dark lounge bar area… All deep browns and lacquered wood. The woman behind the bar was thinly slicing a cube of iberico ham with a thick fat cap. Idk y’all.


@mnemosyne how are you finding As Above so far?


I feel if I were maybe better at visual visualization I would enjoy it more. I just run through the same mental images. Body turning translucent then sort of growing to meld with the cosmos, the light etc… when it gets to the part about energy cultivation I feel like I don’t really know what I’m doing and I don’t want to pretend to be some wuxia/xianxia heroine cultivating the energy in her dantian. I normally “feel” something at the return to the body and the music after she stops talking feels the best to me.


Thank you. I’m thinking of superchargers to use when I have insomnia.


To help with the insomnia or might as well because you’re awake?

I am tired of listening to the same thing over and over but I did it as a maintenance. After the ultima test is over I will go back and see if I can stomach it better.


Might as well because I’m awake.

But it’ll probably help anyway.

So far I’ve used The Commander and The Elixir.

Used to use them everyday, back when the tracks were only 45 minutes long. It’s been a while now. And I’m thinking of when and if. to fit them back in. we’ll see.

They were never hugely dramatic, yet I kind of liked them. hm…

[1 July 2020, Edit: I realized that the above statement was not true. I had very strong effects when I first used The Commander. And The Elixir actually reinvigorated my qigong practice. I guess this was a kind of amnesia effect because I’m not using them now.]


I mean it’s only 13 mins long so it’s not gonna hurt anything. Still would rather hear Cate Blanchette over the VA though. Wishful thinking.


Tell me brother, what are you the God of, again? I am not ashamed that a small part of my time at SC is used to find opportunities for MCU references…