Hold on, let me overthink this


That’s going to be interesting. Morpheus’ voice was always a feeling more than a sound in my imagination. I think I remember that the speech bubble was black with white lettering.

I got it, by the way. But I’m letting it sit for a minute before I listen to it. :slight_smile:

I’m thinking of which voices I might like for each of these characters.

Morpheus I remember tending to moroseness and taciturnness. I think his voice could be whispery and serious. The wealthy, bored, depressed dandy with flashes of omnipotent rage? haha. I thought of a younger Sting (in his whispery bag), and weirdly, thought of John Malkovich. That would probably be weird. But I might like that.

Death. I feel like she should have a kind of husky, warm voice. Someone who has lived a lot. The wry, recovered rock star (at times). But not tired. Not Scarlett Johannson but in a similar vocal register. Should have a beautiful, smooth speaking voice. I don’t actually know Kat Dennings without Googling.

Lucifer, I feel, should be easier to cast because that archetype shows up so often in so many shows and movies and is usually done fairly well. British bad boy with hidden heart of gold. Not to be taken lightly.

Hmm…well, anyway, it will be fun to see what they came up with. Andy Serkis seems to perform everything well, in my judgment.

I’ll look forward to this.


Since he and Tori Amos were friends and Delirium was kinda molded in her image I imagine her voice. For Death, I dunno. I just really like deeper voices of any gender.

John Malkovich could work, but I do appreciate the voice they chose. Sting, hmmm. David Bowie, if he were around.

Lucifer, well since the tv show is based on Gaiman’s version of him I look forward to the audio version.


Yes. David Bowie might be kind of perfect.


Listened to Sanguine this morning will do 2x both customs at some point today.

Indulged a little yesterday and used the top biscuit of a breakfast sandwich from Hudson Clearwater as a dessert with a generous plop of salted kerrygold and some strawberry peach preserves.

Must resist making crepes but also tired so I don’t feel like making crepes. Do have to handle the shrimp in the fridge today before they’re less than fresh. Think I’ll go to market and get another baguette to hold a shrimp scramble.

Day is jammed with meetings which is unusual for a Monday but I’ll just have to slog through it.

My dreams seemed epic in the amount of traveling back and forth I think I did but I don’t remember enough to make it worthwhile to mention more.


On my second or third loop of my alchemist + minds eye + ultimate artist custom and notice this in my LinkedIn mail:

innovates ideas, can break the technical into the approachable, and transform the ambiguous into the strategic Are you my alchemist?

Pity I’m not looking at the moment, nor do I want to go back into engineering.

But it was eerie.


Rebirth this morning then 2x first two customs. There’s so much potential I just can’t focus or decide what to focus on.

Slept in, for me, this morning waking up at 7 or so. Ordered mindset on the kindle to read.

I’m curious as to what the new modules on Q will be. I don’t want to have to rework my first custom too many times but I already have two modules I can swap into another to play with and I want to make those count.

Made shrimp (kkanpung saeu). I haven’t deep fried anything in a month or two and I didn’t miss the smell of oil permeating the apartment. Probably won’t for another few months.


Keep messing around with the wealth custom. Still not quite sure. Wondering if any of the upcoming q modules will be useful for any of my customs.


So I pulled the trigger on the wealth custom. Added EOG ST1 alongside st4 for some healing:

Listened to Sanguine this morning then had to be on zoom with camera all day for leadership meetings so haven’t been able to listen to my customs yet.

Will take an hour to listen to the first one before my next block of meetings. Either that or I’ll switch to AirPods so they’re hidden in my hair.

Then after work will listen to two loops of the second while I meditate.


Drank alcohol for the first time in a while for a virtual happy hour. Now I want chips. That involves a whole process of masking up to go out but then I can drop off more free books for people in the building.

At least I made it count:

It’ll be my dessert. Dilemma is I have to finish it within the week now

Ringing in ears a little more pronounced after subs today. Still have the second set to go through

My dreams last night had me walking through the chambers and corridors of a place. At one point I zeroed in on a painting of a nymph that became real. Her features turned from human to more bark-like with knots and wooden markings. I want to start writing my dreams down again.

Someone recommended this meditation so I tried it last night. Zoned out a bit midway so will try again today:


So yeah I don’t think I like drinking anymore? Like fine during but the feeling afterwards is meh. Dehydration and the general I been drinking, I been drinking feels. It might also be because I lost my tolerance from before.

I swiped through like 20 people on a whim after the drinking last night and then promptly closed the app. That was a mistake, because I actually don’t want to talk to or meet anyone. Oops. I feel bad because I woke up to messages I don’t want to respond to. :worried:

Rebirth this morning
2x Maia custom
1x Mind’s Eye T^2

We’ll see if I run anything else today. I slept a lot more than normal so at least that was one drink bonus.

I ordered some bottles from my favorite bar to support so I’ll have to go down and pick them up this weekend. It’s probably too hot to walk all the way without melting.


Yeah, it’s probably that your tolerance has dropped due to long time without and slower metabolism due to lower amount of exercise. But, in my case the not being crazy about drinking is definitely true. I always joke that if the hangover came first it would be more my style. I can deal with getting through suffering for a reward at the end, but the reverse seems like a real drag.

On a completely different note, I’m an hour into the audio Sandman. Really enjoying it. And all the voices so far work very well. Fun!


I had some trippy dreams where I needed a cat to join some… it was like a sci fi, office space, witchy dorm. I kept calling this tabby cat my late cat’s name but they didn’t look the same at all. I held it in front of a scanner then got accepted but wasn’t able to “do” whatever it was everyone else could.

It was like I was being blessed and ridiculed in the same breath from different sources. Like raining down money in quarter form and little tiny statues to “help.” Being pelted by the money and figurines and laughed at but I didn’t feel embarrassed just accepting of the “favor” and itching to prove myself. Some weird glengarry coffee for closers nonsense from someone in a white button down. I don’t even drink coffee like that to miss its absence.

Before all this I was escaping/battling/outmaneuvering someone/thing.

While I was meditating before bed the images flashing through my mind were more vivid. Maybe that’s the ME T^2. Right before I did that there was this awful alarm noise running through my apartment from the outside (I think). It was so loud it cut through my noise cancellation. I do not own anything with an alarm like that on it and it got cut off abruptly.

I took some lord jones mango chili gumdrops and realized they’d dried out a bit since I opened them months ago when quarantine first started.

I listened to just about everything but sanguine yesterday so I dunno what today will look like. Will simplify.


Take that back :frowning:

glengarry coffee brewer’s association wants to have a word.


It was nonsense in the dream. They didn’t even make sense my brain just made the connection because it was meant to.


Minor betrayal in last night’s dreamscape. A glamorous “friend” dressed like a sparkling Beyoncé went up an elevator to a vip area and promised to return for me but didn’t. I didn’t want to go there, particularly, but curiosity unsatisfied is annoying.

I listened to my first two customs and MET2. Today is both customs and an ultima of my choosing. Maybe sanguine again or survival instincts to try it out.
I will attempt to walk the 3 miles down to the bar in this ridiculous heat to pick up the things I purchased to support.

Other than that I read Mindset straight through yesterday. A little too heavy on examples I didn’t care about, but definitely know I’ve been operating in a very fixed mindset for certain things. It’s just so much simpler to stick to fairy tales that everything should come easily and if it doesn’t you’re just not good enough. Who wants to work hard and methodically at everything?!


This is odd, since beyonce has strong conviction in her beliefs and was betrayed by her husband.

:city_sunrise: :drooling_face:

I have come to believe any negative belief I have is tied to some model to increase my economic activity. Everything is set up in a way to maintain this and any deviants are excluded from success/social. Even the nuclear family unit participates in this cycle, while oddly proclaiming itself as the height of moral virtue (Myopia/Amnesia).

I personally think the only way out is to reject this fantasy, and to instead build knowledge/skill as an individual and wait everything out, and looking for others doing the same. To replace what was destroyed in society, you build in yourself and can give that to others.

Don’t worry about it.


Not that odd since it wasn’t her just someone dressed similar to her in that picture. I don’t know who the person actually was.

With regards to the fixed mindset shift I’ve used it to check my hubris lest I fall like Iicarus into a flaming mess of wax and feathers. I’d rather build practical wings that can carry me where I need go be.


Not much to say about today. Got my third custom.

Listened to:
Sanguine 1x
Maia (1st custom ) 2x
Mind’s Eye T^2 1x
Lakshmi (newest) x2

I should actually come up with a schedule because doing it on whim means I cram a lot into a day.

Did my reiki after a few days off. Got some weird tingles up my right leg.

Out there discords having beef with other discords, but I’m not sure what to believe. Since I’m such a novice I just look to absorb and learn and tend to stray away from anything deeper than that.

I want to settle on a meditation practice that works for me, something bespoke like I’d choose a tailored shirt. I can be patient I just wish I knew already.


Dreams had my mother in them for a bit and an older brother who took the fall for me for killing some evil people. But he wasn’t my actual relative, more like a brother figure (and I still don’t know who they were). Don’t remember the consequences of the murders but I do remember being worried they’d find evidence of my fingerprints from touching things. Beds and dead bodies and intricate cavern trails. I don’t remember the rest.

Will do just my customs today. Have to finish before an afternoon of straight through meetings.

Some form of meditation too.

I watched a couple YouTube videos about moldavite and the person was giggling too much. Bleh.


Exhausted for no reason except the blueberry pancakes from Clinton street baking. Perhaps the sheer amount of sugar gave me the itis.

Only got to listen to two loops of my first custom.
Will listen to the second, meditate then prep for my executive coaching session tonight.

Had to scramble and get access for something because everyone else who had it was on vacation.

Getting added to all the meetings x2 to stretch my role and it could be overwhelming but I’m not gonna worry yet.