Honest Review of Khan


I am still in st1 will do st2 when i hit 300hours


You can try to combine Iron Throne with Khan but I recommend to run Khan alone, to see the difference. AMASH, is great example of dignity and discipline in running Khan. Anyway, your experience will be different.

Roger, out.


Khan ST3 is Khan + Iron Throne.

I say don’t delay results. Stick to Khan. But you can move to ST3 like us, at around 350 hours of ST2.


ST3 - Day 1.5

I went to the date, and I was on fire!

It is due a bit also to having slept much better on ST3 compared to ST2. And I was just effortlessly attractive. I didn’t need to do anything, and the girl was melting.

I was comfortably dominant without being a jerk, comfortably sexual without excess, and words just flew out of my mouth, and she was participating and happy about the date.

Then, when going home, I kept naturally approaching all cute girls I saw on the way. Including a girl who was almost dancing listening to her music, and she turned out to be a model.

I liked her. She’s hot, fun and seems interesting. We’ll see what Khan ST3 = Khan Iron Throne, will bring!

I am now home and I feel energized and excited about building wealth. So Khan ST3 is doing its thing and delivering on the promise of comfortable massive action in dominance, wealth, women, health and manifesting opportunities.

Let’s kick ass!


Thank you so much @Dmitry, that compliment is so eloquent, and means so much to me.


My Game hasn’t been this perfect since Primal Seduction Iron Throne.

And my discipline and motivation hasn’t been this high since Emperor.

I hope this lasts. Although I do expect to get a difficult period for a few days on ST3. All new subs knock me out for a week or a bit more in the beginning. But maybe not. Maybe ST1 and ST2 have prepared a solid foundation so the adaptation and reconciliation period will be minimal.


Wow man! Makes me almost want to switch to Khan but I know the benefits of sticking to one sub.

I’m totally focusing on wealth and EoG but I remember the month I ran sex and seduction, it was crazy. Just like you said, this smooth, wild yet humble confidence. I would be on dates and just KNOW it was on.

Sex and seduction really didn’t take off it seems, but I will say it also had a feeling as if it wasn’t myself, more like an actor.

Khan sounds like it is fundamentally changing you.


Yes, with Khan, I don’t feel like an actor, especially on ST3.

And man, stick to EoG until ST4. If that’s your goal now, focus on it. Then, once you finish EoG, you can start adding up the stages of Khan, and create your own Ecstasy of Khan, the wealthy sensual man that dominates money and women.

Give things time. Slow is smooth. And smooth gets you to your end goal faster.


Appreciate it! I’m definitely sticking to EoG. Delayed gratification. I visualize my life 4 months from now.

But wow, your journal makes me so antsy for Khan. Sounds like a 10x, more well rounded emperor.


I agree, and that’s why I love Khan so much.

But of course, with focus comes faster results. So if someone wants to be purely an entrepreneur and have social dominance, without much else, Emperor would be the right choice.

Khan is for a fully rounded life on all levels. It really is helping me improve my life in every area, much more than any other sub before.

Khan might be the best sub in Subliminal Club’s catalogue, in my opinion. I’m loving it!


ST3 - Day 2:

Some updates:

  1. I wanted to relax today, but I was driven to work hard and to go out and approach. And it was a nice smooth motivation.
  2. Since I have started, I am meeting more girls who love me at hello. Not all are single. But the level of attraction and the responses of the girls are better. And I meet more girls who are my type in their attitude and thinking,
  3. I bit of a headache. But I had that too on ST1. It’s not too much.
  4. My sleep improved.
  5. I do not feel drained from having a lot of social contact, although I have been approaching some girls every day.
  6. I do not yet view myself as so handsome like I had with Iron Throne. I saw my imperfections clearly, and it bothers me, and I need to lose weight and get a haircut and fix my eye-bags. But as soon as I say “Hi” to a girl, I forget all that and I am in flow.


Where do you go and approach amash seems like there are a lots of girls where you live?


It’s summer time.

Girls are out and about in malls, city center, parks, etc.

What would be a good place where girls go to relax or shop in you city @WhiteTiger ? There is always a place like that.


@AMASH What do you do for a living if you dont mind me asking? You seem to be able to work at your leisure.


It’s summer.


Reflecting on it, maybe I’ll go to the park with one of my friend, there should be like 1-2 cute girl there :slight_smile:


ST3 is the smoothest, most beautiful sub I have ever experience.

I am impressed, really.

@Dmitry, I know you like to try all kinds of subs and experiment. How do you compare Khan ST4 to Khan ST3?


ST3 is a way smoother, energizing and ecologically asking you the best way how to act in the world.

ST4 is quite taxing, it felts much bigger than Total Reprogramming or Total Action.

My impressions that ST1 thru ST3 is merely giving you the feeling of Khan script is about but ST4 is what Khan is really is.


I can imagine ST4 to be bigger and stronger than ST3.

Maybe it can be worth using ST3 longer, to be more ready to handle ST4. ST3 is just so smooth and good.


@AMASH quich question about waking up: I’m reaching the end of ST2 and I’m having trouble waking up in the morning. always tired.
With emperor I had no issue being up and ready 6:30 in the morning… did you saw any changes in ST3/4?